Streamline your day with the first multichannel inbox.

Centralize all your LinkedIn and Email conversations. Save time by managing your responses from one place.


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Find all your conversations in one place

Tired of having to switch between your LinkedIn and email inboxes ? With our multichannel inbox, all your conversations are grouped by leads, in a single interface.

Sort your messages by status or campaign, and easily locate leads to follow up with. Everything is at your fingertips for time efficiency!

Keep your inbox tidy with Snooze, providing a clutter-free environment.

This feature allows you to temporarily set aside lead conversation where you already replied and wait for their response.

Focus on active conversations now and quickly see which conversations are awaiting your answer or need to be followed up.

Qualify your leads through your inbox

Simplify the qualification of responses by categorizing and prioritizing the hottest leads.

With just one click, determine whether it’s a won deal, a missed opportunity, or simply bad timing.

An unexpected absence, a colleague on vacation, a permanent departure… after 48 hours without a response, an opportunity can quickly turn into a missed deal.

Access your colleagues LinkedIn and email messages and take over while they’re away.

Template your responses

Are you facing recurring questions? Our inbox saves you time by using canned response templates.

Access your LinkedIn and Email templates at any time and share them with your team members.

Train your new rookies with real-life cases and keep an eye on their conversations!

You can access your colleagues’ LinkedIn messages and emails and take over while they are out of the office.

How does it work?

Streamline your process by managing all your communications in one place while effortlessly identifying and prioritizing high-quality leads and deals.

Playing with filters

Easily find your unread, favorites, archived conversations or those concerning a specific audience.

Creating message templates

Create ready-to-use response templates to reply to your prospect in one click.

Switching channels

Choose to respond to your prospect via email or LinkedIn, all from a single one interface.

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Explore some practical examples of what you can do using our multichannel inbox.

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Increase efficiency

I can visualize the conversations and adapt the strategy accordingly, whether it's at the level of workflow or copywriting.

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