How to quickly develop my network?

Expanding your network will unlock numerous opportunities for you, whether it’s to strengthen your credibility, engage with peers, or even identify potential prospects.

Type of objective:

reach out to your audience.


your ideal customers.


LinkedIn and X (Twitter).

Trusted by 137 users


Contacts reached


Response rate


New contacts


On LinkedIn, more than a billion professionals from over 200 countries regularly come together to exchange ideas, recruit, sell, and network. With over 67 million companies registered on the platform, LinkedIn is the leading professional social network. According to HubSpot, LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Facebook or Twitter for generating leads.

As with all social networks, growing your business through LinkedIn requires developing and regularly maintaining your network.

You need to expand your network with contacts that match your ideal clients and share high-value content with your new connections. The goal: to introduce them to your world, your expertise, and your services. By increasing your presence on LinkedIn, your leads/prospects will like and comment on your posts, which will then be shown to their network, increasing your visibility. This is the power of social networks.

In this practical case, we will see how to accelerate the development of your network, starting with automating the first step: growing your LinkedIn network.

To do this, we will help you automate the initial contact with your ideal prospects and engage in a conversation to establish a first connection. Remember, your goal when networking is NOT to sell, but to get to know your counterpart, understand their personality, needs, and challenges. Don’t hesitate to help them without any ulterior motives: the more useful you are to them, the more likely they are to return the favor.

Ready to get started?

Challenge description

I want to grow my LinkedIn network with this audience so they can discover my posts, my expertise, my company, etc.

As a CEO myself, I am quite familiar with their challenges and will use this in my copywriting:

  1. CEOs are aware of the importance of networking but don’t have enough time for this.
  2. They have issues that only they face in their company, even with the best partners in the world.

SaaS CEOs are quite active on X (Twitter), not just on LinkedIn! Interacting with them on X (Twitter) before sending them a LinkedIn connection request will allow them to discover me (my profile picture is identical on both networks) before receiving my connection request. This way, I maximize my chances of acceptance!

Audience description

In this sequence, I will connect with my peers, SaaS CEOs in France.

To identify them, I use LGM Finder, our turnkey ABM solution directly integrated into La Growth Machine. This allows me to precisely target SaaS companies in France and then identify their CEOs (or other equivalent job titles).

Before starting, I ensure the following steps:

I've selected my audience

I am clear on the objective of my campaign

I've thought about my wording

J’ai sélectionné mon audience
Je suis au clair avec l’objectif de ma campagne
J’ai réfléchi à mon wording