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The money is in the follow-up. Yes but how many follow-ups? And on which channels? Email or LinkedIn? Stop wasting time and get your perfect sequence generated based on your goal and target audience !

The sequence is generated
for your use-case

If your goal is to generate leads,
focus on multi-channel.

Multichannel prospecting is 3.5x more effective than a traditional email campaign. Build highly personalized multichannel sequences.

Take advantage of La Growth Machine’s years of experience. We have analyzed our clients’ best prospecting campaigns and made sequences with proven effectiveness available for you to use.

You want to recruit talents?

Focus on LinkedIn and stand out with Voice messages.

Get in touch with your target on LinkedIn by building relevant and tailored strategies thanks to our sequence generator.


Integrate voice messaging into your LinkedIn strategy
and increase your response rate by up to 40%!

You want to grow your network?
 Focus on creating conversations.

To grow your network you’ll use LinkedIn to connect with your target. 


But what about going further, instead of just sending a classic 3-DMs sequences that feels very automated.

Create a sequence that feels a lot more human by sending multiple DMs at once (just like you would do manually).

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sales sequence for free

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