Copywriting for sales is one of the most challenging tasks to face in B2B. Indeed, it requires rare skills, knowledge, and experience from salespeople: an understanding of both the product and the persona, empathy, and writing skills…

It’s definitely worth it, though: 59% of leads admit avoiding buying from a sales rep who made obvious spelling or grammar mistakes!

AIDA is a well-known method that helps people from marketing & sales to get a better understanding of their communities and the process they want to apply to get more leads. AIDA is also a huge help when crafting persuasive sales copies.

What does AIDA for copywriting look like? What benefits can you generate from it? How to use the AIDA model in copywriting? How LaGrowthMachine can help you with your AIDA copywriting strategy?

In this session, we will explore the AIDA model for copywriting in depth. We’ll define what it is, how can you benefit from it and most of all, how to do it using LaGrowthMachine – are not.

What is AIDA for sales copywriting?

AIDA is a marketing acronym used to describe a common list of steps taken when creating an effective sales message. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

The AIDA process is meant to B2B leads attention, build their interest in your service (generic need), create desire (for your specific service), and trigger action from the customer (from lead to customer).

AIDA model

AIDA can be applied to all marketing or sales-specific actions.

With copywriting, AIDA will drive the way you’re writing your sales messages. To make it simple, AIDA will help you to focus on:

  • Your global lead outreach sequence: for example, to tease your lead between a series of messages.
  • Each specific message of your sequence: for example, define the call to action which is going to work the best on a specific email.

At LaGrowthMachine, we use the copywriting AIDA method to craft persuasive sales messages that are designed to generate maximum sales engagement online. Here’s an example of what it could look like for a specific message:

“Hey {{firstname}},

Funny to notice we both know Adrien, can I ask where did you guys meet? :)

As a CMO in the wine industry, I thought that you’d be interested in this new software we’ve been working on: basically, it helps you identify new B2B partnerships. I’m sure you already know these tools are even using one.

I must say our solution stands out from the rest, as it leverages automation to increase sales quickly and cost-effectively.

Would you be up for a brief discussion about it?

Thank you!”

In this message, the structure respects the AIDA method:

  • Attention: “Funny to notice we both know Adrien…”
  • Interest: “I thought that you’d be interested in this new software…”
  • Desire: “I must say our solution stands out from the rest…”
  • Action: “Would you be up for a brief discussion about it?”

But AIDA for copywriting is much more than this. Don’t worry, we’ll go further on it later in this post.

Is the AIDA model still effective?

When you talk about the AIDA model, I’m pretty sure you don’t realize how old it is.

Elias St. Elmo Lewis, an American businessman and advertising enthusiast developed the concept of AIDA… in 1898!

He passionately wrote and spoke about how far-reaching ads could be when created correctly. Knowing this, you may wonder if it still works today.

In short, the answer is yes.

You can see some results from the campaign below, where copywriting has been crafted from the AIDA model.

1/2 leads have replied to our messages

Still today, the AIDA model is the most-used one worldwide. You learn it from school and you use it in your everyday life, as a helpful concept that is proven to work.

Here at LaGrowthMachine, we’re leveraging our own sales campaigns – as well of those of our customers – and seeing tremendous success as a result.

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What are the main benefits of AIDA for copywriting?

Let’s say it straight away: the main benefit of applying the AIDA technique to your copywriting messages is that it will increase your sales.

In fact, sales copywriting is essential for conversion rate in outbound sales sequences. Here at LaGrowthMachine, we have identified stark differences in our customers’ results largely due to deficient copywriting practices.

For each message, you can measure your performance

How is that possible?

In a few words, AIDA for copywriting offers:

  • Structure & method;
  • A better understanding of your sales target;
  • It creates a connection with your leads.

Structure & Method

AIDA offers structure and method. Structure and method improve conversion rate. A better conversion rate means more sales. It’s just that easy!

When you communicate logically, it is easier for people to make sense of your message and respond accordingly.

Understand who your leads are

If you’re running the AIDA method, it means that you’ve asked yourself quite a lot of questions about who your leads are, what they like, or how they talk.

With the LaGrowthMachine enrichment feature, get better knowledge of your leads

Intrinsically, it’s a good way to get a better understanding of your target and align your copywriting with their own communication code, so they can get the message and be more likely to take action.

Connect with your leads

As mentioned before, alignment is key in copywriting. When you craft a message that is congruent with what your leads like a connection is being created: they will feel like you understand them and their problems, and that the solution you’re teasing them with is adequate.

Want to quickly and affordably persuade your audience? Look no further than AIDA copywriting: it’s cheap, easy to set up, and proven to work.

Now that you’re sold on its value, let’s explore how it works.

How to use the AIDA model in copywriting?

We’re jumping into the technical part of this post. Probably the most exciting one as well. As sales experts, we’re going to describe the process of using AIDA for your copywriting step by step, trying to be the most accurate as possible.

To us, there are 4 essential steps to follow when applying the AIDA model to copywriting. These are the same as stated by the model itself:

  1. Attention: In this step, you’re making sure your message is shiny.
  2. Interest: In this step, you’ll be laying the groundwork for a problem to exist and planning potential solutions that can help resolve it.
  3. Desire: In this step, you’re offering the best solution to the problem you’ve created.
  4. Action: In this step, you’re offering your lead the opportunity to embrace what you’re proposing.

Let’s dive in right now.

Step 1: Attention

People are receiving a hundred solicitations every week. Chances are, you too can relate to how irritating this experience is.

In B2B, when you’re doing cold emailing when you send LinkedIn cold messages, you must face various impediments: spam box, deliverability issues, refused connection requests… There are many rules to optimize this part too. We’ve already written tons of articles on these subjects.

If you manage to go all through it, you’re still going to compete with other sales messages. That’s where copywriting – and AIDA – makes the difference.

How to catch Attention in your copywriting?

If you’re using copywriting for your sales messages, you’ll most likely be using LinkedIn and/or Email to outreach to your leads.

With email copywriting, the best ways to get your lead’s attention are:

  • Your subject line: make sure to write something appealing so they really want to open your email. For example, a good subject line could be: “Potential partnership?”.
  • Your icebreaker: the first lines of your email needs to grab the attention of your reader. As an icebreaker, you could say something like “Hey, Dave Johns gave me your contact, funny to realize we both know him :)“.
Example of copywriting for LinkedIn message

With LinkedIn messages, there is no subject line so you must be very cautious when writing your first lines. This is your only way to turn on the light in his mind. For example, you could take the same icebreaker as your email, as long as it remains short and catchy.

Step 2: Interest

At this stage, you should have managed to get your lead’s attention. This means he’s reading your message at the moment we’re speaking. He’s listening. His chakras are opened.

How to drive interest in his mind using copywriting?

One way you could do it is by creating a problem that speaks to him.

The more finely tuned your segmentation is, the greater accuracy of your copywriting will be.

This copywriting aims to show that you know his specific situation. You understand the challenges he’s trying to go through.

In our vineyard example, this could be: “Because of these last few years of dryness, I know for sure it may be difficult for you to ensure the volume as before. However, we might have a solution here!

Not only you’re pointing out the issue, but also teasing him with a solution, here.

Step 3: Desire

Now, your lead knows he has a problem and that there are solutions to his problem. And what best solution than yours? This is what you want to achieve in this stage.

To do so, we recommend that focus on a single feature of you’re product/service: the one that answers the issue you’ve been highlighting in the previous part.

You can bring it with something like: “Our technology allows you to pour recycled water at a very low cost. We’ve been able to provide a 100% customer satisfaction rate since the launching of our service!

Two sentences, maximum. Try to go straight to the point.

Furthermore, it’s good to use a statistic that is self-evident and speaks for itself.

Step 4: Action

It’s time to catch the fish!

This final – but not less important – copywriting tactic aims to convert your lead. When we speak of conversion, what we are implying is that we ought to entice him in the hopes of getting a response from him.

Example of CTA in copywriting

You can use sentences like:

  • Can we have a chat about it?
  • Are you interested in a free trial?
  • What do you think of this solution?

By using copywriting at this stage, you are more likely to get an answer from your lead as long as your message was well crafted. However, it’s important that your call-to-action includes an incentive for him. This could be a promotion, a free trial, or even a discount.

How to use AIDA copywriting in a LaGrowthMachine sales sequence?

If you’ve read everything from the beginning of this post, you’re now aware of the importance of AIDA with copywriting.

We gave you a lot of tips and processes to try to open your chakras and do it by yourself. However, there will be as many different situations as you have leads to deal with. Sometimes, it might be tricky to do it by yourself.

Especially if you’re sending your messages one by one – the old way…

If you’re using LaGrowthMachine to craft AIDA strategies with your copywriting, you can benefit from 4 main advantages:

  • You have a global vision of all your messages strategies – and therefore, you can craft AIDA strategies with copywriting on a global sequence, with many messages linked to each other;
  • You can use AIDA multichannel strategies;
  • You can send as many messages as you want;
  • You can benefit from regular LaGrowthMachine team reviews.

Global vision of your sales sequence

As said previously, using the AIDA model for copywriting should have an impact on your message structure in itself, but not only.

You can also – and should – use AIDA from a sequence perspective.

For example, you can:

  • Action: send a first message saying “hey, did you write this post?”
  • Interest: assuming your lead’s response is “Yes, why?”, you can reply “I think it’s great! I’m looking for people to write my post”
  • Desire: wether your lead’s response is yes or no, you can tease him with something like “we’re paying off 25% more than the market”
  • Action: if you’re lead said yes, no need for the last action message. If he didn’t answer, you can say “You’d really be great for this opportunity, let’s discuss it for 5 minutes and I’ll tell you everything!”

Of course, you can also create AIDA copywriting formula inside the global AIDA sales sequences.

With LaGrowthMachine you can easily build up sales sequences and prepare all your messages, the spacing between two messages in time, and many other things that will help you craft the best sales utreach strategy for your needs.

Get 3.5X more leads!

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your sales department? With La Growth Machine you can generate on average 3.5x more leads while saving an incredible amount of time on all your processes.

By signing up today, you’ll get a free 14-day trial to test our tool!

Try now for free!

Multichannel strategies

LaGrowthMachine is working with 3 outreach channels: Email, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The copywriting rules are not the same depending on the channel you’ll use!

With LaGrowthMachine, you can craft complex multichannel sales sequences using multiple touchpoints and copywriting to ensure you’ll get an answer from your lead.

lgm email linkedin
An example of a LaGrowthMachine sequence

Best way to make prospecting great again.

Send as many messages as you want

Whether you need to send 10 or 1000 messages per week, you can do it with LaGrowthMachine!

Your AIDA strategy and the copywriting you’ll use will be different for each segment you’re targeting. However, you can prepare as many audiences, campaigns, and messages as you want.

And you can do all of that automatically, with a high personalization degree using our variables, on multiple channels. Isn’t that fantastic?

LaGrowthMachine experts copywriting reviews

As B2B sales experts, we have a huge experience in this domain. We’re reviewing different copywriting sequences every day, for many different businesses.

If you have any doubts about your copywriting, we can help you with that as well!

lgm ask for review


AIDA copywriting is a great way to craft effective sales sequences, and with LaGrowthMachine you can easily create complex multichannel strategies that will ensure you’ll have success.

With or without our help, you can now craft great copywriting or benefit from regular reviews from our B2B sales experts.

Start writing AIDA-based copywriting today! We’re here to support you every step of the way. Let us help you make your prospecting great again. Try out LaGrowthMachine risk-free now!