With almost 900 million active users of which 140 million are active daily, LinkedIn has become a valuable resource for businesses to connect with professionals and generate leads. It’s simply the best lead generation tool, especially when it comes to B2B sales and marketing.

And LinkedIn knows it, that’s why it has developed LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms! These forms are a very user-friendly feature designed specifically for businesses to collect leads directly on their LinkedIn page without necessarily having to use a website.

What are LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms? Why do you need to know about them? And how can you use them to generate leads?

In this guide, we’ll be exploring everything you need to know about LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, and how to set them up on your LinkedIn page.

Whether you’re a seasoned B2B marketer on LinkedIn or just starting out, this guide will give you all the tools and information you need to succeed with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

Let’s dive in!

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What is a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form?

Let’s start with the basics.

LinkedIn Lead Gen. Forms are forms outlined as templates that allow you to collect and store leads directly from your LinkedIn page.

They also work hand in hand with LinkedIn Ads, meaning you can create a campaign within LinkedIn Ads and direct users to your lead gen form once they click. However, in this article, I’ll be focusing mainly on the LinkedIn company page setup.

When a member clicks on a call-to-action button on a LinkedIn ad with an attached Lead Gen Form, their contact and profile information is automatically filled in. Here is what it should look like:

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Example

And as you can see, the form is pre-filled with accurate data from their LinkedIn profile, so you can be sure you’re getting quality leads.

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Is it safe? 🤔

You might be wondering; in a time where people usually look for ways to hide their data, why would someone be willing to share their contact information so easily?

Well, fear not! LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are as safe and secure as they come. We’ll get into it later when we dive into how you create and use them, but for now, just know that as long as you create Lead Gen Forms correctly and ethically, you’re good to go! 

It’s straightforward; LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are simply and specifically designed to make it convenient for members to share their data. This is meant for those leads who have advanced in your sales funnel quite a bit, so mid to bottom of the funnel.

So because these people are already interested in your business and ready to engage in a more concrete way, they can just fill out the Lead Gen Form and have their information stored in your database. 📝

What are the benefits of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms?

We’ve gone over the most straightforward benefit which is simply how easy it is to generate leads on LinkedIn with Lead Gen Forms, but it doesn’t stop there!

Indeed, there are quite a few other benefits to developing these forms:

  • Time savings: Ah yes, the ever-precious time. Lead Gen Forms will save you a lot of it! They make it so it takes a lot less time and effort to collect leads from LinkedIn.
  • Simplified data collection: Since leads are coming to you instead of you outreaching to them, it’s much easier to collect data. Plus, since their LinkedIn profile is pre-filled into the form, it saves you time from manually inputting their contact information.
  • Accurate data: LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are connected directly to each lead’s profile. Since LinkedIn is getting ever so strict with its identification practices, you can be sure that the contact information and data you get are accurate
  • Lead quality: As mentioned earlier, since the contact form is pre-filled with accurate data from their LinkedIn profile, you’ll be sure to get quality leads.

In short, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms make it easy to generate high-quality leads, simplify the lead generation process, and save time for both you and your prospects.

By using them strategically, you can improve conversions, accuracy, and lead quality, leading to more meaningful conversations and ultimately, more business.

How to create LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms?

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, let’s dive into how exactly you can create and use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

Creating a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form is actually quite simple. Let’s check out how to do just that step by step!

Step 1: Go to your company’s admin view

It’s very important to note that in order to create and edit a LinkedIn Lead Gen From, you need Super Admin access to your LinkedIn company page.

Once you have that, simply go to your LinkedIn company page and make sure you’re viewing it as an Administrator.

Super Admin View

Step 2: Head to the leads section

  • Scroll and find the “Analytics” tab
  • Click on “Leads”, this is where you’ll find all your Lead analytics
  • Click on “Add lead gen form”

This process can also be done from the “Edit Page” button on the left-hand column of your company page.

Simply scroll down > Edit Page > Leads > Lead gen form

Step 3: Create and customize your lead gen form

Once you click on “Add lead gen form”, you’ll have to fill out the details of the template.

At this point, it’s also important to note that your company website has a Privacy Policy page. This is important because it will be linked in the Lead Gen Form. Then all you have to do is:

  • Choose your call-to-action from the dropdown list
  • Agree to LinkedIn page terms
  • Write your headline with a maximum of 50 characters
  • Write your body copy with a maximum of 200 characters
  • In the end, you’ll see a preview of the lead form
Details of the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form

And that’s it! All that’s left for you is to save the changes you made. Once you do that, LinkedIn will ask you if you want to make a post to promote your Lead Gen Form.

You can then publish the post or choose to schedule it for a later time, whichever suits you best.

And that’s how you create a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form! Easy, right? 💪

That said, in the next section, we’ll dive into how you can go further with your Lead Gen Forms with the use of a couple of other tools.

So stay right where you are, and let’s explore how to take LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to the next level! 🚀

Go further with your LinkedIn lead generation with LaGrowthMachine:

If you’re looking to take your LinkedIn lead generation game to the next level, for the more advanced users among you, then LaGrowthMachine is perfect for you!

LaGrowthMachine is a multichannel sales automation tool that helps supercharge your sales department.

You use it to streamline basically everything when it comes to your sales pipeline! This goes from your LinkedIn lead generation efforts to nurturing and qualifying your prospects.

In this part, we’ll go over how you can pull leads from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and follow up with them directly using a LaGrowthMachine campaign using a simple combo: LaGrowthMachin+Zapier=💖

zapier: lgm + linkedin lead gen forms

Step 1: Log into LaGrowthMachine and connect your accounts

Simple, easy, and free for the first 14 days! LaGrowthMachine is the perfect sales automation tool for those looking to get improve their performance. I’ll let the video do the talking for me:

LaGrowthMachine: The Only Tool You Need for Sales

Once you’ve created your account, all you need is to connect your identity to the channels you want to use LaGrowthMachine with.

lgm connect channels to  identity

We always recommend you use at least one other channel with your LinkedIn outreach. This boosts your lead generation by up to 3.5 times!

Step 2: Create a new campaign and audience

You can either choose one of the hundreds of templates we have or create your own custom campaign from scratch.

Here’s an example of a recent campaign I ran. Nothing too fancy, just simple LinkedIn outreach along with an email follow-up in case they don’t answer.

real campaign example
LaGrowthMachine Sequence Example

You can see that I start by adding the lead as a connection on LinkedIn and I wait 4 days for them to accept. If they don’t, I reach out to them by email.

And since every campaign needs an audience, I simply create one where I will add the leads I got from my LinkedIn Lead Gen Form and link it to my sequence!

Step 3: Connect your lead source with Zapier

Now, this is where it gets interesting. LaGrowthMachine has many native integrations, chief among them is Zapier. We’ll simply create a Zap that pulls leads from LinkedIn and adds them to your LaGrowthMachine sequence.

So, here’s what you have to do:

  • Create a new Zap
  • Choose the trigger app as LinkedIn Ads and the event: New Lead Gen Form Response
  • Connect your LinkedIn Ads account
  • Create the action: Create a Lead in an Audience in LaGrowthMachine
  • Connect your LaGrowthMachine account
  • Choose which audience to add the lead
  • You can test the action to make sure everything is in order
  • Hit continue and Publish the Zap!

And there you have it! Once you add the leads, LaGrowthMachine will automatically enrich their data as the campaign runs and all that’s left for you to do is adapt your copywriting and close the deal!

So what are you waiting for? Try LaGrowthMachine today and see how you can save time on your lead generation efforts. Let us help you supercharge your sales pipeline!

Happy automating! 😉