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Our Magic Message feature harnesses the power of AI to craft compelling, personalized messages for your LinkedIn and email campaigns in just 2 minutes.

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Outbound Sales is hard.

80% of the work happens before you launched a campaign.

Segmentation and Copywriting are the two most important ingredients. But…

Copywriting is hard.
Outbound Copywriting is harder.

Writing is a skill. And writing messages to people who don’t know you is hard to learn. 


There are so many mistakes to avoid:


  • – White page syndrome
  • – Writing too much about you
  • – Being clear.
  • – Hook attention with the email subject


  • And so much more.

Depending on your sequence,
it can takes a LOT of time

If you start with a 3-emails sequence, that’s simple.

But most of the time you will use both email and linkedIn (and maybe even Twitter).


That’s as much copy to write for each and every message.

With LaGrowthMachine, Outbound Sales becomes easy.

AI Outbound Copywriting

We help you generate the right message for the right people.

All your messages generated.

In one click.

Or improve your own message.

Use best-practice in the industry.

Personalized with variables.

And have a unique message for every lead.

Describe Your
Key Features

Provide a brief overview of your product and its primary features to maximize the benefits of our Magic Messages functionality.


This description will help the AI to craft hyper-personalized sales copywriting for your campaign.

Eg : create conditionnal branches to swith to another channel if you did’nt get a reply on the first one. Get 3.5x more replies.

Eg : All in one multichannel sales outreach platform: Extract leads from Linkedin, enrich them to find their contact info (inclu. email & phone) and engage by Linkedin DM or Voice Messages, Emails or Twitter Messages.

Tailor Your Messages To Your Buyer Persona.

Magic Messages tailor your outreach effortlessly to match the specifics of your ideal buyer persona.


Personalize your communication to resonate with your target audience, maximizing your engagement and conversion rates for effective sales outreach.

Describe it with your own words including job titles, company size, industry, country… whatever seems important for you.

Eg : Sales Manager B2B SaaS.

Based on your buyer persona, you can choose which tone you want to use.


Eg: If you’re targeting startup founders, you can be a little less formal and more conversational.


La Growth Machine supports English and French for now.

Our AI has been trained with Best Practices in Mind

It has been trained with a deep focus on best practices in sales outreach. This means your copywriting messages, whether for cold emails, LinkedIn invites, LinkedIn DMs or other communication channels, are strategically crafted to adhere to proven and effective sales tactics.

100 Monthly Credits at Your Disposal

Unlock the full potential of Magic Messages with our Pro Plan, where you gain access to 100 monthly credits.


Each credit allows you to generate a message using AI.


You can supercharge your sales outreach efforts, ensuring you have the resources you need to craft compelling copy for cold emails, LinkedIn invitations, and more.

Efficient software + Expertise:
Your winning formula!

Unlock our Magic Messages feature with the PRO Plan, get 100 AI credits per month.

Send personalized, AI-generated messages that resonate with your audience and drive engagement like never before.

Generate your own

outbound messages in less

than 2 minutes with AI.

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