As we approach the one-year anniversary of ChatGPT’s release, it’s clear that this OpenAI tool has revolutionized the world of content, and more specifically, copywriting!

In just a year, we’ve witnessed significant transformations. Yet, with these transformations come areas of ambiguity and overhyped opportunities.

AI offers the promise of utilizing the vast wealth of internet knowledge to create top-quality content, especially in prospecting and copywriting.

However, the reality is more complex. AI generates words mathematically, without understanding or assigning meaning to them.

The challenge lies in using a generalist AI for expert-level copywriting, highlighting the need for an AI with expertise in copywriting, a concept we’ve been exploring with La Growth Machine (LGM).

In this article, we will attempt to unpack this process in the context of outreach, addressing both copywriting and the role of our AI in supporting it, alongside the crucial aspect of segmentation. Because when you talk about copywriting, segmentation is a pivotal component that cannot be overlooked.

Demystifying AI:

AI can work wonders, but it can also produce (very) poor results. It’s a machine, so it’s rather straightforward and stupidly disciplined. The output you get will be as good as your input.

Furthermore, the generated message shouldn’t be seen as the final product! It’s meant to combat writer’s block and assist you in crafting better copy more efficiently than you might naturally.

You have to understand that, at its core, AI programs simply generate a sequence of words.

When we ask ChatGPT to write a prospecting email, it doesn’t just whip up a message from thin air. Instead, it looks inward into its extensive database and examines all the content related to prospecting emails.

It identifies patterns in the structure and content of these emails and then generates text that makes sense in the context of the topic.

So you can already see that AI has its limitations. Prospecting emails have a variety of purposes; is it a partnership, a link-building proposal, or driving sales? Each requires a different approach. The AI-generated emails, while helpful, do not fully account for these nuances -if at all.

This is why you have to learn how to make them do it yourself. You have to add context to your AI prompts. Lucky for you, we already do that for you at La Growth Machine! 😉

How do you use AI in La Growth Machine?

The idea behind our Magic Messages is to help individuals move from poorly crafted, lengthy, self-centered emails to a more effective format using a sort of “canvass prompt” that incorporates our prospecting best practices.

This transition boosts you from a 4/10 message to a solid 7. If you’re a prospecting newbie, this will be a much better first draft than what you would have done on your own (no offense 😅).

For outreach veterans, however, you guys are aiming for a 9, so this serves as a foundation that you’ll use to move forward.

What does that look like in practice?

In essence, for you, say a sales manager, your first cold email wouldn’t be the same as your last. It will -hopefully- contain different information.

Let’s take a simple campaign example:

It’s a simple multichannel sequence that starts with LinkedIn and uses Email as a fallback option. This is pretty much our go-to template, it’s beauty lies in its simplicity.

As you can see, all those red blocks mean that the messages haven’t been filled out yet.

After you’ve put in your audience, select your identity, etc. You now have to take care of those pesky messages:

What we do here is ask you a certain number of questions that will guide the generation of your outreach messages.

All you need to do now is generate your 7 messages and there you go! You now have a fully completed, ready-to-launch campaign:

All you have to do is review the messages, because as we said in our Utilize AI for Your Prospecting Article, never have AI speak for you or communicate without your own seal of approval:

Final Thoughts

We at LGM firmly believe that AI will change everything about prospecting. All of it, from copywriting, to segmentation, to automatic message qualification, to identifying weak signals on the lead’s website for a better lead scoring method.

We acknowledge that at any point in the outreach lifecycle, AI will help out immensely… eventually.

For now, our first and most natural use of AI is in copywriting, particularly to assist those who are hit with Writer’s Block.

Nevertheless, Magic Messages is but the beginning! As I mentioned earlier, we have a new feature that just came out: Personalized Voice Messages!

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you try it out ASAP!

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