You’re new to automation on LinkedIn and insecure about how to best protect your account from being blocked or suspended.

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More than a resume, LinkedIn is your digital business card. It is the pillar on which your credibility and know-how are based.

However, they’re not really fans of automation at the biggest professional platform. So they set limitations to discourage the rate of outreach automation.

And that’s why I’m writing this article! Want to learn what these limits are and how to best adjust them on LinkedIn?

Read on!

🚨 LinkedIn is experimenting heavily on this

The party is over for free users on LinkedIn. Up until October 2023, there was no difference in terms of volume/limits between a free account on LinkedIn, and a paid one.
Namely, all accounts had the same quota on connection request
  • 150-250 connection requests are allowed per week.
  • If you added a note, no impact on the quota
  • The note was limited to 300 characters
Now, LinkedIn free accounts are subjected to different restrictions :
  • 150-250 connection requests / Week – WITHOUT NOTES
  • 10 Connection Request / MONTH – WITH NOTES.
Yes, you read that right, per month!
  • Connection requests with notes are limited to 200 characters. Not 300 characters anymore.

Why should you care about LinkedIn Limits?

When you push “too many” messages or LinkedIn connection requests per week because of automation, you risk setting off LinkedIn’s alarm bells.

Indeed, LinkedIn seeks to preserve a high-quality user experience on its platform, and if you abuse automated outreach messages, you’ll be labeled as spammy.

The risks in doing this on LinkedIn are as follows:

  • Get your account suspended temporarily.
  • Receive a lifetime ban & account suppression.

However, if you read these guidelines carefully, you won’t get any trouble! 😉

Let’s go 👇

Scenario 1: New/Not very active account

If your account is a few weeks old (or much older, but you barely use it) just like email warm up, you’ll have to slowly ramp up your daily volume.

Be smart about it. An unusual spike in activity will alert LinkedIn that something is wrong.

No human would, all of a sudden, go from barely any activity to hundreds of connection requests and DMs in a week.

Scenario 2: Substantial daily activity on LinkedIn

As you’re already active, you’re less likely to create an unusual peak in activity.

Special mention: LinkedIn Connection Requests

After October 2023, LinkedIn decided to crack down on free users by imposing stricter limits on personalized invitations.

Now, free account holders are limited to sending only 10 custom invitations per month, a measure intended to “enhance the overall member experience” but we all know what it actually is intended for… More preium subscriptions of course! 😏

We’ve reached out to LinkedIn which has confirmed the change:

What are the risks if I exceed these LinkedIn Limits?

No surprise… LinkedIn may consider that you’re going too fast and put weekly restrictions on your account!

If you make too many visits, add too many contacts or send too many messages, they may send you a warning about suspected bot activity.

Volume isn’t the only factor to consider. You may well be able to do high volume, as long as you generate a positive experience on LinkedIn, which means:

  • A high connection rate: Proves to LinkedIn that people are interested in you/what you have to offer.
  • A high response rate on LinkedIn: proves to LinkedIn that you are building lasting relationships.
  • High Social Selling Index: LinkedIn’s overall indicator of your social quality.