Enrich Leads

Email, phone, twitter, LinkedIn… We find it all!

Contact your leads wherever they are active and get 3.5x more replies!

Duplicate mgmt, blacklist, advanced tracking…

Precise data, to take smart decisions.

CRM synchronization, Zapier, Webhooks, APIs…



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Integration with your favorite tools. No hassle.
No limits.

Easily add La Growth Machine to your tool stack without changing your routine. Our solution adapts to you, not the other way around.

No credit card required

Connect La Growth Machine with your favorite tools.

No more time wasted on data and connectivity issues. Our solution is natively connected to your favorite CRM and is linked to Zapier for an infinite number of possibilities.

Native sync with HubSpot and Pipedrive

Knowing your prospects is essential in your sales process. La Growth Machine synchronizes natively with your CRM solution to access all the information about your leads and not miss any opportunity. 

Do you manage your leads and update your contact database directly in your CRM? La Growth Machine’s got you covered!


New: Import your contacts from your HubSpot and Pipedrive lists in 1 click.

All your leads’ information is accessible in your CRM. Find the activity with your prospect (email opening for example) and the history of your exchanges (emails, LinkedIn messages sent and received).

Access a prospect’s LinkedIn profile in one click directly from your CRM.


Quickly browse their LinkedIn bio and profile to get to know them better and start a conversation.

Has your prospect just responded to your prospection campaign on La Growth Machine?


It is automatically identified and updated as an opportunity on HubSpot or Pipedrive.

The combination of the best tools, for optimal results.

To reach your goals, use the right tools at each step of the prospecting process.


La Growth Machine connects to most solutions to get the best results.

Does your business require ultra-precise segmentation?


Connect La Growth Machine with PhantomBuster or CaptainData and create advanced workflows like ABM (account-based marketing) or EBM (event-based marketing)

You want to enrich your leads with your favorite tools?

We enrich your contact data with Dropcontact but if you want to go further, it’s possible!


With Zapier, connect La Growth Machine to Lusha / Kasper / Wiza.co and many others for an optimal enrichment of your leads data.

You want to perform a specific action during your sequence? You have triggers in Zapier to create your own automations.


For example, add a reminder to cold-call your lead when you receive your follow-up email.

A world of possibilities

During your prospecting process you use different tools and so do our users! Here are some of the most common integrations our clients have implemented.

Logos LGM + Salesforce

LGM + Salesforce

Create a Salesforce Contact when a lead replies to your LGM Campaign

Logos LGM + HubSpot

LGM + HubSpot

Create new HubSpot contacts when La Growth Machine goals are reached

Logos LGM + Calendly

LGM + Calendly

Stop Campaigns when Leads book a meeting in your Calendly

Logos LGM + CaptainData

LGM + CaptainData

Find leads from domains & push to LGM audience

Need to go further?

Native integrations with HubSpot, Pipedrive or available via Zapier are not enough?


La Growth Machine also connects to your most complex workflows.

Use our Webhook block directly in your prospecting sequences to communicate with your own tools.


Thanks to our block, you can choose when to send the trigger (e.g.: lead enriched, email sent, lead responded, etc.)

Create your own calls to our API from your application to import leads into La Growth Machine or launch a prospecting campaign for example.

Efficient software + Expertise:
Your winning formula!

We’ve assisted over 10,000 professionals in launching more than 70,000 multichannel campaigns. While our core expertise lies in automation, our team of experts is always close by to lend a hand!

They share the best practices for campaigns, offer writing advice, insights on strategy, and even guidance on segmentation.