You are wondering if you can reach out to your lead’s personal email. The answer is: It depends on your business. Sending emails to a personal address may be suitable for some but not for others. Take care in knowing your audience and read on to learn more about connecting it with your LaGrowthMachine account.

How do I enable sending emails to personal addresses?

As you already know, LaGrowthMachine automatically enriches your contact’s information to discover their professional email, their phone number, and even their personal email.

If you’re not familiar with how enrichment works, we suggest you read our guide.

By default, LaGrowthMachine never sends emails to the personal email as it’s not a best practice in B2B. However, should you need to use them for specific cases (recruiting or to prospect individual-owned companies), you can enable sending emails to personal emails in your account setting.

Let’s discover together when to use personal emails in your sequences.

Using personal emails for B2B prospecting

Are you doing B2B lead generation? Using personal emails is NOT recommended for two main reasons:

  • If you are targeting people in the EU region, using personal email for prospection without consent is against the GDPR European law. You will be liable if you do so without consent.
  • Outside of Europe: While law does not explicitly forbid you to use them, we would not recommend doing it when communicating with businesses. Either your lead will think it’s not relevant and won’t answer, or worse they will consider it rude or intrusive and will get upset. You can be sure you won’t have a good talk after that because your lead will get cold as ice.

The only time when using personal email in B2B prospection can make sense is if you’re targeting self-employed companies such as freelancers.

Using personal emails for recruiting

Obviously, you need to avoid contacting your lead on their business email to offer a job in a rival company! In a recruiting campaign, it makes sense to use personal emails when available.

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