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Email, phone, twitter, LinkedIn… We find it all!

Contact your leads wherever they are active and get 3.5x more replies!

Duplicate mgmt, blacklist, advanced tracking…

Precise data, to take smart decisions.

CRM synchronization, Zapier, Webhooks, APIs…



Alternative to

LinkedIn + Email
Inbox: Simple and centralized​

LGM’s Inbox is the first truly multichannel messaging system.


It centralizes all your LinkedIn and Email conversations in a single view. It’s ultra-efficient to save time while managing responses!

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Manage your LinkedIn and email conversations!

The LGM inbox is the first multi-channel messaging platform (Email + LinkedIn). We promise, once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to do without it.

Tired of having to switch between your LinkedIn and your email inboxes ?

La Growth Machine’s Inbox offers a practical and efficient solution: All your conversations are grouped by leads, in a single screen.

Sort your messages by status or campaign, and easily locate leads to follow up with. Everything is at your fingertips for time efficiency!

An unexpected absence, a colleague on vacation, a permanent departure… after 48 hours without a response, an opportunity can quickly turn into a missed deal.

With the inbox, access your colleagues LinkedIn and email messages and take over while they’re away.

Seamless Lead Qualification

Qualify your leads seamlessly through your inbox conversations. LGM simplifies the lead qualification process, allowing you to categorize and prioritize prospects right from your message exchanges for a more effective workflow.


With a single click, you can determine whether it’s a successful deal, a missed opportunity, or simply a matter of bad timing.

You don’t want a reply to your cold email. You want a positive reply and that’s a big difference.


Within the Inbox you can directly qualify your leads based on your conversation. 


“It’s not the right time for me” is not a “No”!
It just means it’s not the right timing… For now.
So, in other words, think of it as “Get back to me later.”

You don’t have to qualify your leads from their first reply. 

Create a conversation with them and then decide which tag suits the best:


– Wrong timing

– Deal Won

– Deal Lost

- And more

Here’s what they think
about the LGM Inbox

“LGM Inbox allows me to filter the leads Answer to messages to all identities in one place Manage the conversations better and faster”

Joanna Milewczyk from 3yourmind

“With LGM Inbox I can manage and control the messages with one platform. Not jumping one to another”

Michael Noguera from ImpactingDigital Lda

“It's more convenient now that we can see all of the emails/linkedin messages of multiple identities in one place."

Therese Chua from Corrily

"Gain a better understanding of where my leads are in the process.”

Bryan deSilva from Improvizations

Elevate Your Workflow with Advanced Features

The Inbox has been built from day 1 with the customer experience in mind.

We added features to really improve your day-to-day workflow with your CRM, your teams.

Integrate and synchronize your conversations with your CRM system, ensuring data continuity and easy management.

Are you often faced with recurring questions? LaGrowthMachine’s Inbox saves you time by using canned response templates.


You can access your LinkedIn and Email templates at any time and share them with your team members.

Train your new rookies with real-life cases and keep an eye on their conversations!


You can access your colleagues’ LinkedIn messages and emails and take over while they are out of the office.

Effectively keep your inbox organized, providing a clutter-free environment.


This feature allows you to temporarily set aside lead conversation where you already replied and wait for their response.


Focus on active conversations now and see which conversations are waiting for your answer or need to be followed up.

Efficient software + Expertise:
Your winning formula!

Upgrade to our PRO Plan and gain access to the power of the

LinkedIn + Email Inbox.


Streamline your process by managing all your communications (from all your team) in one place while effortlessly identifying and prioritizing high-quality leads and deals.

It’s like Gmail but for Sales

conversation and for all your


No credit card required, cancel at any time.

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