If you’re a salesperson working in B2B sales, lead enrichment is a term you should know.

You work in sales and you’ve got your leads, whether through buying a B2B email list of leads or just simple lead generation forms that you have on hand.

But now what? How can you use this lead list to your advantage to help close more sales and increase lead conversion?

What is lead enrichment? What are its benefits? And how can you use lead enrichment to get more out of your lead list?

In this post, we’ll show you why enriching your leads is the key to turning them into customers and uncover how LaGrowthMachine can help you get the most out of your lead list.

enrich your leads

What is lead enrichment?

Lead enrichment is a process where marketers or sales reps take lead data and add additional layers of information to it.

This additional layer can include lead intelligence from a lead’s job title, company size, and website domain, to lead sources and where you generated your leads.

These lead-enrichment insights help marketers and sales teams gain deeper insight into the lead’s identity and purchase intent so they can craft personalized campaigns that are tailored to the lead’s needs.

Lead enrichment typically goes through specific software. However, sales prospecting tools like LaGrowthMachine sometimes have one integrated already.

Our tool automatically enriches your leads’ contact info and identifies the prospect’s contact information.

That said, our process is unique in that we don’t perform in bulk, but rather spread it out over time as you activate leads during a campaign!

Enrichment feature

This ensures lead quality and accuracy, so your sales team has the most up-to-date lead information when it comes time for your sales outreach.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Let’s look at why lead enrichment is so important and which of its benefits your business can experience.

Why is lead enrichment important?

Lead enrichment is an important part of lead generation because it helps to ensure that the lead data you have on hand is up-to-date, accurate, and relevant.

By enriching leads with additional lead intelligence, sales reps can identify high-quality leads faster and develop better lead nurturing strategies.

Additionally, lead enrichment also helps:

  • Clean up and standardize your lead data: Lead enrichment helps to ensure that your lead data is standardized, so you can pull better insights from it.
  • Uncover purchase intent: It can help to reveal a lead’s purchase intent by uncovering their interests, needs, and motivation for buying.
  • Identify trends or commonalities among leads: This can help you uncover commonalities among leads, so you can develop better marketing strategies or create more relevant content.
  • Match leads with the right messaging: Write the most relevant messages that cater to your leads’ individual needs thanks to the aforementioned benefits.

Ultimately, lead enrichment helps to ensure that you get the most out of your leads and maximize lead conversion.

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Lead enrichment risks associated with automation

Nevertheless, lead enrichment is not this great feature that’ll solve all your problems. It also has drawbacks, especially if you’re using it via an automation tool.

It can get you on LinkedIn’s radar for instance, if you’re too aggressive with your prospecting, and you’ll risk banning your account.

That’s why it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Weigh the risks associated with automated lead enrichment against the potential benefits.
  • Always use best practices when engaging with prospects and use lead enrichment responsibly.
  • Have an understanding of the legal requirements associated with enrichment and ensure that you adhere to them.
  • Understand how your sales automation tool works and how it could potentially affect your enrichment.

When you upload leads on LaGrowthMachine, you will notice that they won’t be immediately enriched.

This is completely intentional, as our enrichment process sometimes requires that we visit the lead’s social media profile.

If we were to do hundreds of visits in a bulk, you’d be in a pinch…

By spreading out the enrichment process in time, we ensure that your leads get properly enriched without raising any suspicion from LinkedIn or other social media platforms.

Our enrichment process happens as leads are activated in a campaign, and they’ll go down the right path thanks to conditions preset by one of our templates or yourself.

How to enrich leads’ data using LaGrowthMachine

Now that you understand the basics of lead enrichment and why it’s important, let’s look at how you can enrich your leads’ data using LaGrowthMachine.

Trust me, it’s really simple.

With our platform, you can easily set up automated workflows for lead enrichment, nurturing, and overall outreach.

Here’s what our Enrich feature can do:

  • We will automatically match verified emails from your CSV or Linkedln Import.
  • Need phone numbers for cold calling? LaGrowthMachine will provide them for you!
  • No LinkedIn profiles in your CSV? LaGrowthMachine can automatically find It hack using the prospect’s full name and company info!
  • Want to use Twitter for your sales prospecting but don’t know their Twitter account? You get the idea.

Let’s go through an example together, shall we?

As you can see from this screenshot, enrichment is enabled. LaGrowthMachine will automatically find emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn accounts, and so on…

The next step is to take the leads and segment them based on:

  • If LGM has enriched the lead’s Professional email, then an email will be sent
  • If LGM did not enrich their ProEmail, then the platform will prioritize LinkedIn for the activation

And that’s it! Welcome to your new world of managing leads, saving time, and saving your budget!

Get ready to enrich your leads

Lead enrichment is a powerful way to improve the quality of your leads and increase sales.

By understanding your customer’s buying process and providing them with relevant content, you can create a sales funnel that converts more prospects into paying customers.

Have you tried lead enrichment? What techniques have worked best for you? Let us know in the comments!

Happy enriching!