Add calls to your campaigns

With La Growth Machine, intelligently combine emails, LinkedIn interactions and calls in your prospecting campaign!

Available on all plans.

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Give your interactions a human touch

Automation doesn’t mean sacrificing personalization. Each lead is unique, so is your strategy!

Calling your prospect drastically increases your chances of conversion! Let’s give a shot?

The purpose of automation is saving time on low-value tasks, not spamming your lead base with generic and unsuitable messages.

Leverage call tasks to adapt your campaign for every lead.

Take a break to call your prospect

It’s time to call your prospect! Your campaign stops, and you receive a reminder to make sure you don’t miss the call.


Once finished, the sequence resumes.

Keep your call script handy

Take a look at your script and all your lead data at any time, even in the middle of a call.


In one click, access everything you need to make your conversation successful!

How does it work?

Access the new ‘Tasks’ interface where all your manual tasks, including calls, are waiting for you.

Creating my sequence

Ajoutez une tâche de call dans votre séquence.

Launching my campaign

1… 2… et 3 c’est parti, votre campagne a démarré !

Performing manual actions

Retrouvez vos calls en attente dans l’interface dédiée ou dans votre boîte mail chaque matin.

Here's what
you can do.

Explore some practical examples of what you can do using calls in La Growth Machine.

Manual Tasks Message

Stay close to the market and my target audience

I can add calls to my campaigns to put a human touch to interactions.

Do you only believe
what you see?

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