You’ve done your homework right: your website explains why you’re the best, then how you achieve it. You’ve engaged tons of actions to create the best B2B lead generation strategies but you’re not completely satisfied 😢

You use ads, and for 100 people visiting your website, you pay all clicks but you don’t get all users. OK, you know it’s impossible to get a 100% ratio, but still…5 or 10% means every user costs you 10 to 20x the click cost 🤯 So you use retargeting ads and continue to pay for leads you already paid for 😤.

Tired of feeding Google & Co?

You’re in the right place 😋 that’s exactly why LaGrowthMachine has been created.

It’s time to build your very own growth machine, that generates leads as you sleep without spending tremendous money in each step of the funnel.

In this article, we’ll explain how to:

  1. identify companies visiting your website
  2. target your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) on these companies
  3. import those ICP in LaGrowthMachine
  4. start a multi-channel outreach campaign (LinkedIn, Email, Twitter) on those leads

All these steps, 100% automatically!

This means that just a few minutes after they left your website, people visiting your website without converting will receive the following sequence:

As soon as someone visits your website, we will identify him and play this multi-channel sequence automatically
  1. Enrich the lead to find his LinkedIn, email & Twitter account
  2. ask him as a contact, and interact with him on Twitter to warm him up!
  3. as soon as he accepts, send a follow-up message, then another one if no reply after 7 days
  4. if he doesn’t accept you as a contact on LinkedIn, send him up to 3 emails

As soon as they reply: Boom 💥. It stops and you take the lead 💪.

How does it work?

When your visitors visit your website, their IP address will be captured and mapped with the complete list of companies’ who registered for a private IP address (excluding ISP, etc. of course).

Then the company name will be sent to LaGrowthMachine to import leads matching your sales ICP in this company.

Those leads will be imported into an active campaign of your LaGrowthMachine’s account. As soon as they are added to the campaign, they will be contacted on LinkedIn, Email, or Twitter (see above).

Here’s an illustration of the complete process that we’ll describe below:

Is that efficient?

In one word: Yes 😎.

For LaGrowthMachine, we tested this strategy for 1 month:

  • 32% of the companies matched: companies who visited our website without converting (people in small companies don’t use a private IP but an ISP so are excluded from the results)
  • 58% of the remaining signed up: people who entered the campaign and signed up to LaGrowthMachine.

→ This means 18.5% of incremental conversions (32% x 58%) without moving a single finger 👌

Any downside?

Yes, there is one 😿

To identify companies visiting your website, we’ll use one of the many tools that identify companies from IP addresses. These tools will not know who exactly visited your company: they will know the COMPANIES who visited your website.

However, if you’ve targeted your ICP correctly, then chances are people visiting your website will be your ICP.

For example, at LaGrowthMachine, our ICP is:

  • company type: B2B
  • company size: 1 to 100 people
  • job titles: Head of Growth or Head of Sales
  • location: Top 100 for High Net Worth individuals (USA, most of Europe…)

We will make sure the people we target in our automation match those criteria.

And because we aren’t sure that they are the ones who visited our website, well…we’ll start a discussion about that 😋

Steal this strategy.

OK, now let’s recreate this together 💪

Key Steps

  1. Setup a Tool to Identify Companies visiting your Website
  2. Create a Segment in the tool to keep only the best Companies
  3. Use LaGrowthMachine‘s API to import leads in these Companies directly from LinkedIn
  4. Create a Sequence in LaGrowthMachine to engage with them on multiple channels
  5. Drink a Cocktail 🍹, waiting for new Replies

Let’s Start.

Get 3.5X more leads!

Push leads to your favourite tools when they reply, click your links, accept your LinkedIn requests, etc… and automatically integrate them in your campaigns from any other tool.

Try our Zapier intergration!

Setup a Tool to Identify Companies visiting your Website

Chances are you already know tons a few tools to identify companies visiting your website. Most famous are Clearbit Reveal, Leadfeeder, Albacross or even CRM add ons.

Which one should you choose?

You should identify the one with the best B2B matches + the best price possible. The goal in this article is not to benchmark these solutions 😋 so for the purpose of this article, I’ll use Leadfeeder as Phil Bass gently agreed to give me an account for the purpose of this test.

To set up the tool, just copy/paste its js code on your web pages. I personally used Google Tag Manager to do this, by creating a simple Tag that triggers on the homepage.

Once you created this tag and pushed it to your version using GTM, Leadfeeder will be live and will start identifying companies visiting your website.

Now, every time someone visits it will trigger Leadfeeder’s script and identify the company visiting the page.

When properly set, you’ll see identified companies in your dashboard

Create a Segment in the tool to keep only the best Companies

You probably don’t want to send messages to companies already using your tool, right?

So we’ll have to segment those companies and identify those we really want to contact vs our clients visiting the website.

Good news: that’s quite easy 👌

For LaGrowthMachine, our application is hosted on a subdomain named “”. So, at the end of the day, what we want is to identify companies who visited our homepage BUT not our APPlication.

Here’s the configuration to do so on LeadFeeder:

segmentation is quite easy to do on Leadfeeder

You can choose other criteria, such as country, number of employees, etc. but in our scenario, the most useful remains that he is not a client already.

Use LaGrowthMachine‘s Zapier Integration to import leads in these Companies directly from LinkedIn

Now, the fun part 😍

We will pass the company name identified by Leadfeeder to LaGrowthMachine to import people matching our ICP directly from LinkedIn.

LaGrowthMachine has a Zapier integration that allows you to perform numerous actions.

One of them is to “Create Audience from LinkedIn Url” and is described as:

Import leads in your LGM audiences by passing a LinkedIn regular or Sales Navigator search url. You will need to pass the identity to impersonate for the search query and the name of the audience to be filled.

To sum it up: send us a {{Linkedin URL}} + your {{LaGrowthMachine identity}} that should be impersonated on LinkedIn to import the leads and we will import those in {{Audience Name}} you defined.

We will generate a new search for each new company that’s been identified visiting our website.

Open Zapier, and start by creating a new zap: name it “Leadfeeder to LaGrowthMachine

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Setup the Trigger: When a new Company has been Identified on Leadfeeder

  1. Choose Leadfeeder as the Trigger app.
  2. Connect Leadfeeder / Select your account
  3. Choose the Leadfeeder’s Custom feed you’d like to sync with LaGrowthMachine:
in our case, we chose a feed that we called “High Potential”, which we set up in the previous step.

Now you can test the trigger and verify that Leadfeeder has been properly set up.

Setup the Action: Create an Audience from Linkedin Url on LaGrowthMachine

Now, we’ll ask LaGrowthMachine to import leads who match our ICP in this company from Linkedin.

Before we start, let’s create the “default” LinkedIn query.

Create the LinkedIn Query (Sales Navigator version)

Open LinkedIn and create the exact query that describes your ICP. For example:

  • people located in France
  • with title in:
    • “Chief Executive Officer”
    • “fondateur”
    • “founder”
    • “Head of Growth”
    • “Head of Sales”
This uses Sales Navigator, but you can use a regular LinkedIn Search if you prefer.

Now, this is the trick :)

Add a Company filter and search for “supercompany”, don’t select it but press Enter.

The URL now includes a text search for a company named “supercompany”.

We will just replace “supercompany” by the name of the company that’d been sent to us in the previous step of our zap 🤘

Let’s do that: copy the current LinkedIn search URL, and move to the next step.

Create the LinkedIn Query (Linkedin Regular version)

You can do exactly the same using a Regular LinkedIn account, the difference will be that you will not be able to include advanced filters such as company growth headcount number, role etc.

  1. Create the query matching your ICP
  2. Add SuperCompany in the “current company” field
  3. Don’t choose anything in the list that appears, just click enter
  4. Copy the url you get and move to the next step: we’ll replace the word “SuperCompany” in the url with the company name returned by Leadfeeder

Create the Action on Zapier

Back in Zapier !

  1. Search for LaGrowthMachine’s Zapier Integration
  2. Select the Action named “Import Leads from LinkedIn Search Url”

3. Click “Continue”

Now we’ll ask LaGrowthMachine to import leads matching the linkedin search URL we created earlier, modified to use the company name.

Here’s how to set up the action:

1. Select your LaGrowthMachine’s account:

If you don’t have any account connected to Zapier yet, select “+ connect a new account”. Zapier will open a popup asking you for your API key: You can it in your Settings:

your API key should NEVER be disclosed or shared with anyone: if someone finds it, he will be able to use your account on your behalf.

Once done, click Continue

2. Paste the LinkedIn Url in the LinkedIn Search URL field, and replace the “SuperCompany” word by the company name found by Leadfeeder above. To do so select the word, and select the company name in the dropdown that appears:

3. Select the Identity that will be impersonated to import the leads from LinkedIn:

4. Select the Audience where you want to import the LinkedIn results to (note: if you add a custom value, a new audience will be created)

Now you can test the Zap. Save it, then Activate it.

You’ve done the hardest part. Congratulations 🎉

That’s it, you’ve configured the automation that will use every new company identified as a website visitor, search for your ICP on Linkedin, and import them directly in LaGrowthMachine.

Now, let’s create the campaign that will play on those leads 🦾.

Create a Sequence in LaGrowthMachine to engage with them on multiple channels

In LaGrowthMachine, create a new custom multi-channel Sequence or use one from the templates.

In this example, we’ll use the template named “Engage Everywhere, 2 follow-ups”:

Engage Everywhere, 2 follow ups: one of our best templates to engage with your prospects where they really are.

In this sequence, we will send up to 6 messages to our leads:

  • 1 contact request on linkedin
  • 2 follow up messages
  • 3 emails

What should you write?

Keep in mind that we identified companies visiting our website, and then imported our ICPs into LaGrowthmachine. This means that people who visited might not be those we engage with! Let’s use that as a strength in our copywriting 💪.

Ready to Grow?

LaGrowthMachine is the first multi-channel sales outreach platform: Import Leads from LinkedIn, Create conversations (LinkedIn, Email, Twitter), synchronize everything with your Hubspot, Pipedrive and more.

LinkedIn Contact Request

Linkedin Contact request

I don’t know if the person I’m engaging with is the one who visited my website, but…

  1. I know that someone in his company did.
  2. And that he is my perfect persona.

Let’s use that!

Hey {{firstname}} 👋
Someone from {{companyName}} visited our website ( Is that you ?

I don’t need to go too much into the details here: I want to tease and get acceptance. Read more about the best email intro & subject lines, they might give you some great ideas.

LinkedIn 1st Follow up

This message will be sent if the lead didn’t reply to the message I sent in my invitation note.

1st Follow up on Linkedin

I want replies: that’s my main goal.

Why? Because I know that if my lead answers, I can convert him.

Hello {{firstname}}
Thanks for the acceptation 👍

As I mentioned, someone from {{companyName}} seemed interested in LaGrowthMachine. I just want to make sure you get all the answers you may have.

Are you the person who visited our website? Do you have any question?

Nothing more. I want to help you, not sell you something.

LinkedIn 2nd Follow up

Linkedin 2nd follow up

This message will be sent if the lead didn’t reply to my previous messages.

OK, so I waited 7 days and he didn’t reply to my messages, although they were helping, not selling.

Maybe selling works more on this type of person 🧐 ?

Let’s try.

Hey {{firstname}}
Just a quick follow-up. 

If you're interested in knowing more about, we planned a "live demo" next Tuesday.

We'll show you why LGM is the best sales automation platform, and how to increase your conversion rate in no time ;) here's the link to register:

If you have any further question let me know !

Still helping, but…giving more information about what we do, and how he can join us.

1st Email Sent

1st email

This email will be sent if the lead didn’t reply to my previous messages on Linkedin OR if he still didn’t accept my contact request 7 days after I sent my contact request.

We switch to email because the lead doesn’t seem to be engaged on LinkedIn. This means that he’s quite “cold”. I want to warm him a little, by explaining what we do, and why I’m contacting him.

Here’s the message I sent:

Hello {{firstname}}
I tried getting in touch with you on LinkedIn (without success for the moment), maybe email is better for you?

As I mentioned in my LinkedIn message, someone from {{companyName}} seemed interested in I just want to make sure you get all the answers you may have.

As a quick reminder, LaGrowthMachine is the first sales automation platform to generate leads across LinkedIn + Email + Twitter.

You'll get 3.5x more replies than before, all connected to your CRM and Ads 👌

In 4 bullet points, LGM will let you:

- Target and enrich (email, LinkedIn, Twitter & phone numbers) audiences automatically using our custom integration with Sales Navigator
- Create 100% automatized and extremely segmented cross-channel outbound strategies
- Connect your CRM to synchronize everything in it
- Retarget your leads with advertising on Facebook & Linkedin to increase brand awareness all while outreaching

If you're interested, a "live demo" will happen next Tuesday(register here ( We'll show you why LGM is the best sales automation platform, and how to increase your conversion rate in no time ;)

If you have any further question {{firstname}}, feel free to ask :)


2nd Email Sent

This email will be sent if the lead didn’t reply to my previous messages on Linkedin OR if he still didn’t accept my contact request 7 days after I sent my contact request. At any moment, if he replies to any messages, anywhere, the campaign will be stopped.

Argh. He really doesn’t want to reply. I don’t like to push too much, so that’d be my last message:

Hey {{firstname}}
Just a quick follow-up.
If you're interested in knowing more about LaGrowthMachine, the "live demo" will be next Tuesday.
We'll show you why LGM is the best sales automation platform, and how to increase your conversion rate in no time ;) Here's the link to register:
If you have any further questions let me know!

Now that you’ve created the sequence completely, you can “Save” it and use it to launch your campaign!

That’s it, we’re done!

Wow. That’s a long tutorial, I hope you liked it.

If you enjoyed it, please share it!

I’d be really happy to share with you more of these kinds. Feel free to share your asks & comments below.