As a salesperson, there is always a lot to do when it comes to lead generation. Whether it’s calling prospects, qualifying them, or selling, there are so many parameters to consider!

That said, don’t panic, LaGrowthMachine is here to help! Our sales automation software allows you to automate all your day-to-day sales and marketing tasks.

How does it work?

You import your lead lists into the tool, and then schedule sequences of messages to be sent -preferably multi-channel, it converts better! Here’s what it looks like:


These sequences allow you to anticipate in advance the sending of messages and follow-ups at the right times, on the right channels. On the version side, take a look at what it gives us:


So you’re about to launch your first multi-channel campaign and are wondering if you should have a LinkedIn-first approach, email first, or social media.

If you’re doing outbound channel prospecting, you’ll want to focus on what we’ll cover here.

Want to know how to make the right decision? Read on.

What should you consider when choosing which channel to use first?

As always, common sense applies here. You need to ask yourself these main questions:

What is your primary source of leads?

If your primary source of leads is searching for them on LinkedIn, then it means that you have the ability to reach 100% of your leads using LinkedIn. But the amount of info you have may vary -for instance, if you use a LinkedIn lead gen form vs. other lead generation methods.

If your source is an internal database (your CRM for instance), chances are most of the info you’ll have is:

  • FirstName + LastName + CompanyName
  • Email

Thankfully, LaGrowthMachine is able to identify a LinkedIn profile based on the combination of FirstName + LastName + CompanyName, but you’ll probably have more info to start with by using their email.

This will give you a good amount of data to work with in order to personalize your LinkedIn connection request messages, voice messages, emails, follow-ups, etc.

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Where is your lead most active/likely to respond?

Don’t blindly follow recommendations. Know your audience.

For example, developers might have profiles on LinkedIn but are barely active nor responsive there. It’s probably not the best channel to start with, but may be good to use as a fallback.

Tech founders are often active daily on LinkedIn and are very active. This is probably the best channel to start with, if not Twitter.

Following the two examples above, ask yourselves:

  • Where is my audience most active daily?
  • Where am I most likely to build a relationship with them?

The rest should follow!

What’s your channel enrichment rate?

In a growth marketing context, let’s suppose you’re reaching out to freelancers identified via LinkedIn. Most of them do not have a professional email, so your enrichment rate will be very low. It doesn’t make sense, then, to prioritize email enrichment.

If, however, you’re reaching out to the aforementioned tech company leaders, this may be an ideal situation where you’ll want to use enrichment to fill out their LGM profile. This will allow you to contact them more easily and with more personalization in your outreach.

My leads are coming from LinkedIn, what’s the advantage of using email first?

Let’s take into consideration the following campaign:

  • Leads are coming from the search results, like when you use LinkedIn to search for companies
  • The enrichment rate is decent – 40%
  • My leads are active and likely to respond on LinkedIn

Why would it make sense for me to start with emails?

One word: Volume.

By starting with email, you can use LinkedIn as a fallback for people that didn’t reply via email as well as people for which LaGrowthMachine didn’t enrich emails.

You’re able to benefit from two daily volume capacities:

  • 200-300 emails/day
  • 80-120 Connection requests/day on LinkedIn

For a total of 280 – 320 new leads activated per day. Even more, if you’re willing to take risks.

While if you’re LinkedIn first with emails as a fallback, you’ll only activate 80-120 leads per day.

Getting volume will help get you in touch with more people more quickly but be smart about it. Segment and focus your efforts for the highest impact.