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Contact your leads wherever they are active and get 3.5x more replies!

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Precise data, to take smart decisions.

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2x more replies with LinkedIn Voice Messages !

The secret to messages that work best on LinkedIn? The voice ! Humanize your prospecting thanks to voice messages, and boost the performance of your campaigns.

Personalize your voice messages on a large scale with LGM Voice AI! You will love it.

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A world exclusive, no less.​

If you’re looking to increase your response rate to engage more conversations, Voice Messages are your winning ticket.

La Growth Machine is the only platform capable of automating them AND personalizing them on a large scale, thanks to LGM Voice AI.

Voice messages on LinkedIn generate on average 2x more responses. The reason ? Their ability to create SURPRISE in the contact. Voice + authenticity = hard to believe that they can be automated, and yet…


La Growth Machine allows you to integrate voice messages into your prospecting sequences. A real way to stand out and generate more conversations.

Automating voice messages is great, and it works! But what if we went even further?


La Growth Machine now allows you to personalize the intro message of your voice message, thanks to LGM Voice AI.

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Receive a personalized voice: experiment your leads' experience!

Voice Messages + AI : How does it work ?

Voice messages will explode your response rates. And with LGM Voice AI, you will be able to personalize them on a large scale!

Write your custom Introduction

Write your message including custom variables, such as the lead’s first or last name.


La Growth Machine’s AI will learn your voice & how you speak to read the custom message as if it was you. You will be amazed!

Record your Message

Record the rest of the message, that’ll be common to all your prospects.


Voice AIs are evolving very quickly: they’re impressing for short sentences, but still easily recognisable for full messages. Let’s mix humans and AI!

1 lead = 1 custom message

We will combine the two messages to personalize each message!

For each prospect, the personalized message is read by LGM Voice AI and merged with your recorded message, to combine spontaneity and personalization on a large scale.

Voice Messages are available on every plan!

Voice Messages have been so revolutionary for our campaigns that we decided to make them accessible to all of our users, regardless of their plan.

Whatever your plan, you have access to dozens of ready-to-use templates! Keep your eyes peeled, some directly integrate Voice Messages.


If these templates don’t fit your strategy, opt for a template with text messages and turn them into voice messages with a single click.

With the Ultimate plan, you can create completely custom sequences using our Sequence Builder.


Just drag and drop a “Send Voice” block into your campaign, that’s it!

Want to test Custom Voices ?

Enter your LinkedIn Profile & receive a Voice Message,
customized for you
with LGM Voice AI!