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Stop your campaign as soon as a lead book a meeting in your Calendly.
Import, enrich, and analyze your data in Clay before pushing it into La Growth Machine.
Find your prospect’s activity and the history of your interactions directly in Pipedrive.
Sync all information related to your leads in HubSpot to never miss an opportunity.
Be notified of a prospect’s reaction to your campaign directly in Slack.
Create hyper-personalized campaigns based on intent to connect with your target.
Sales Navigator
Identify prospects based on well-defined criteria and easily import them.
Captain Data
Hyper-segment audiences with Captain Data and activate them in La Growth Machine.
Automate data collection via PhantomBuster and import all leads into La Growth Machine.
The Companies API
Find prospects from a targeted list of companies and import them into La Growth Machine.
Add personalized images to your email templates and campaigns, using Hyperise.
Browse interesting profiles of candidates on Huntool and import them.

Need to go further?

Are the native integrations (HubSpot and Pipedrive) or custom ones through Zapier not enough?
La Growth Machine also connects to your most complex workflows.

Use our Webhook block directly in your prospecting sequences to communicate with your own tools.

Thanks to our block, you can choose when to send the trigger (e.g.: lead enriched, email sent, lead responded, etc.)

Create your own calls to our API from your application to import leads into La Growth Machine or launch a prospecting campaign for example.

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