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Contact your leads wherever they are active and get 3.5x more replies!

Duplicate mgmt, blacklist, advanced tracking…

Precise data, to take smart decisions.

CRM synchronization, Zapier, Webhooks, APIs…



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The best alternative to Lemlist

Looking to only automate your email prospecting? Then Lemlist is a fine option for you.


But if you want to generate 3.5x more opportunities, you need to switch to true multichannel prospecting (LinkedIn, Email, Twitter) using La Growth Machine.

No credit card required

4 good reasons
to choose La Growth Machine over Lemlist.

But there are many others….

Simple & Cost-effective

The all-in-one prospecting solution

To use Lemlist for prospecting, you will need to find leads, enrich them to find their emails and connect it all together. You could do this using Phantombuster (to scrape), Dropcontact (to find business emails) and zapier (to glue everything together), for example.

With La Growth Machine, save time on setup, but also money: everything is included in the price, and will always be.

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Always one step ahead.

La Growth Machine was the first 100% multi-channel prospecting tool. Now even Lemlist has to get on board.


We’re now the only solution capable of automating LinkedIn voice messages AND personalizing them on a massive scale with AI.

Voice messages on LinkedIn generate on average 2x more responses. The reason ?


Their ability to create SURPRISE in the contact. Voice + authenticity = hard to believe that they can be automated, and yet…


La Growth Machine allows you to integrate voice messages into your prospecting sequences. A real way to stand out and generate more conversations.

Automating voice messages is great, and it works! But what if we went even further?


La Growth Machine now allows you to personalize the intro message of your voice message, thanks to LGM Voice AI.

Exclusive feature

Simple and centralized multichannel messaging

Do you work with both LinkedIn and Email? Great, so do we 😎. Therefore, we built the first messaging platform that brings together all your LinkedIn and Email conversations.

Tired of having to switch between your LinkedIn and your email inboxes ?


La Growth Machine’s Inbox offers a practical and efficient solution:


All your conversations are grouped by leads, in a single screen.

Sort your messages by status or campaign, and easily locate leads to follow up with. Everything is at your fingertips for time efficiency!

Are you often faced with recurring questions?  


La Growth Machine’s Inbox saves you time by using canned response templates.


You can access your LinkedIn and Email templates at any time and share them with your team members.

Train your new salespeople with real-life cases and keep an eye on their conversations! 


You can access your colleagues’ LinkedIn messages and emails and take over while they are out of the office.

Requested by Experts

Advanced CRM sync

Lemlist will only sync leads you have emails for in HubSpot. But what about the 58% of leads whose emails you don’t have?

None of them will be synchronized.


With La Growth Machine, they will.

Lemlist is an emailing tool trying to add LinkedIn features. And this is visible in the CRM management! To synchronize leads with your CRM, it must have an email. So, you have to choose between:

  • Adding a fake email and polluting your CRM
  • Choosing not to synchronize the leads you talk to through LinkedIn

Think about it, there is no good solution…

Well, there is one now: Switch to La Growth Machine.

What do you look for in a CRM sync?


Option 1: Lemlist generates notes in your CRM.


Option 2: La Growth Machine creates events for each prospection action (sent and received messages, connection request approvals, etc.), which can be used to trigger CRM actions, automatically enriching leads with the latest LinkedIn info, etc.


The choice is yours.

Generous limits

Lemlist offers enrichment and AI-generated messages. But you’ll soon be limited to a month without buying additional tokens.


At La Growth Machine, we really do give you the means to succeed.

Lemlist offers enrichment through tokens.

  • With 5 tokens, you can find a verified email address
  • With 2 tokens, you can enrich a LinkedIn profile
  • With 1 token, you can verify an existing email.
  • So much for the headache of figuring out how many emails you can enrich each month.

With La Growth Machine, forget about tokens. Our enrichment is truly unlimited, unlimited email enrich as well as unlimited LinkedIn enrichment and more.

With Lemlist, it’s through tokens again:
  • 50 tokens generate 1 campaign with AI.
  • 10 tokens generate 1 icebreaker with AI.
That means you’ll need to calculate carefully how to spend them between enrichment and AI. With La Growth Machine’s PRO plan, you get 100 AI generated messages per month. More than enough to test and iterate your different messages.

Lemlist VS La Growth Machine

How would you call it a fair comparison without a detailed description of the features of each solution?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve compiled for you.



Professional email enrichment

Add-on tokens

LinkedIn enrichment

- Professional Email
- Personal Twitter Account
- Personal Email
- Mobile Phone Number

Learn more here
Lemlist allows you to enrich your listings using their extension. Be careful, this enrichment is risky and can be detected by LinkedIn.


Advanced branch conditions

With LaGrowthMachine, create custom sequences using condition branches. Here are some examples of conditions that can trigger the right actions: is a contact, has property, email clicked, has pro email... and many more to discover 😉

Email automation

LinkedIn Automation (Invite, DM)


LinkedIn voice messages automation

BETA: Personalizing Linkedin voice messages with AI New

Ready-to-use sequences

Custom sequences

Variables available

Variables that can be used in messages to personnalize your outreach.
24 available variables
9 available variables

A.I. Assisted Copywriting New

Copywriting & personalisation are keys for a great outreach campaign.

No inspiration? Use our A.I. based on ChatGPT to generate specific outreach messages (cold email, linkedIn DMs) and increase your reply rate!
100 per month (starting from the PRO plan)
Add-on tokens

Lead Management

Import leads from LinkedIn

Lemlist allows you to enrich your data using their extension. Warning: this enrichment method is risky and may be detected by LinkedIn.

Import leads from Sales Navigator

Import leads from a CSV file

Custom fields



LinkedIn + Email (Available on the PRO plan)

Lead Qualification New

Starting from the PRO plan

Team management

Read-only contributors

Up to 25 slots for free

Workspaces / Agency mode

Coming soon

Analysis and reporting

Email opens, clicks and replies tracking

LinkedIn tracking (connection requests, visits, messages)

Real-time lead activity tracking

Campaign report


Email Providers

Gmail, Outlook, SMTP
Gmail, Outlook, SMTP

Native CRM synchronization

Hubspot, Pipedrive
Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce

Choice of CRM synchronisation trigger

Zapier integration


Free and unlimited

Email deliverability

Domain warm-up

Custom domain

SPF/DKIM check

Customer service

Email and chat support

What about the price?

Use our price simulator to estimate the price of each solution for yourself depending on your needs.

Your needs




All-in-one Automation
Automate everything, from linkedin import to CRM sync, including email and LinkedIn message automation
Qualify your Leads
Import from LinkedIn
CRM Sync

*and not a penny more.

All-in-one solution
Multichannel outreach:
LinkedIn, Email and Twitter
Advanced customization of messages and sequences (AI)
Centralized Inbox
LinkedIn + email

*Some prices are in dollars ($) and
others in euros (€). Totals may vary.

Here's the maths behind:
Lemlist license : 99
You need to pay Lemlist tokens: +0
PhantomBuster license : +59
You need a Zapier account for the integration : +19 (+ the human time required to set up automations)

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