When you have a look at your campaign dashboard, you’ll notice that LaGrowthMachine enriches personal emails. By enriching their emails, it may allow you to use LGM for retargeting individuals with advertising.

If you’re doing B2B outreach, it’s data you don’t want to use. No one enjoys being contacted on their personal email about business. Either your lead will think it’s not relevant and won’t answer or worse, they will consider it rude or intrusive and get upset. Either way, you can be sure you won’t have a good talk after that.

Personal emails can be interesting in two cases:

  • Recruitment: Either you’re a recruitment company or an HR manager looking to recruit internally, or you want to contact people on their personal emails and not their business emails.
  • Retargeting: Those emails can be used to advertise to your audience on several platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Ads.

Let’s talk about retargeting!

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is a way to do online advertising, as is acquisition:

  • Acquisition: You create an audience on LinkedIn or Facebook using filters (interests, job title, age…) and create a specific ad set to match that audience’s interests. You can then sell your product/service to people that may be interested in purchasing it.
  • Retargeting: It’s a more precise way of advertising than acquisition because the leads you want to advertise your brand to have already interacted with your brand in a meaningful way.

There are two ways to identify them:

  • Tracking the traffic on your website using a pixel. All the leads visiting your website will be tracked and sent to a retargeting audience on Facebook or LinkedIn. It’s precise and it’s interest-based and targets those leads who went on your website. You can share more information on your product/service thanks to your ads and try to bring them back to your website.
  • A more precise way to retarget leads will be to identify them yourself and push them into custom audiences. To do so, you need to have data that enables you to match their profile (on Facebook or LinkedIn).

That’s the second way you’ll use them on LaGrowthMachine!

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Retargeting with LGM: a new channel to activate your leads

To do outreach with LaGrowthMachine, you first need to identify leads on LinkedIn to create an audience. You import only the leads that are your target to whom you want to advertise to with your product/service. Your audience is now precise and segmented. For more info about this, you can check our growth marketing guide.

All the leads that accept your LinkedIn invitation and for whom LaGrowthMachine enriches a personal email (which is often the email used to sign in on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, …) can be retargeted.

You can build several workflows:

  • You can push leads into a custom audience at the beginning of the campaign using Zapier. You’ll advertise your brand for a few weeks and then reach out with an email or contact them on LinkedIn. They probably would have seen your ads and already know you, which makes conversion easier.
  • You can decide to retarget leads that have not replied to your campaign and keep activating them on LinkedIn and/or Facebook. Wait for a couple of months, and try to reach out again.

The main advantage of retargeting using custom audiences is that you have identified your leads yourself so you know they are in your target. Since you’re more precise, you create low-volume audiences. Efficient and cheap!

Create your zap step by step

Go to Zapier and create your zap following the next steps:

1️⃣: Choose the apps you want to connect — LaGrowthMachine to Facebook Custom Audiences.

2️⃣: Define the trigger and the action.

In this example, the trigger is when a LinkedIn contact request is accepted.

3️⃣: Connect your LaGrowthMachine account with your personal API key.

Get it from your account -> settings -> Integrations.

4️⃣: Select the campaigns you want to do retargeting for. It can be all campaigns or only a few.

5️⃣: Filter the leads to identify those with a personal email.

6️⃣: Choose the event. Add emails to a custom audience in Facebook Custom Audience. Then, select the Facebook Custom Audience account.

7️⃣: Choose the custom audience you want to send your leads to. You need to create it directly on Facebook Ads!

8️⃣: Insert the data field you want to send the ads to.

9️⃣: Test it and launch!