Identify and target the right prospects with LGM Finder.

Identify in one click the companies that match your ideal client profile with our turnkey ABM solution.


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Take your segmentation to the next level

It’s a fact: your audience is overwhelmed with information. It is essential to stand out! Moreover, 80% of a campaign’s success depends on segmentation and copywriting…

Refine your search by industry, size, and location to ensure you reach the people who want to hear from you. Prioritize quality over quantity and deliver the right message, to the right target, at the right time!

Why waste time with leads that don’t meet your expectations? Precisely target those who fit your ideal customer profile. The result: more relevant interactions, faster conversions, and maximum return on investment.

Focus on high-potential companies

Imagine being able to concentrate all your resources on the companies that represent the greatest growth opportunities. With ABM, it’s possible!

Identify and target high-potential companies to maximize your impact!

Looking to explore new horizons? LGM Finder is your compass for discovering new markets and industries.

Use the filters to find new targets to address and launch ultra-targeted campaigns. It’s time to turn every interaction into an opportunity!

Benefit from always up-to-date data

Rely on complete and always up-to-date data! LGM Finder uses intelligent algorithms to enrich and update contact information in real time. This ensures the relevance and compliance of the data used in your campaigns.

LGM Finder not only meets legal requirements but also places data protection at the heart of its processes. Conduct your campaigns with peace of mind, knowing that you protect your clients’ and prospects’ information responsibly.

How does it work?

Discover step by step how to use LGM Finder to take your segmentation to the next level.

Play with the filters

Search for companies that match your ideal customer profile by filtering by industry, size, or location.

Find the right contacts

Identify the right contacts within these companies and select the most relevant ones for your business.

Launch your campaign

Import all these contacts into a new dedicated audience and launch your hyper-personalized campaign.

Here's what
you can do.

Explore some practical examples of what you can do using LGM Finder.

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Identify potential markets

I can quickly identify and explore new market segments or industries to target.