You might think cold calling is an outdated approach to sales, but as we demonstrated in our previous ‘Cold Calling Techniques’ article, this can’t be further from the truth.

In fact, cold calling still has the power to drive sales for many, if not most businesses.

That said, cold calling alone is not enough, it should be the cherry on top of your multi-channel campaign cake.

This is what we explore in this article; how to integrate your cold calling with your prospecting campaign on La Growth Machine, to ensure the best outcomes for your business.

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Why integrate cold calling with your prospecting campaign?

Before we dive into the how, let’s first explore why you absolutely need to integrate your cold-calling operations with your LGM campaign.

Combining cold calling with other channels in La Growth Machine offers several advantages:

1. Differentiate yourself:

Firstly, it sets you apart from the competition. Few people use cold calling, even fewer do it well, and so using it combined with other channels represents an infinitely tiny fraction of your total competition.

2. Boost your conversion rates:

The second advantage of cold calling is that you don’t necessarily do it at the very beginning. As a result, when you call, the lead isn’t so cold anymore.

This approach significantly boosts your conversion rates compared to a cold call-only strategy.

3. Amplify your credibility:

And last but not least, it lends credibility to your lead generation campaigns.

The whole point of doing multi-channel is to make your prospecting seem not automated and feign human interaction.

So, including the lead in an LGM sequence works. In fact, it’s like leveraging each channel more and more.

You’ll increase your conversion rate by X percent if you use cold calling compared to if you don’t. If you do it within a multichannel approach, it’s even more effective, and so on.

The best multi-channel campaign to use for your cold calling:

As we said earlier, cold calling your lead comes last in the chain of events.

This means that you have to set up a multi-channel campaign for them before even thinking about making the call.

Not just any campaign, however; you need something that is both engaging and has enough touchpoints to make it seem like your approach is personalized. Here’s what one of our favorites looks like:

Generic Cold Calling Campaign

Let’s break it down!

  • Step 1 – Profile Visit: By now, you know our ways, we constantly start with a profile visit! It makes the whole process much more human-like. Think of it as a soft introduction so that the lead check out your profile or at the very least, have an idea of your name and title.
  • Step 2.1 – “Is a contact?”: Next, you check if the lead is already a connection. This makes it so if they are, you can simply end the sequence there, and call them directly.
  • Step 2.2 – Add lead as a connection: If they’re not in your LinkedIn network, this is where the sequence really begins; you add them as a LinkedIn connection. Make sure you leave an appropriate amount of time for the lead to accept your request.

Scenario 1: Lower branch:

As you can see, the campaign splits at the point of “Add as relation”, let’s explore the lower branch first:

  • Step 3 – Lead accepts: Once the lead accepts your request, you visit their profile once more, then you wait for a day or two. Only after that do you send your first message.
  • Step 4 – If no reply: The sequence continues only if the lead doesn’t reply. In this case, you go again with yet another profile visit -to, again, remind them of who you are. Immediately after, you send a voice message!
  • Step 5 – Last LinkedIn message: If they still haven’t replied within a week (or whatever you deem appropriate), you send them one last message on LinkedIn saying something along the lines of:

I haven’t heard back from you, maybe you’re either busy or on vacation right now.

But if you’re interested in {2-sentence pitch to show how what you’re offering solves their pain point}

Well {you know where to find me | let me know | I’m available to talk about it}

  • Step 6 – Email: If you still receive no answer from your lead, this is where you switch channels and try to reach them on email. That’s the power of multi-channel, you miss no opportunities!

Scenario 2: Upper branch:

Here we see what happens if the lead doesn’t accept your connection request:

  • Step 3 – Profile Visit: Self-explanatory, you do this for the same reasons outlined above.
  • Step 4 – Send email: Since you have no other way of reaching your lead, you send an email mentioning the actions you took on the LinkedIn front.
  • Step 5 – Wait and “Is a contact?”: If you still have no reply, you wait for a week or two for them to accept your connection request. Then you check whether they did or not.
  • Step 5.1 – If Lead doesn’t accept: The sequence ends here, you’ve tried everything you can… Or did you? Read on to see what to do next. 😉
  • Step 5.2 – If Lead accepts: Well, then you run them through scenario 1.

And that’s it! You now have a blueprint of the perfect multi-channel campaign to integrate with your cold calling on La Growth Machine!

Cold calling as a last resort:

Sometimes leads just don’t respond anywhere. They’re either busy, on vacation, not interested, etc. Whatever the case may be, a solid approach would be to call them directly! Here is where you really leverage the human element and your soft skills as a salesperson:

– You: “Hello {{firstname}}. It’s been four times that I’ve tried to contact you on LinkedIn and through email. I really want to meet you. I don’t know if you’ve seen my messages.”

If they say:

– Lead: “No, I haven’t seen anything’

– You: “Alright, I see.”

Lead: “And why do you want to meet me?”

– You: “Okay, let me explain…” (followed by your pitch).

Boom! They’re hooked!

If they say:

– Lead: “Yes, I did see it.”

– You: “So, what’s going on?”

Here you try to dig deep and find out why they haven’t responded.

– Lead: “Actually, I thought this was an automated sequence, you know, I get like 15 of these a day…”

Boom! They’re hooked!

Now they see there’s a real person on the other end. It’s a much easier way in for you because they clearly see that you’ve put in effort, and it feels more human.

Final Thoughts:

Though cold calling should be reserved for the latter part of your prospecting sequence, you can still use it as a last resort and get great results.

Before you make that call, however, it’s important to set up a strong multi-channel campaign for your lead that includes emails, voice messages, profile visits, targeting prospects who are already somewhat familiar with your outreach.

Your segmentation and personalization are the most crucial in cold calling. That said, we have one last ingenious nugget for using common names to create highly personalized voice messages:

On that note, we can say that cold calling is still a viable option, but you need to be careful and use it tastefully.

The success of any outreach campaign lies in the combination of human interaction and technology.

By optimizing your process and leveraging automation, you will maximize your chances of getting through to leads with great results!

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Happy cold calling! 📞