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Contact your leads wherever they are active and get 3.5x more replies!

Duplicate mgmt, blacklist, advanced tracking…

Precise data, to take smart decisions.

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Performance Analysis. Comprehensive. Actionable.

Analyze your prospection campaigns, quickly identify what works, and iterate for better results.

No credit card required

Your performance at a glance.

After launching your campaign with La Growth Machine, you’ll have a dedicated dashboard to monitor your prospecting progress at a glance.

Number of emails sent, open rate, response rate via email or on LinkedIn… easily assess your campaign’s performance with just one click.


La Growth Machine offers you detailed statistics about your prospection campaign.

On LinkedIn, through Email, or on Twitter, keep an eye on each channel and your prospects’ activity.


Quickly analyze your performance and pinpoint any issues.

Step-by-step tracking

For each email sent, LinkedIn message, and Twitter DM, access the performance of each action to understand how your prospects are reacting.

The performance of each interaction (email, Out of Office email, connection request, LinkedIn or Twitter messages, etc.) with your prospects is tracked to easily identify the message that resonates with your target audience.

Every step of your sequence is analyzed, providing you with valuable insights to perfect your prospects’ journey.


For instance, identify the number of prospects who opened your second follow-up email and study their path to better understand them.

Create, Analyze, Improve.

With La Growth Machine, use campaign performance analytics to react quickly and find what works.

Optimized performance

Define the most effective strategy to engage and convert your target audience based on your previous performance.

During a campaign, some prospects have opened your emails but haven’t responded? Re-engage them effortlessly with La Growth Machine!


Filter your leads based on their activity in your previous campaigns, create a new targeted audience, and relaunch a campaign to reach out to them.


New: A response has been detected as an out-of-office email? La Growth Machine pauses the campaign for that lead and automatically reactivates it on the date indicated in the email + 3 days, giving them time to return. All of this happens automatically!

Enhance your new prospection campaigns by leveraging insights from previous ones.


Identify best practices for your target audience and apply them in your upcoming campaigns to maximize performance.


An overview of all your actions in one place

With the Reports view, you can instantly track the activity of your account, assess the performance of your campaigns, and monitor your team’s achievements.


Try different approaches, keep the most effective one.

Want to test different outreach techniques on a specific target?


Launch multiple prospection campaigns and use the Reports view to compare various campaigns.


Conduct your own experiments and find the strategy that suits you best.

Identify your team's top-performing campaigns.

Want an overview of your sales team’s campaigns? Extend the successful campaigns of your top salespeople to the entire team?


Don’t navigate blindly anymore, the Reports view allows you to see your team’s performance in one place and identify best practices.

Efficient software + Expertise:
Your winning formula!

We’ve assisted over 10,000 professionals in launching more than 70,000 multichannel campaigns. While our core expertise lies in automation, our team of experts is always close by to lend a hand!

They share the best practices for campaigns, offer writing advice, insights on strategy, and even guidance on segmentation.