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Automate your sales prospecting routine and save time with La Growth Machine! We help you create more conversations that convert.

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Engage with your leads wherever they are.

Multichannel prospecting is 3.5x more effective than a traditional email campaign. Build highly personalized multichannel sequences with La Growth Machine.

LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter. Automate your prospecting and diversify your points of contact to reach your target in the least amount of time!


Is your prospect not responding to your LinkedIn request?


Send them an email.


Did they not answer your email?


Try tweeting them. Find the best way to get in touch and increase your chances of success!


Multichannel is 3.5 times more effective than a traditional email campaign. So, what are you waiting for? Try it out!

With our turnkey templates, take advantage of La Growth Machine’s years of experience.


We have analyzed our clients’ best prospecting campaigns and made sequences with proven effectiveness available for you to use.


Whether it’s a single or multichannel sequence, you will certainly find the one that fits your strategy.

Discover LGM AI Voice Messages

Automated sales prospecting is great, but let’s not forget the human touch.


With our {{custom variables}}, maximize your message personalization and get more responses.


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Reach your target on LinkedIn

With La Growth Machine, get in touch with your target on LinkedIn by building relevant and tailored strategies thanks to our specialized features.

Discover LGM AI Voice Messages


voice messages

Integrate voice messaging into your LinkedIn strategy and get up to 2x more replies!

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You’re in good hands!

La Growth Machine is a reliable automated prospecting solution that takes good care of its users’ account health.

Securing your social accounts

LinkedIn can easily detect chrome extensions. This is not the case with our dedicated desktop application.

Simulating human intervention

The time between each action is randomly set to mimic human behavior. 

Daily and weekly limits

Manually set limits on the number of emails, messages, and connection requests sent per day. 

Connect with all your leads
(at last)!

On average, only half of all leads are contacted and for good reason: they have no email addresses, they don’t accept LinkedIn invitations, etc.
La Growth Machine has the solution with our condition branches!

You won't find the emails of 40% of your prospects.

On average, the rate of email enrichment on lead lists is 60%.

  • ❌ Without branch conditions, you lose almost half of your leads.


  • ✅ The “has Pro Email?” condition lets you know if the lead has been enriched with a pro email and in case of absence to engage them through a different channel.

70% of your leads will not accept your LinkedIn connection request

On average, only about 30 to 40% of your prospects will accept a LinkedIn invitation.


  • ❌ Without branch conditions, prospects who declined your invitation will never be engaged.


  • ✅ The “Is A Contact?” condition allows you to create sequences based on the level of relationship with the prospect.

Automation ≠ Generic
Every lead is unique.
Your strategy should be too.

Create hyper-personalized sequences and messages and capture your audience’s attention for a greater number of opportunities.

Unleash New Strategies with La Growth Machine

Build your own multichannel sequences simply with the La Growth Machine sequence builder. 

Ready-made templates not quite your style?

Looking to craft sequences that align perfectly with your strategy?

You’re in the right place!


La Growth Machine empowers you to effortlessly create your own sequences in a matter of minutes using our Sequence Builder.


Simply drag and drop action blocks and build endless new sequences.

Adapt to your target and the data you have on them.


The advanced conditions are at your disposal to create complex prospecting sequences to engage all of your prospects.

Want to go even further?

Use the Webhook block in your sequences, synchronize your leads to your CRM, and much more…


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Efficient software + Expertise:
Your winning formula!

We’ve assisted over 10,000 professionals in launching more than 70,000 multichannel campaigns. While our core expertise lies in automation, our team of experts is always close by to lend a hand!

They share the best practices for campaigns, offer writing advice, insights on strategy, and even guidance on segmentation.

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what you see?

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