Targeting companies for B2B prospecting purposes instead of leads directly has proven its effectiveness these last years. Indeed, this approach is called Account Based Marketing, and it’s killing it.

There are many ways to lead ABM strategies. In B2B, LinkedIn ABM is working great. We’ve already talked about LinkedIn ABM in a previous post, but today, we will focus on a broader question that you might be answering if you’re prospecting on LinkedIn.

How to search for companies on LinkedIn? Why search for companies on LinkedIn? And how to create a company targeting process using LinkedIn and LaGrowthMachine?

In this post, we’ll answer all these questions and provide tips on using LinkedIn to search for companies and how you can use LaGrowthMachine for your B2B prospecting strategy!

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Why search for companies on LinkedIn?

Searching for companies on LinkedIn can be done for a variety of reasons: whether you’re trying to apply for a job or outreach to potential customers, targeting companies is the way to go.

As a sales automation tool, the prospecting component stands out to us. That’s what we’re going to focus on here in this post.

As a growth marketer or a salesperson on LinkedIn, there are many benefits to searching for companies on the platform. Indeed, this can help you to:

  • lead LinkedIn Account Based Marketing strategies;
  • lead market studies;
  • identify your ideal customer profiles and personas;
  • improve lead segmentation to increase your ROI;
  • etc…

All these actions are serving the same purpose: improving your LinkedIn lead generation.

But to achieve this goal, you need to be very accurate when searching for companies on LinkedIn.

In the next part of this post, we’ll learn how to search for companies on LinkedIn.

How to search for companies on LinkedIn?

As written above, searching for companies on LinkedIn requires a methodology and some knowledge, but it’s definitely interesting if you’re prospecting on LinkedIn.

Our very best advice would be that you go for LinkedIn Sales Navigator for this matter, as this tool really is a game changer for B2B prospecting. But we know that some of you aren’t using it yet, so we’ll give our step-by-step methods using the three search features LinkedIn is proposing currently.

LinkedIn Basic Search

Searching companies with LinkedIn Basic search is the easiest thing ever.

You just need to go to the nav bar at the top of your screen, type the name of the company you’re searching for, and it will display some results.

This feature is only interesting for picking prospecting if you don’t need accurate data.

LinkedIn Advanced Search

LinkedIn Advanced Search is a much wiser feature to use, as it provides you with much more filters than the basic search.

To access LinkedIn Advanced search, start by typing a query (a company name i.e.) in the basic search field just like written above.

Then, you need to click on “all filters”.

From here, set the “Filter only” with “Companies”, and add as many filters as you need to cluster your search.

Just hit “Show Results” and you should be good to go.

This feature will already give you good insights compared to the basic search feature.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is working a bit differently. To search for companies, you need to go to the account tab.

From there, you’ll notice that you get many more filters to play with. Also, you won’t be limited to LinkedIn’s restricted database, such as with LinkedIn’s free plan. This means that you’ll get access to much more data, and much more accuracy.

The only thing you have to do is to think about how you want to cluster your targeting using the different filters.

How to search for Linkedin companies on Google?

Sometimes, you won’t be able to find companies from LinkedIn itself, or maybe the process will be too long for what you need.

Another trick is to search for companies registered on LinkedIn using Google.

To do it, first, you need to go to Google.

From the Google search bar, type this command: [name of your companies] +

This means that you’ll search for the exact name of your specific company from LinkedIn’s domain name, on Google.

If you want to automate this process, you could use a scraping bot or a Google Sheet query, for example… be creative 😁

How to outreach to the companies with LaGrowthMachine?

If you’ve read everything from here, you must have understood how powerful this is when talking about B2B prospecting. But searching for companies is just the first step. Now, what you want to do is outreach to leads inside those companies.

To do this, you first need to choose a technique to find the leads that you’re interested in, inside the company.

When this job is done, you’ll have a list of very qualified leads.

Next is the outreach part.

With LaGrowthMachine, automate your outreach with a simple drag & drop!

Two solutions:

  • you can go manually: this method works, but it’s very time-consuming and quite ineffective because you’ll be limited with the channels you’ll be using. Also, your flow might become messy: you might miss follow-ups and therefore opportunities.
  • you can use automation: this method requires an automation tool like LaGrowthMachine, which is an investment, but also a huge help when it comes to B2B prospecting matters.


To sum up, when you’re looking to search for companies on LinkedIn, keep in mind that you have three main options: using the basic search feature, the advanced search feature, or using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Both options can provide helpful insights, but Sales Navigator gives you access to much more data and filters to help refine your searches. You can also use Google by typing in the company name and “” to search for companies registered on LinkedIn.

Once you have your list of companies, you can use our LaGrowthMachine automation tool to outreach and follow up with leads inside those companies with automated campaigns. This will help you save time and increase conversion rates by using multiple channels such as LinkedIn and email.

With this guide, you now know how to search for companies on LinkedIn and use LaGrowthMachine to maximize your outreach efforts.

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Happy LinkedIn search! 🙂