If you’re looking to reach out to new leads, there are several channels to do so, such as emails, phone calls, and social media… or alternatively, you can use them all together – spoiler alert.

Nevertheless, in this post, we’re going to talk about Email Outreach, which still, is one of the most well-known, cost-less, and effective methods to get in touch with prospects.

What is Email Outreach? What are the benefits of using email outreach for prospecting? How to do so?

As an overview of this post, we’re first going to define what Email Outreach is and why you should get into it.

Then, we’ll go through the different technics to do effective email outreach, and finally, we’re going to give you a specific workflow that we – at LaGrowthMachine – built from scratch to get the most out of this channel.

What is Email Outreach?

Email Outreach is defined as the simple action of sending emails to people in order to reach out to them and start or follow up with a conversation.

Generically speaking, Email Outreach can be used by people in marketing or sales for many purposes such as advanced lead generation, content promotion, link-building, etc…

But when it comes to B2B sales, Email Outreach is mostly used in order to contact your leads.

By knowing so, there are different types of Email Outreach:

1. Cold Email Outreach: this is when you are trying to reach out for the very first time to a prospect that doesn’t know about your company.

2. Warm Email Outreach: in this case, you either have been in touch with the person before or had an introduction from someone else.

Depending on the type of your Email Outreach, you may need to tailor various elements such as copywriting, CTA’s, subject lines, and objectives.

What are the Benefits of Using Email Outreach for Prospecting?

As said earlier, Email Outreach is a technique that can be used for many operations – including non-professional ones.

In this post, we’re going to focus only on sales email outreach with the detailed benefits you can get from it:

  • Objective 1: Generating qualified leads;
  • Objective 2: Nurturing leads already in the pipeline;
  • Objective 3: Following up with your leads;
  • Objective 4: Closing more deals (= increasing sales).

Objective 1: Generating Qualified Leads

This is the most encountered situation and perhaps the one that intrigues people the most.

The idea here is to send sales emails to people that have never heard of you.

The conversion rate with this sales method is quite low, as it is less than 1% according to breakcold.com.

However, if you’re practicing mass email sending coupled with few copywriting skills, you can upgrade this number to 4 or 5 percent.

For example, when sending 1000 emails, you’ll go from 10 new customers to 50!

Mass email sending can be pretty time-consuming, though.

But if you use a sales automation tool such as LaGrowthMachine, you can send an unlimited amount of sales outreach emails in a few clicks! And if you’re using a multichannel sequence (LinkedIn + Email i.e.) you can get your campaign conversion rate up to 50%!

Objective 2: Nurturing Leads Already in Pipeline

Email outreach can also help you reach out to leads that are already in your pipeline and nurture them further down the funnel.

This part is also called ” drip campaigns” (if they’ve already been in touch with your company or your services) as it involves sending an automated sequence of emails to warm leads.

When someone isn’t prepared to buy right away, it is crucial to nurture them until they are ready. Indeed, Outreach Emails are an effective technique to achieve this kind of goal.

Objective 3: Following up with your leads

Email Outreach is also used to follow up with your leads to make sure they are taking the exact path you want them to take.

Remember: only 1% of your leads will get converted in an Email Outreach strategy!

Result of one of our campaign

By sending 2-3 follow-up emails, you can drastically improve your conversion rate with minimal effort.

Once again, you can do this pretty easily if you’re using LaGrowthMachine. You can even set up the time you want to wait between two outreach emails.

Our advice is to stop sending follow-up emails after 4 attempts (using different channels to be more effective).

Objective 4: Closing More Deals

Indeed, the main objective behind all the previous ones – and email outreach itself – is to increase your sales by closing more deals.

This final type of email outreach is maybe one of the most important, as it requires a bit of a fin copywriting and good sales skills.

The idea here is to combine all the elements we’ve discussed so far (introduction email, follow-up emails, etc.) and write a final, convincing sales email that will make sure your leads turn into customers.

In this final stage, you’ll need to be clear about the goal of your outreach campaign (closing deals) and use persuasive language to increase the chance to close your deal. Sometimes, your leads will need a little something to help them go from leads to clients.

Now that we’ve gone through the different objectives of sales email outreach, we’ll focus on the method itself and explain to you how to write great emails!

How to write the best email outreach?

In this paragraph, we’re going to give you actionable tips to write the best email outreach and get a better conversion rate.

To do it, you’ll need to follow our creation tutorial step by step:

1. Define your audience;

2. Write a great subject line;

3. Place an icebreaker;

4. Mention a CTA;

5. Highlight your signature.

6. Respect copywriting best practices;

Let’s start with it.

Step 1: Define your audience

Here at LaGrowthMachine, we strongly believe that targeting and segmenting your audience is responsible for up to half your success.

It is actually more advantageous to distribute your email campaign to a smaller list of contacts than it is to send it out to a much larger one, as a too-large one would suggest that targeting hasn’t been done well.

Lead management using LaGrowthMachine

You can visit our blog post about targeted leads to learn how to do it.

When working in B2B, either an email address database already exists or must be crafted using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

To ensure a successful targeting endeavor, it’s essential to carefully contemplate what criteria should be the primary focus:

  • First Name / Last Name;
  • Job Title;
  • Company;
  • Website;
  • Industry;
  • Age;
  • etc…

Once you’ve defined your targeting criteria, you’ll be able to create clusters to send your email outreach campaigns.

Each campaign will be different depending on the targeted clusters.

Step 2: Write a catchy subject line

Sounds basic to you?

Still, many companies didn’t get it yet… That’s why we wanted to talk to you about this today.

Email subject lines are the first thing your leads are going to see when receiving your email outreach.

Always be mindful that many people are vying for the same attention. What makes you think your lead is going to open your email instead of your competitor’s?

Email subject lines are going to make the difference.

Simple Email subject line

To create a good email subject line, it is better to:

  • Use a question: according to userguiding.com, subject lines that are questions get a 10% better open rate than normal ones.
  • Place the name of someone your lead might know personally in your subject: this is a psychological trick we’ve been testing email outreach campaigns for LaGrowthMachine, and we’ve seen that half of our recipients not only opened the email but answered us!
  • Use numbers or stats: stats are like triggers for the recipient; they want to know more… place a stat in your subject line, and you’ll make sure your email will be opened! It’s also a way to highlight the value of your offer: “Save 50% Now”. As easy as effective.

But most of all, try to look original. People are always getting the same subject lines due to marketing campaigns they’re receiving all day long, and they’re fed up with that.

What if you could get them to see something different for once?

Step 3: Place an Icebreaker

Remember, the people you’re writing to don’t know you.

If they’ve already opened your email, well done! But it’s not over yet.

You need to keep their attention until you get them to your CTA.

So how do you do it?

The first thing you need to think about when you start your email is inserting an icebreaker at the beginning: not only will it allow for a smooth transition, but also help break the awkwardness of someone reaching out to another person who doesn’t know them.

Icebreaker using the company’s lead info

How to write great icebreakers for people you don’t even know?

First, you can start by mentioning something they wrote or said and how relevant it is to the topic of your email. This could work if you’ve visited their LinkedIn account or noticed that they wrote an article on their company’s blog.

You can also mention that you come from this person you both know – a very effective one!

Or why not select a mutual interest? You can try to connect with them through shared hobbies, sports, books, tv shows, or whatever you can think of.

Two main things to ensure here: be personal and not too long.

Step 4: Place your CTA

If you’ve managed to get it through here, this means you made sure the lead opened your email, read it, and got interested in what you have to offer.

Let’s introduce your Call To Action (CTA).

In order to be optimized and to convert better, your CTA should be short, clear, and concise: no need for long sentences here! You don’t want to lose their attention after all the efforts you’ve done so far.

A CTA is like an engagement you’re getting involved in with your lead: you don’t want to waste the trust you’ve built. You need to be transparent and tell him exactly what’s going to happen after he clicks on your CTA – either it’s a link, a video, a landing page, or something else.

And it’s done. No need to be aggressive or try to bullshit your lead.

Step 5: Highlight your signature

By highlighting, we want you to understand that your name, your position, and your company will have a huge impact on the decision of your leads to click on your CTA or not.

Therefore, you should make sure to display the best signature possible.

You can save your signature as a custom attribute with LaGrowthMachine

To do so, you should have a branded signature explaining who you are and what you do, and linking back to your company’s website and social networks.

That’s the very least you can do, and that’s enough.

Step 6: Make sure your copywriting is smart and fin

The copywriting of your emails must be worked through all your email, from your subject line until your email closes.

This is probably the most important thing to check with your targeting.

There are two things you need to focus on:

  • the format: grammar, punctuation, typos, structure (do you jump the line often or not, do you add bullet points, etc…)
  • the content itself: the goal of your message but also the way you put it on the table, like the tone you’re using, the way you talk to your lead as a friend or someone you don’t know, etc…

To improve your copywriting skills, you can visit our post about email copywriting.

Free Email Outreach templates

To help you send better sales email outreach, we’re offering you three free templates you might want to use.

Be cautious to change the [field] in our emails, and also to add or remove some sentences to fit with your targeting!

Template 1

Subject: Partnership opportunity for [Company Name]

Dear {{firstname}},

I hope this email finds you well. My name is {{identity.firstname}} and I am the {{identity.jobtitle}} at {{identity.companyName}}. I recently came across your company, {{companyName}}, and was impressed with the {{custom.variable1}} you offer.

At {{identity.companyName}}, we specialize in {{identity.industry}} and I believe a partnership with your company could be mutually beneficial. I would love the opportunity to discuss a potential collaboration with you further.

Would you be available for a quick call sometime next week to discuss this opportunity in more detail? I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


Template 2

Subject: Request for quote for [Product/Service]

Hi {{firstname}},

I hope this email finds you well. My name is {{identity.firstname}} and I am the {{identity.jobtitle}} at {{identity.companyName}}.

We are currently in the process of sourcing {{custom.variable1}} for our upcoming project and I came across your company, {{companyName}}, as a potential supplier.

Could you please provide me with a quote for {{custom.variable2}} of {{custom.variable1}}? I would also appreciate if you could send over any additional information, such as lead time and payment terms, that would be helpful in our decision-making process.

Thank you in advance for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


Template 3

Subject: Request for meeting at [Industry Event]

Dear {{firstname}},

I hope this email finds you well. My name is {{identity.firstname}} and I am the {{identity.jobtitle}} at {{identity.companyName}}. I will be attending {{custom.variable1}} next month and I would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss {{custome.variable2}}.

Would you be available for a meeting at the conference? I am flexible with regards to date and time and would be happy to work with your schedule.

I look forward to potentially connecting at the event.

Best regards,


Best workflow for email outreach using LaGrowthMachine

Our tool for automating your sales workflow is probably the best solution if you want to outreach to a large number of people in a low time frame.

Right below, we’re going to explain to you how it works in 5 steps, and why you should use it as your main prospecting tool.

Step 1: Import your list of B2B leads

In LaGrowthMachine, you can import as many leads as you want from LinkedIn or CSV. You can also create your list from scratch, but that’s not how our clients aim to use it as it’s pretty long and the goal here is to save some time.

Once your leads are imported, you can create your audience (we’re assuming your targeting has already been done the way we recommended you do it).

Step 2: Create your sales campaign

Within our drag & drop system, you can easily set up in advance all the messages you want to send, from introduction emails to follow-ups.

Our software will collect the data of your leads so you can create messages with a high personalization degree (which is very important regarding copywriting).

Step 3: Ask for a campaign review

Our solution is created by sales & growth experts for sales & growth experts.

This means that our customers can ask for a campaign review anytime regarding copywriting or campaign technical setup!

lgm ask for review

Step 4: Observe & launch other email campaigns

Thanks to our reporting feature, you have access to a lot of live information.

You’ll be able to determine whether it is your introduction message or the second follow-up that makes you fail, by checking up:

Thanks to that, you can iterate and get better and better with time!

Step 5 (Bonus): Inbox Feature

Once you’ve plugged your Gmail and LinkedIn accounts into LaGrowthMachine, you can even answer your leads messages directly through LaGrowthMachine, using your accounts!

lgm inbox

All your conversations in the same place!


LaGrowthMachine is the best sales automation tool you can use to speed up your email outreach. It will do everything for you, from importing your leads to reviewing and launching your campaign.

When using LaGrowthMachine, you’ll have access to many interesting features that will definitely help you with your sales outreach.

If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use platform for email outreach, LaGrowthMachine is the perfect tool for you! Sign up now and start boosting your sales process!