Add hyper personalization with Custom Messages.

Personalize your messages even after your sequence has been launched. Adapt your communication for each lead based on the evolution of their needs and the most recent information.

Available from the Pro plan.

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Stand out from the crowd

Automating your prospecting does not mean losing personalization, quite the opposite.

Given the number of messages your prospects receive every day, a generic email isn’t enough to grab their attention. You need to stand out from the crowd!

The size of your market is limited, and you won’t be able to target new prospects indefinitely.

By sending too generic messages, you may compromise your reputation and miss out on great opportunities!

Make an impact from the very first message

Sending personalized messages to your prospects increases your chances of response, and enables you to build strong and durable relationships.

Show interest in your lead from the very beginning by personalizing the messages of your choice in your sequences.

When it’s time to check your message, your campaign is paused and you receive a notification for each lead involved. Make the necessary final adjustments and validate so that the sequence can resume.

Take your conversations to the next level

Let your team share their customer insights to draft a personalized approach.

This will increase your chances of getting a response and building more authentic relationships !

Converting a generic message into a personalized one is easy:

1. Choose the message you want to personalize.
2. Activate the toggle and automatically create a manual task for each lead.
3. Receive a reminder when it’s time to write your message.

How does it work?

Mix the efficiency of automation with the authenticity of manual tasks.

Creating my sequence

Choose the message to personalize in your sequence.

Launching my campaign

1… 2… 3… Go! Your campaign is underway.

Performing manual actions

Find your pending tasks in the Tasks interface or in your mailbox every morning.

Here's what
you can do.

Explore some practical examples of what you can do using custom messages in La Growth Machine.

Manual Tasks Message

Showcase my Sales team's expertise

I can create a standard message and let the Sales Team add their customer insights for a more personalized connection with the targeted audience.

Do you only believe
what you see?

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