Voice Messages + AI = ❤️

Humanize your prospecting with voice messages, and boost your campaign performance.

Go even further by personalizing your voice messages at scale with AI. You’re going to love it!

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Make a strong impression on your prospect

Ride the wave of voice notes and surprise your audience with your voice!

Adding a human voice brings a touch of humanity and authenticity to messages that are often automated.

Automated voice messages? Hard to imagine it’s possible, yet…

Incorporate Voice Messages into your prospecting sequences to stand out and generate more conversations.

Get 2x more responses!

What if you could increase your response rate and engage in more conversations? Voice Messaging is your winning ticket.

Automate and personalize your messages on a large scale with AI!

Maximize the impact of your follow-ups by integrating a voice message after initial text contact. This strategy surprises and personalizes the exchange, and encourages your contacts to answer to your messages.

Add Voice Messages to your campaigns

Access numerous ready-to-use templates, no matter your plan! Keep an eye out, some directly incorporate Voice Messages.

You can even choose a template containing text messages and transform them into voice messages with just one click.

With the Ultimate plan, you can create completely custom sequences using our Sequence Builder.

Just drag and drop a “Send Voice” block into your campaign, that’s it!

Voice Message + AI: how does it work?

Voice Messages will explode your response rates. And with LGM Voice AI, you will be able to personalize them on a large scale!

Writing a custom introduction

Write your message including custom variables, such as your lead’s first name or last name. Our IA will read it directly with your own voice!

Recording your message

Record the rest of the message, common to all your prospects. In brief phrases, AI impresses, but it falls short in conveying complete messages. Let’s blend human and AI!

1 lead, 1 custom message

For each prospect, the personalized introduction read by the AI and your message are merged, to combine spontaneity and personalization on a large scale.

Here's what
you can do.

Explore some practical examples of what you can do using Voice Messages in your sequences.

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Improve my conversion rate

I can improve my conversion rate by humanizing my interactions with prospects through Voice Messages.

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