LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the ideal tool for LinkedIn users wanting to generate more leads and sales via the platform. With a huge database at your disposal, it has become a must-have for Sales and Growth professionals.

How does the software work? What is the extent of its functionality? What is the price of Sales Nav? Is it worth the investment?

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about LinkedIn Sales Navigator and how it can help you boost your prospecting. Let’s get started!

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a so-called social selling application that allows LinkedIn business users to develop their sales activities. It is essentially a lead generation tool, with advanced features to target the right people and track your interactions.

Sales Navigator is based on the power of the LinkedIn platform: more than 560 million professional users in 200 countries and territories around the world, including 8 million in France. It’s a real goldmine for finding qualified leads!

The social network is constantly evolving and adapting to users’ needs, with new features recently added such as InMails (private messages sent to LinkedIn users), ultra-precise filters, or the possibility of building lead lists.

Why use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

If you’re in the growth business or a salesperson in the B2B sector, you already know that prospecting on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to generate qualified leads. Using Sales Navigator means benefiting from the most advanced features to gain efficiency in your prospecting on the social platform. Among them:

  • Advanced search: Target prospects according to precise criteria (location, company size, industry, etc.) and never miss out on qualified leads.
  • Lead lists: Build thematic lists of prospects and organize your prospecting according to your business objectives.
  • InMail messages: Send private messages directly to your prospects even if you don’t share any common connections.
  • Interaction tracking: Stay informed of your prospect’s activity and their interactions with your company (profile viewing, website visit, etc.)

In short, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of the professional platform. If you are looking for new clients and want to optimize your prospecting, this is the tool you need!

And for the more advanced users, you can use Sales Nav’ for the LinkedIn ABM strategy. We won’t get into it in this article, but make sure you check the post we linked if you want to know more!

Sales Navigator also works very well with LaGrowthMachine! Indeed, there is a familiar workflow for our customers that allows them to generate highly qualified B2B leads automatically.


1. You build your lead lists with the targeting power of Sales Navigator

2. You import your leads into LaGrowthMachine. The tool will automatically enrich the data to find important information for prospecting – including the email address of your lead.

3. With this information, you can now create multi-channel prospecting sequences until your lead responds.

4. All you have to do is close it, and it’s done!


Little bonus: if you wish, you can even synchronize LaGrowthMachine with your CRM. As soon as a lead responds to you, it will go back into your CRM with the right qualification according to the type of action it has taken.

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What is the price of LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

The real question is this: Is Sales Nav ROI? Sales Navigator is €99.99 per month for its core (basic) version and €119.99 per month for its advanced version. There are also yearly packages, with a 17% discount if you pay upfront. These prices are a bit high, but they will be more than paid for by the results you can expect: when used properly, it will ensure a better generation of qualified leads and more efficient prospecting thanks to the software’s advanced features.

If you are looking for the best ROI, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the promotional offers regularly proposed by LinkedIn, especially for new users. It is also possible to subscribe to more advantageous packages through certain LinkedIn-approved resellers.

The network offers you the possibility to benefit from a free one-month trial period to test all the features of the tool.

What is the difference between LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Business, Premium, the Social Selling Index… Many formulas are similar and confusing. However, the subscriptions are not the same!

For sales prospecting, consider that the premium version of LinkedIn is not as complete as Sales Nav, which is really the brick of LinkedIn for this issue.

If you are already subscribed to LinkedIn Premium, you have access to some interesting features such as access to advanced statistics of your profile or the possibility to send InMails. However, fan optimal use of Sales Navigator, it is necessary to subscribe to a specific subscription. Indeed, only Sales Navigator gives you access to all the advanced features you need to boost your prospecting on LinkedIn: advanced search, lead lists, InMails, interaction tracking, etc.

If you are still hesitating between the two offers, you should know that LinkedIn regularly offers combined Premium + Sales Navigator offers at attractive rates. These offers are an excellent opportunity to take full advantage of the features of the professional platform!

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting?

As you can see, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool that can help you find new leads and better understand the needs of your target market. However, there are a few key steps to follow in its management to get the best possible result.

Step 1: Optimize your profile

First, you need to create a comprehensive and attractive profile on LinkedIn. Your profile should highlight your professional experience and accomplishments while being well-written and updated regularly. In addition, you need to make sure that your profile is optimized for search engines so that potential prospects can easily find you.

Adrien has an updated Linkedin profile optimized for prospecting

Step 2: Look for prospects

Once your profile is live, you can start using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting. Start by searching for prospects based on criteria such as location, industry, or job title. You can also use LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s advanced search features to refine your search and find even more relevant prospects

You can then search for accounts (search by brand) or prospects (search by job title, for example, all restaurant managers in Bordeaux). The approach is a bit different, but both follow the same objective: acquiring new customers.

Once you have a list of potential prospects, it’s time to move on to the next step: engagement.

Step 3: Engage with your prospects

There are many ways to engage prospects on LinkedIn. The first is to send a message directly through the tool. You can also use the lead tracking feature of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to track your prospects’ activities and respond to new posts.

Finally, you can also use the tool to find groups on LinkedIn relevant to your target market and join the discussion. Groups are a great way to engage prospects, build long-term relationships and improve customer conversion.

Messaging access and listing mapping

Step 4: Track your performance

Once you’ve started engaging prospects, it’s important to track the performance of your campaign. Another benefit of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is that it offers a wealth of statistics and data that you can use to track lead engagement, conversion rates, and ROI.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to its full potential to generate new leads and find new prospects.

Results of a LaGrowthMachine multi-channel campaign

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LaGrowthMachine

LaGrowthMachine is a LinkedIn prospecting software that helps generate qualified leads on LinkedIn by automating the research, engagement, and follow-up of prospects.

With LaGrowthMachine, you can

  • Automate prospecting on LinkedIn with advanced search tools
  • Generate qualified leads by automatically engaging prospects via LinkedIn
  • Track lead engagement and conversion rates in real time via a reporting feature.

Using LaGrowthMachine and Sales Nav for b2b prospecting is a great combo: by plugging the two tools together, you can :

  1. Search for your prospects using Sales Nav filters and lead lists
  2. Import your lead lists directly into LaGrowthMachine
  3. LaGrowthMachine will automatically scrape data from multiple sources and enrich the data around your leads
  4. Once your lead lists are enriched, you can set up your multi-channel prospecting campaigns (Email + LinkedIn + Twitter)
  5. Press the button… and wait for the leads to fall in!
  6. If you really want to push the machine to the max, we can only recommend the use of a CRM to track the entire journey and not miss any leads!

By tracking the engagement and performance of your campaigns with the built-in reporting features, you will be able to optimize your LinkedIn prospecting for even better results.


So, should you untie the purse for LinkedIn Sales Navigator? The answer depends largely on your business, your budget, and how much you are looking to grow

If you want to upgrade your lead generation process and take your sales up a notch, then this is definitely an option to look into

However, if you’re still a little reluctant, know that there are many ways to use LinkedIn for prospecting without spending a dime.

Thanks for reading our article! Do you have any questions about using LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.