Whether you’re new to sales prospecting or you’ve been doing it for years, we sometimes forget to step out of our usual ways. This may be especially true for 2021 in how we’ve adjusted to networking digitally over the past year.

What exactly is Sales Prospecting?

As a salesperson, you’ll need to be constantly finding new ways and new people to introduce your product or service to. Even still, in essence, prospecting is you building relationships with new people to develop ways to benefit each other.

For one person it could mean going door to door and introducing them to a new vacuum. For another, it could mean building relationships and having them come to you when they need you.

Whatever your definition, ultimately getting a sale is one of the goals. 

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Sales Prospecting Method #1: LinkedIn

One of the best ways to prospect is by using the biggest user-maintained database in the professional universe: LinkedIn. People are generally on this social media platform to connect with other professionals. Use Linkedin prospecting the way it should be used.

LGM LI message flow

On LaGrowthMachine (LGM), you can create a plan to visit and enrich your contacts with their information so you can reach out to them where they are. You can include everything you’d like to know like first name, last name, gender, email, Twitter, and even their phone number! Creating the right strategy will help you connect with more people efficiently and quickly.

view and enrich LI profiles

LinkedIn message template

Hi {{firstname}},

I saw you on the [event attendees list, webinar, etc] and would love to connect because [I also work for the industry, I am looking to expand my network, I thought we might be able to help one another in our businesses, etc]. 

I look forward to your response,


Sales Prospecting Method #2: Emailing 

A classic method in its own right, emailing is still one of the top ways to contact a prospect. Once you’re able to reach out to someone directly to their inbox, you’ll essentially have their undivided attention. This is an important aspect when trying to both catch their attention and connect with them.

The following workflow sequence is one of LGM’s sales automation templates for how long you should wait between emails and how many to send.

email workflow

Email message template

Here’s an example of an email with how to use content (preferably your own company’s) to discuss their pain point:

Hi {{firstname}},

I am doing some research in the {{industry}} and found that {{pain point}} is one of the biggest challenges in this market.

Is this a challenge for you also?

I have an interest in this market so I thought I would share this {{linked content}} explaining {{pain point}} as I thought it may be beneficial.

If you would like to have a chat with me about the market or how I’ve helped other {{industry}} companies such as {{customers}}, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,

{{your name}}

Sales Prospecting Method #3: Cold Calling

Most people know that the number one fear is public speaking. This is very much in line with calling someone you don’t know -especially to prospects. Getting over this fear and making a sale seems impossible, but there are ways!

One of which is to have an idea of what you want to say and have a script. Most importantly, listen to them intently so you can make the entire call about them. Here is a simple script to adjust to your business that will help:

Hi {{firstname}}, I am {{your name}} from {{company name}}. 

*Pause and let them speak*

(Establish rapport) I understand you’ve been working at [company] for many years, how did you get started there?

(Positioning or discovery statement) I work with HR managers in technology companies. My customers are typically looking to increase employee productivity. Does that sound like you?

If they’re pressed for time (which they often are) then offer two times to schedule a call to discuss how you can help with their pain points.

Sales Prospecting Method #4: Event 

While events have been slowly returning, we may have forgotten how to network over the last 12-18 months. Remember that every single person you meet can be a potential sale, no matter what industry or company they’re from.

Fortunately, at events, people are most interested in meeting new people and making connections so this is an easy way to introduce yourself and what you do. The trick is, you must follow up! Email, call, send flowers, whatever you prefer but be sure to remind them when and where you met and why you should keep in touch.

Sales Prospecting Method #5: Referral

Another term for this could also be ‘word-of-mouth’ but whatever you call it, your reputation is at play. Getting referrals means someone liked you enough to send someone they know to you. 

Notice we’re not saying ‘like what you do’, but you. Your integrity, your personality, your helpfulness. Whatever made someone say “Yes, you should speak to Mike,” was about you and not your company. 

The catch is that you often have to ask. Occasionally you’ll get a call as a referral seemingly randomly, but it was based on a customer you sold to or someone you know. Most of the time, however, you just need to ask. 

Try this out: “Who do you know that could benefit from also getting [the thing they just raved about]?” It could be that the product itself wasn’t what they raved about, by the way. It may just be they liked that you were a good listener of their data problems. 

Whether it was the solution you have or the way you went above and beyond, use that to your benefit. People love helping people so ask for help and you’ll often get it!

Sales Prospecting Method #6: Multi-channel 

Truthfully, the best way is often a combination of a few of the above. There is never a one-size-fits-all answer to every problem. You’ll need to utilize several methods along with several ways of contacting them.

With the dozens of places people ‘hang out’ on the internet and in person, not everyone uses the same channels to connect with others. Using a multi-channel approach will get you to the right people where and when they are.

Try using LGM’s sequencing capabilities to get you in touch with the best contacts in the best ways for them!

Long LI workflow

Try It, You’ll Like It

Whichever method(s) you choose, be sure they resonate with you and your audience. If both sides are not compatible, it will not make for a genuine and fruitful relationship.

This is your sign to just get started! Even if you don’t think it will work, try it out and see. Tweak your best method to make it yours and close leads easier.