In the recruitment business, your daily mission is to unearth the ideal talent to perfectly match your clients’ needs. Classic images of recruiters, smiling during interviews or closing deals, capture only a small part of the recruitment process. Before you get to that point, you need to do some sourcing and make initial contact with a variety of profiles. And it’s precisely at this stage that things get complicated.

It’s hard to stand out on LinkedIn in the flood of messages your targets receive every day. Contacts are constantly being solicited with messages that are not always appropriate, or even completely off the mark. And you’re certainly paying the price.

Have you ever considered adopting an innovative approach using voice messages to set yourself apart from other recruiters?

Although not widely used, LinkedIn voice messages (or voicemails) record twice as many responses on average. Come with me, I’ll explain in this article:

  • Why you should integrate them into your strategy
  • Best practices for making them work for you
  • How to personalize and automate them with La Growth Machine so you too can explode your response rate!

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Why use LinkedIn Voice Messages?

Here we enter the part of the article where I have to convince you of the fearsome effectiveness of voice messages. And, honestly, it doesn’t seem very difficult to me. Voice messages generate twice as many responses on average. Period. But why such results? Let me sum it all up in one concept: SURPRISE!

That’s where voicemails come in. They offer the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and create SURPRISE (see where I’m going with this?). The automation of DM (LinkedIn text messages) is well known, but the use of Voice messages is not. Rarely used, they add a distinctive touch to your message, capitalize on the voice note trend (especially with younger audiences) and surprise your audience with your voice! The addition of a human voice, speaking authentically and calmly, injects a dose of humanity into messages that are usually automated (and believe me, we know a thing or two about that).

The targeted talent will feel genuinely considered, and will therefore be better able to respond to the recruiter. And it’s a well-known fact that, in recruitment, a response is always a good thing to get in touch with the candidate and call on them again at the right moment.

We’ll explain how to put them into practice in the rest of this article.

Best practices for using LinkedIn Voice Messages

Voice messages are a formidable weapon, but they need to be used wisely. To make it work for you, these 3 golden rules should help:

1/ NEVER start a conversation with a voice message. Instead, start the discussion with an initial text message, follow it up with a voice message, then send a 3rd written message with an element quoted in your voice message. Voice messages add a human dimension that breaks the monotony of text.

2/ Record a NATURAL message. That’s the whole point of voice messages: to create a connection with the target person. Imagine yourself sending this message to a specific person, and act as if you were leaving a message on the answering machine, for example. The text shouldn’t be too prepared, just enough to make you feel at ease. Important point of attention though: this message will be sent to all your contacts, so do not refer to any personal information.

3/ Select an introduction with a variable; the AI generates it in the sound of your voice. Choose from the different offered languages. The variable addresses your interlocutor by their first name or last name. The automation becomes completely invisible, and magic happens..

Now that you’ve understood how to use custom voice messages, it’s time to build your sequence with The Growth Machine and put them into action!

Want to send a voice message to your lead but have writer’s block? I’ve got you covered! Download our Top 11 LinkedIn Voice Message Scripts Right Here 👇

How do I include a voice note with La Growth Machine?

From the La Growth Machine platform, go to the “Campaigns” interface, where everything happens. There are 2 ways to create a sequence containing an automated voice message. I’ll explain the different ways in this section.

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Select a template including LinkedIn

La Growth Machine offers a range of Templates. And there’s something for everyone: LinkedIn, LinkedIn + Email, LinkedIn + Email + Twitter (renamed X), Email only.

Among these, select a sequence including LinkedIn+Voice :

Séquence La Growth Machine LinkedIn + Voice
La Growth Machine LinkedIn + Voice sequence

Create a sequence from scratch

I see you’re already a pro! Sequence creation from scratch is available from the ultimate offer.

It lets you easily build your workflow using our visual sequence builder, which works with drag and drop. To add a Voice Message block, simply drag and drop the “Send Voice” block into your sequence. Make sure you link the different blocks with the purple arrow. You can also click on “And then” and choose “Send Voice” from the list.

Add a “Send Voice” bloc on a custom sequence

Once you’ve built or selected the sequence of your choice, all that’s left to do is record the voice message.

At this stage, you choose between:

  • Recording a Voice Message,
  • Recording a Voice Message with a personalized introduction using AI.

Record a voice message

Please note that the message is not nominative and will be sent to all the contacts in your campaign. Follow the advice given above to avoid unpleasant surprises.

To record your message, click on the microphone icon and start recording. You can then listen to it again, delete it and re-record it if it doesn’t suit your taste. Remember, the best voice messages are the most natural and spontaneous!

Once you’ve recorded your message and validated all your texts, you can launch your campaign 😉

Customizing Voice Message Introductions

If you decide to personalize your voice message, activate the ‘Use a custom introduction for each lead’ toggle. From there:

  • 1. Select your introduction. Choose the variable and the language according to your target audience.
  • 2. Record the rest of your voice message. Remember, this part of the message should not be personalized as it will be common to all deliveries.
  • 3. Click on ‘Generate 1+2,’ and voila, your personalized voice message is created.

Thanks to AI, each lead will receive a Voice Message addressing them by their first name or last name.

It’s up to you to launch the campaign and bring the scenario to life 😉

LinkedIn voice messages = a real game changer

Voice messages are a real opportunity to stand out from the crowd and boost your response rate. We’ve given you an example of a recruiter’s use case, but you should know that it’s also very interesting to use them for prospecting and lead generation. Whether you’re in sales, growth or recruiting, they’re sure to find a place in your LinkedIn strategy. The mechanics to follow are the same to boost your response rate.

Is a campaign not working as well as you’d like? Several factors can come into play: timing, segmentation, your messages AND your voice message. Don’t hesitate to experiment by launching several campaigns with different messages. That way, you’ll find out what’s best for you and your target audience.

In fact, if you’re feeling like an explorer, come and test voice messages for 14 days free of charge at LaGrowthMachine! There’s no commitment (and no credit card required). We’re waiting for you!

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