How to attract the best candidates through outreach?

Today, recruiting top talents is no easy feat. Targeting the right individuals and winning them over, without dedicating all your time, is indeed a challenge!

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find the right candidates.


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LinkedIn and Email.

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With over 67 million registered companies, LinkedIn positions itself as the ultimate professional social network. More than one billion professionals from over 200 countries regularly connect to exchange ideas, build relationships, and recruit.

LinkedIn understands the importance of recruitment and has developed numerous dedicated features. Some users are actively seeking opportunities, while others are simply open to the market. This vast database is a valuable resource for recruiters looking for talent for their company or clients.

Therefore, it is beneficial for recruiters to connect with potential candidates on LinkedIn. However, this can quickly become time-consuming. In this case study, we will explore how to automate the process of contacting potential candidates while maintaining a strong human touch.

By using an adapted outreach sequence, you can:

  • Optimize your chances of finding the right person: by using an outreach sequence, you can directly target the candidates most suited to your needs by focusing on job title, seniority, skills, industry or current company.
  • Attract candidates that do not apply: many talents are open to the market and waiting for the right offer to come forward. This is especially true for new or in-demand jobs. By contacting them directly, you can present attractive offers to those who would be willing to change jobs for the right opportunity.
  • Directly reach out to a talent: for in-demand or lesser-known jobs, it is crucial to adopt a proactive approach. By directly contacting candidates with the right approach, you can overcome the challenges associated with these sectors and attract rare talent.
  • Value the candidate: a personalized approach shows candidates that you value their profile and experience. With good segmentation and proper variables, your campaign can almost perfectly mimic a human contact. This can positively reinforce the candidate’s perception of your company.

Unlike a commercial prospecting approach, getting a response, even a negative one, is valuable in recruitment. It provides you with information about candidates, their motivations, and their future availability, allowing you to refine your recruitment strategies. Candidates are often over-solicited on LinkedIn, especially in highly demanded jobs, so it is essential to stand out.

Before creating your campaign, make sure you have a clear job offer that highlights the benefits (package, salary, perks) and a well-structured process.

Ready to get started ?

Challenge description

My goal is to recruit the best person for my department while maintaining an open and friendly exchange, thus reflecting the image of the company, La Growth Machine.

As a marketing manager with previous PMM experience, I am well aware of the daily challenges of this position. Therefore, the main objective of the initial contact is to:

  1. ask them if they are open to a job change.
  2. request a peer recommendation if they are not.

Product Marketing Managers from Tech companies are digital profiles. Therefore, they are mostly present on LinkedIn. This social network is part of the value proposition of La Growth Machine and is seen as a recruitment criterion.

I will contact candidates via LinkedIn, which allows me to have a less formal initial exchange than an email, and consequently less intrusive.

To simulate human interaction and ensure spontaneity, I use the “touch-touch” messaging method. This means I send a series of short messages (including a voice message). The different LinkedIn messages are sent within one to two minutes at most. This approach brings authenticity to my messages. Your contacts won’t even notice 😉

If I don’t receive a response after several messages, I follow up with an email to the candidate’s personal address if it has been identified.

By adopting this multi-channel approach, I increase my chances of getting a response by 3.5 times. Not bad, right?

Audience description

In this sequence, I will contact Product Marketing Managers with 2 to 5 years of experience, located in France, and from the Tech/SaaS sector.

To have the finest segmentation possible, my audience does not exceed 50 profiles. It is preferable to launch several well-segmented campaigns. For example, one targeting mid-level profiles and another targeting senior profiles.

To identify them, I use Sales Navigator by filtering my searches by:

  • current job title,
  • geographic area,
  • years of experience,
  • industry,
  • I can also directly add companies where I want to target these candidates.

Segmentation is 80% of the success of your campaign. To learn how to use Sales Navigator optimally, I invite you to check out the following articles:
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Before starting, I ensure the following steps:

I've selected my audience

I am clear on the objective of my campaign

I've thought about my wording

J’ai sélectionné mon audience
Je suis au clair avec l’objectif de ma campagne
J’ai réfléchi à mon wording