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Email, phone, twitter, LinkedIn… We find it all!

Contact your leads wherever they are active and get 3.5x more replies!

Duplicate mgmt, blacklist, advanced tracking…

Precise data, to take smart decisions.

CRM synchronization, Zapier, Webhooks, APIs…



Alternative to

The best alternative to Waalaxy

Waalaxy is a basic solution that’ll fit a novice’s needs but can quickly become limiting.


‍La Growth Machine helps beginners and experts alike ramp up their multichannel prospecting.

No credit card required

4 good reasons
to choose La Growth Machine over Waalaxy.

And still there are plenty more.

Better for emails. For LinkedIn too.

Waalaxy is an interesting solution to automate your linkedin prospection, but it lacks too many features for cold emailing.

‍La Growth Machine is better on all fronts.

With Waalaxy, you can send basic plain text emails.


With LaGrowthMachine, create engaging, personalized emails by adding images, GIF, video, signature, links, etc. and engage in more meaningful conversations.

Viewing profiles, sending contact requests, leaving a message… these basic features are available in both solutions.

Impress your prospects by incorporating a LinkedIn voice message into your sales sequence with LaGrowthMachine. Users of this feature typically receive 2x more replies on average!


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Waalaxy reporting:
❌ Very basic, campaign-based reporting.
❌ No tracking of email open, click, or bounce rates

At La Growth Machine, we understand that analytics are fundamental to understanding performance, providing you with all the email and LinkedIn metrics you need to succeed:

✅ Detailed reporting by campaign and by LinkedIn and Email messaging
✅ Track your email performance: open, click and bounce rates

More personalization = More engagement

The essence of prospecting is to make it automated without it being apparent. Personalizing your approach is crucial to your success.

La Growth Machine fully understands this.

There is no perfect sequence. Only one that is tailored to your target.

Each target is different and requires a personalized approach.

  • ❌ Waalaxy provides you with many templates but you are unable to create your own sequences.


  • ✅ At La Growth Machine, we provide you with both options! Choose a ready-to-use template or customize your approach by building your own multichannel prospecting sequences with a visually appealing, easy-to-use (drag-and-drop) sequence builder.

A generic message is unlikely to convert.

Every successful salesperson knows it: Copywriting and personalizing your messages are key to successful prospecting.

  • ❌ Waalaxy provides you with 3 basic variables: {{lastname}}, {{firstname}} and {{company_name}}. A bit light, don’t you think?

  • ✅ La Growth Machine offers no less than 24 unique variables to further personalize your messages and engage in conversation more easily.

One fixed price. Everything included.

Waalaxy seems inexpensive at first. But pay attention to the details, the bill could turn out to be much higher…


‍LaGrowthMachine offers a fixed price, with no hidden costs.


Waalaxy offers multichannel campaign creation in their Business plan – and it’s quite pricey! 120€ per month: that’s +40€ more than LaGrowthMachine’s Starter plan!


La Growth Machine provides multichannel in each of its packages and adapts to all budgets.

When you run multichannel campaigns, you need to find your contacts’ emails.

❌ Waalaxy limits you to 500 enriched emails per month. Beyond that, you have to buy extra credits.

✅ At LaGrowthMachine, there are no hidden fees: enrichment is UNLIMITED.

CRM synchronization is not native on Waalaxy. For each event you want to sync with your CRM, you’ll have to use a third party tool such as Zapier (or equivalent) to do that.

With LaGrowthMachine, HubSpot & Pipedrive synchronizations are native and available starting from the Business plan.

Waalaxy offers LinkedIn messaging for 20€/month. And that’s on top of your chosen subscription. Need we say more?

LaGrowthMachine’s multichannel messaging (LinkedIn + Email) is included (at no extra cost) in all our plans.

Exclusive feature

Simple and centralized multichannel messaging

Do you work with both LinkedIn and Email? Great, so do we 😎. Therefore, we built the first messaging platform that brings together all your LinkedIn and Email conversations.

Waalaxy only allows you to manage your LinkedIn conversations.  

LaGrowthMachine’s Inbox centralizes ALL your conversations and allows you to reply to each lead from a single screen.

PS: You can even send voice messages directly from your inbox, how convenient is that?

Okay, Waalaxy’s LinkedIn inbox allows you to save templates. But that’s all there is to it.

La Growth Machine’s multichannel Inbox was designed for you to save time and gain efficiency. With the Snooze feature, reminders, comments, and preset responses, you’ll be more responsive than ever. And that’s on all channels!

Waalaxy doesn’t allow you to manage another colleague’s conversation.

LaGrowthMachine does.
✅ Access your entire team’s conversations
✅ Help them better manage responses by adding comments
✅ Get better insights into your performance with qualification metrics
✅ Take over and answer for them!

Waalaxy VS La Growth Machine

How would you call it a fair comparison without the detailed description of the features of each solution?
Well, that’s exactly what we’ve done for you



LinkedIn enrichment

- Professional Email
- Personal Twitter Account
- Personal Email
- Mobile Phone Number

Learn more here

Professional email enrichment

Limited availability with the Business plan (500 emails/month)


Advanced branch conditions

With LaGrowthMachine, create custom sequences using condition branches. Here are some examples of conditions that can trigger the right actions: is a contact, has property, email clicked, has pro email... and many more to discover

Email automation

Waalaxy allows email prospecting automation but does not allow sending messages based on advanced branch conditions. Once the email is sent, it is difficult to collect any actionable data.

LinkedIn Automation (Invite, DM)

LinkedIn voice messages automation

BETA: Personalizing Linkedin voice messages with AI New

Ready-to-use sequences

Custom sequences

Variables available

24 variables available
9 variables available

Images and links in emails

A.I. Assisted Copywriting New

Copywriting & personalisation are keys for a great outreach campaign.

No inspiration? Use our A.I. based on ChatGPT to generate specific outreach messages (cold email, linkedIn DMs) and increase your reply rate!
100 per month
(starting from the PRO plan)

Lead Management

Import leads from LinkedIn

Import leads from Sales Navigator

Import leads from a CSV file

Custom fields



Multichannel (LinkedIn + Email)
(starting from the PRO plan)
LinkedIn only for 20€/month

Lead Qualification New

Starting from the PRO plan

Team management

Read-only contributors

Up to 25 slots for free


Coming soon

Analytics & Reporting

Opened emails, clicks and replies tracking

LinkedIn tracking (connection requests, visits, messages)

Real-time lead activity tracking step by step


Email Providers

Gmail, Outlook, SMTP
SMTP only

Native CRM synchronization

Hubspot, Pipedrive

Choice of the CRM sync trigger

Zapier integration


Free and unlimited
Limited availability with the Business plan (500 emails/month)

Email Deliverability

Custom domain

SPF/DKIM check

Customer service

Email and chat support

What about the price?

Use our price simulator to estimate the price of each solution for yourself depending on your needs 

Your needs






Qualify your leads
CRM sync

*and not a penny more.

All-in-one solution
Multichannel outreach:
LinkedIn, Email and Twitter
Advanced customization of messages and sequences (AI)
Centralized Inbox
LinkedIn + email

*Some prices are in dollars ($) and
others in euros (€). Totals may vary.

Here's the maths behind:
Waalaxy License : 160(800 invitations sent per month)
Inbox Add-on (LinkedIn only) : 20
You need a DropContact account for the enrichment : +29
You need a Zapier account for the integration : +19 (+the manual setup time with the webhooks)

Advice to guide you towards success

We’ve helped over 7,000 professionals launch more than 50,000 multi-channel campaigns.


Receive our tips directly within the app to help you understand how to improve your campaigns:

  • Is your audience too big? You’ll receive a notification explaining why and how to adapt it!
  • Poor opening rate? Low acceptance rate on Linkedin? We explain everything you need to know to boost your performance.