Creating personas is not just another marketing buzzword, but a fundamental concept that has an impact on your company roadmaps as a whole. Personas guide your business decisions, from marketing to sales, influencing even the very product you develop.

The initial stage of persona development consists of creating Bullshit Personas– essentially an educated guess about who your customers might be. The real magic happens when you validate these assumptions by speaking with real people, be they current customers, past customers, or even prospects!

But how exactly do you go about gathering this invaluable information? Well, you have to reach out to these people! This is where La Growth Machine comes into play, particularly in our own experience with defining personas.

In this article, I’ll dive into why LGM is your best bet when it comes to validating and engaging your personae, as well as an analysis of how we -yes the company- did it! 🤓

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Why LGM is the better choice for persona-building?

Before we get into how exactly you can automate your personae-creation process, I need you to strap in and learn why LGM is the best option for you!

Persona validation:

In defining personas, LGM helped our Marketing Lead reach out to audiences she wasn’t previously aware of.

LGM broadens your network by identifying relevant leads outside your existing connections. She’s had instances where interviewees were initially indifferent about LGM but became advocates after trying it out, proving the value of engaging with your personas.

Automation = Time Savings

(LGM’s) automation is just a game-changer, cutting your outreach efforts in half.

Manually messaging people on LinkedIn to request interviews is incredibly time-consuming and is overall just a hassle. With multiple personas to research and talk to, automation becomes a godsend.

LGM not only automates the initial contact and the follow-up process, but even the small actions such as LinkedIn’s Profile Visits, etc. You’ll understand later why these are as important as the outreach itself!

The multi-channel approach and Inbox

I’ve said it time and time again, multi-channel is the superior way to go -unless you target the “offline” professions

The strategy is the following:

  • Initial LinkedIn contact.
  • Fallback on email in case of no reply on LinkedIn.

Furthermore, our multi-channel Inbox is crucial for organizing and responding to the influx of messages, especially when dealing with a large volume of leads.

Combine both of these and you make sure that no reply is overlooked, no contact falls through the cracks.

Personal Touch with Voice Messaging

And the cherry on top, LGM’s LinkedIn Voice Message Automation feature!

I’ve said time and time again, including a voice message in the LinkedIn part of your campaign just takes it up a notch.

People often appreciate the effort and personalization of a voice message, which makes them feel valued and special.

This level of personalization can make individuals feel valued and more inclined to share their experiences, thereby enhancing the overall outreach strategy.

Here’s a video showing you what you can do:

The possibilities are endless! Sign up now to take advantage of this awesome feature:

Automate your LinkedIn outreach with La Growth Machine
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How to create and engage your personae with LGM?

Now, when it comes to persona creation, validation, and outreach, we opted for one campaign per persona profile. This goes with what we’ve always preached at LGM;  a multi-channel strategy based on proper segmentation. 

The sequences are identical, only the copywriting changes based on the segment we’re targeting. For the sake of simplicity let’s take the Sales persona.

I figured instead of blabbering about each step, here’s a video that goes into the sequence and the reasoning behind each step:

Here’s the sequence:

A couple of things to note:

  • Always add a note to your LinkedIn connection request! This acts as a soft introduction to your lead/ person of interest (in this case, persona). We researched this among our clients and found that, according to the numbers, when you use LinkedIn notes, though your acceptance rate may suffer, your overall qualified call rate goes higher!
  • I opted for a Voice message for the reasons outlined earlier.👆
  • I fall back on email if LinkedIn doesn’t yield any replies. This is the power of LGM’s multi-channel capabilities in that you find the lead wherever they are most active!