If you’re in B2B, prospecting is undoubtedly part of your daily routine. Defining your targets, segmenting them, screening them, engaging them in conversation… to ultimately, close them 💪

Once you’ve cracked the code, you’re going to want to move on to Phase 2: Scaling it all up. And for this step, you’re going to have to formalize your approach, and therefore :

  • use a CRM so that your entire team is in sync, knows what to do, who to call etc.
  • use a prospecting tool that will help you scale your campaigns, while maintaining good reply rates.

If you’re like our users, chances are you’re using HubSpot as your CRM.

Good news 🥳 with La Growth Machine, we’ve created an extensive integration with HubSpot, which will help you scale your prospecting actions, while maintaining an ideal level of precision to have all the key information in your CRM, without changing your habits.

Synergies between La Growth Machine and HubSpot

La Growth Machine integrates seamlessly with HubSpot 🤝. This integration enables you to import your leads from HubSpot into La Growth Machine then update your HubSpot to show you activated leads in La Growth Machine and their activities.

In short, you’ll be able to:

  • Import HubSpot lists into La Growth Machine
  • Synchronize leads you’ve contacted from La Growth Machine in HubSpot
  • Find the latest information on your leads retrieved by LGM from LinkedIn, directly in HubSpot
  • Retrieve sent messages (email, LinkedIn), lead responses (email, LinkedIn), contact requests and acceptances (LinkedIn)… in HubSpot!
  • and trigger HubSpot workflows from your La Growth Machine activities!

But how do you do it? Read on, I’ll explain it all. 👇

Import your HubSpot lists into La Growth Machine

With this integration, you’ll be able to import your leads from HubSpot into La Growth Machine, choosing which list (fixed or dynamic) you’d like to import in order to contact them by email or on LinkedIn, in just one click.

Importing your HubSpot lists couldn’t be easier:

Here are the 3 (only) steps to Import your leads from your CRM into La Growth Machine.

1. Choose to import from CRM:

If you haven’t yet connected your HubSpot CRM, we’ll suggest you do so in just one click

2. Choose the list you want to import:

We list all the lists you’ve created from Hubspot, whether static or dynamic.

Note that the import takes place when you click on the “Import” button. If you update your lists, you can import them again later.

3. La Growth Machine imports your leads:

In order for you to engage with your leads on LinkedIn or by email, we need certain information:

  • an email address
  • a LinkedIn URL
  • or just the First and Last name of your lead and their company name

In our opinion, you shouldn’t have to juggle 10 tools to prospect effectively. Our motto: LGM makes your life easier 😇

4. LGM finds the missing info in your leads’ profiles:

If you don’t have an email or a LinkedIn URL for certain leads, La Growth Machine will find them automatically and free of charge when you start your campaign. For example, if you have :

  • Brice Maurin
  • La Growth Machine

The campaign will start by searching for his LinkedIn profile, and then his professional email address: these 2 phases are automatic and included in each of your LGM plans, even in Trial. Try La Growth Machine now!

Even better! Once your campaign has been launched, it will be synchronized with HubSpot (see next section) and we’ll automatically update your CRM with all this information!

5. LGM uniquifies your list for you:

Have you been engaging through LGM with a lead who’s already present in your HubSpot CRM? No problem! We automatically eliminate duplicates from your lead lists to avoid any errors. Your lead information is grouped together, and no previous information is lost.

You can even choose how you want to manage your duplicates:

Synchronize your leads & their La Growth Machine activity in HubSpot contact sheets

You start a sales prospecting campaign on LinkedIn or by email, send messages or LinkedIn connection requests, and start expanding your network and getting responses. Now the real sales work begins 😎.

You’ll finally be able to prove yourself by engaging in conversation, to create real opportunities.

But without CRM, you risk :

  • Having two people call the same lead.
  • Missing a reply.
  • Missing a follow-up call scheduled for 6 months from now.
  • etc.

CRM is Sales’ best friend. Their memory. The little black notebook in which they’ll jot down all the little bits of information that’ll make a big impact the day they have to call the prospect and try to close them.

And good news: if you use LGM, 100% of your leads and their activity will be automatically synchronized with your HubSpot CRM.

Lead synchronization

LGM is the most advanced multi-channel (LinkedIn & email) prospecting tool. As such, we’re always keen to make life as easy as possible for you in your prospecting: at the start of your campaigns, LGM will visit your leads’ profiles, and update their information:

We’ll also automatically retrieve their professional email address, at no extra charge.

So your leads are always up to date, thanks to LGM.

If you want to update the information in your HubSpot CRM with its updated information, nothing could be simpler: activate the CRM Sync option in your campaign settings.

As soon as a lead starts a campaign, we’ll update their record in your CRM to fill in any missing information with newly-discovered information, whether it’s their full name, company, email, LinkedIn profile, or even phone number!

Synchronizing my leads’ activities

Now that your leads have started a campaign, you want to know what’s happening with each of them:

  • the campaign has started
  • the contact has been enriched
  • their email and phone number have been found
  • a LinkedIn connection request has been sent…
  • …and finally accepted!
  • a LinkedIn message (or email) was sent
  • …and a reply was received 🥳

It’s simple, by activating La Growth Machine’s HubSpot CRM sync, you’ll have a complete view of all this information in your leads’ timeline.

But in concrete terms, what’s the point of having all this information in my CRM?

Good question 👇

Scenarios for using LGM activities in HubSpot:

Thanks to LGM’s advanced CRM synchronization, you’ll receive lots of new information about your leads:

Of the many scenarios you can envisage, I’m going to present 3, but the possibilities are endless!

In conclusion, LGM and HubSpot are like the combination of Cristiano Ronaldo & Wayne Rooney, it’s iconic!

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