A salesperson’s worst nightmare is sending out the perfect email with its perfect sales email subject and having it go unnoticed or worse, in the “SPAM” folder.

Effective sales copywriting in your email subject lines is the key to standing out in a busy inbox and getting your lead’s attention. It should be concise, informative, and contain relevant keywords that will draw the reader’s attention.

Email subject lines have been categorized a lot in the past years. You have your “Meeting request” subject lines, ones that are specific for follow-up emails, emails about discounts, emails about offers, etc.

But today, we will be focusing on the sales email subject line: a short, catchy title that entices your lead to open the email.

What makes a sales email subject line? Why are they important? And how can you use them to grab attention?

Read on to find out the answer to these questions and more.

What are sales email subject lines?

Sales email subject lines are the first thing a lead will see when they get your sales pitch email. It is the key to grabbing attention and setting expectations for what’s in the email.

They’re different from other subject lines in that they need to be focused on the message and grab the reader’s attention.

They also tend to dictate how you start your email, how to end your email, and how you craft the body of your message.

Sales email subject lines are a crucial part of the sales process, especially if you’re talking about B2B sales processes. They are the first thing your prospect sees when they open the email, and they can make or break their decision to even open it.

A good subject line will encourage the lead to open and read the message, while a bad one can cause them to ignore it and move on.

And it’s for this reason specifically that it’s important to craft compelling subject lines that will attract the reader and create a sense of urgency.

Why are sales email subject lines important?

Now we mentioned a little bit the importance of sales subject lines, especially their impact on your sales process.

Simply put, the better your subject line is, the higher your open and response rate will be, the more likely you’ll generate leads through those emails.

The right subject line can encourage leads to open the message, while the wrong one can cause them to ignore it.

It should be kept short and to the point, as most people on average only scan through the subject line before deciding whether or not to open the email.

Moreover, they help set expectations for the content of the message, which can influence whether or not someone decides to open it.

For instance, if your sales subject line is “Introducing XYZ Company”, this means the recipient is about to read an email introducing you.

This may seem obvious to some, but if you’re not clear in your subject line, the lead may be confused and end up ignoring the email altogether.

If you’re finding trouble crafting subject lines for your outreach and sales follow-up campaigns, you can ask for help from our teams at LaGrowthMachine! We have a group of experts lying in wait to help you craft subject lines that will get you results.

Here’s a video explaining how to reach them:

Simply go to your campaign interface, in the “Launch” tab, you’ll see an “Ask for Campaign Review” button. Click that, and you’ll be hearing from us in no time.

How to write effective sales email subject lines?

Now that we’ve gone through what sales email subject lines are and why they’re important, let’s talk about how to write effective ones, starting with what exactly makes a good sales email subject line.

I found this great quote from MailChimp that goes like this: “The best subject lines tell what’s inside, and the worst subject lines sell what’s inside”.

That’s a great mantra to keep in mind when creating all email copywriting, including subject lines. The goal is to create curiosity rather than make a direct hard sell.

Be clear and concise

This is the best way to ensure that your subject line will be read. It means sticking to the point and avoiding long-winded sentences or unnecessary words.

For instance, don’t say:

Subject: 10 Reasons why XYZ Company is the Best Choice for You

You could instead use a shorter and more interesting subject line such as:

Subject: Discover Why XYZ Company is the Best Choice

See how we try to generate curiosity here? We want the lead to think “I wonder what makes XYZ company this or that…”.

You could also use catchy phrases, humor, or even questions to make your subject lines stand out.

Keep it short and simple

Aim for around 50 characters or less for your subject lines. This is because many email providers like Gmail have a character limit when displaying subject lines, and it’s important to make sure all of your message is visible.

Moreover, shorter subject lines are easier to read and understand and are just generally easier on the eyes. Why would you have your lead squinting at their screen and straining their eyes to understand what your email is about?

For example, instead of:

Subject: This is What You Need to Know About XYZ Company

You could try something like:

Subject: 📢 XYZ Company: Get the Facts!

This brings me to my next point, use emojis and/or symbols to make your subject line more fun!

Stimulate your leads

Emojis and symbols can give your subject lines a more visual appeal. It also helps make them distinct in the sea of emails that is your lead’s inbox.

It’s important to note though that you should be mindful of what emojis you use and how often, as too much can be off-putting.

Moreover, using action words such as “learn”, “discover”, etc. combined with those that create a sense of urgency, like “now” or “urgent” will also get leads to open your emails.

For example, instead of:

Subject: XYZ Company: Want to Know More?

You could say:

Subject: Discover XYZ Company Now! ✨🔥

Use personalization

Finally, and this is the most important point, use personalization! Two years ago, this would be optional, but now, including personalization in your subject lines is essential.

In fact, it’s a must to personalize every part of your email writing process.

Your leads want to feel like they are being spoken to by a real person and not just some robot that’s sending out emails.

You can use their name, company, or job title to distinguish them from other leads. You can also incorporate your own industry or product-specific lingo for added effect.

For example:

Subject: Hey {{firstname}}!💡Ready to Improve Your {{industry}} Sales? 📈

Look at how much more personal this subject line is compared to the generic, “XYZ Company: Want to Know More?”.

At the end of the day, you want your leads to be drawn in by your subject lines and open your emails. That’s why there’s just no debate when it comes to personalization, you simply have to do it.

The best sales email subject lines

Lastly, it’s time for why you’re really here, your sales email subject lines! Here are some examples that you can use to get the creative juices flowing:

We’ve deliberately put these into different categories so you can have a better understanding of what sort of subject lines you should be aiming for.

That said, please note that some subject lines could be placed into more than one category, depending on how you want to segment them.

Promotion subject lines:

Subject: 🔥 Exclusive 20% discount just for you, {{firstname}}: Limited Time Offer!

Subject: 🎁 Don’t miss out on our seasonal sale, {{firstname}}: Huge discounts these holidays!

Subject: 🔥 Final Chance to Save Big on Annual Plans: Act Now!

Subject: 🎁 Exclusive Buy-One-Get-One Offer, {{firstname}}: Limited Time Only!

Subject: 💰 {{companyName}} Clients Exclusive: Huge Savings on Our Services!

Subject: 🔥Save Big on Our Most Popular Products: Limited Time Offer!

Product Pitch subject lines:

Subject: {{firstname}}, 🚀Boost Your Efficiency Now with Our Solution 💻

Subject: 🚨Freshness Alert – New Products for You Guys at {{companyName}}🛍

Subject: 🔥Revolutionize Your industry, {{firstname}} – The Ultimate Solution💡

Subject: 🆕Introducing Our Game-Changing New Product Line 🚀

Subject: 🌟Lead the Future of {{Industry}}, {{firstname}}

Subject: ⚡Stay Ahead of the Game, {{firstname}} – New Features Now Available🛠

Subject: 🔧{{companyName}} Rejoice! Our Tools are Custom-Built for You💼

Service Pitch subject lines:

Subject: 🌟Time for a Website Upgrade {{firstname}}💻

Subject: {{firstname}}, Want More Leads?🔍

Subject: 🔥Want to Stand Out Online? We Can Help💡

Subject: 🚀Improve Your Team’s Productivity at {{companyName}}💼

Subject: 🔍Let’s Examine Your SEO, {{companyName}}

Subject: 🛠Improve {{companyName | customAttribute}} Efficiency with Our Tools💻

Subject: 💡Improve Your Social Media Strategy for {{industry}}📱

Subject: 💼We’ve Got You Covered {{firstname}}🚀

Announcement subject lines:

Subject: 🚨Fresh off the Press Just for You {{firstname}}🛍

Subject: 🆕Introducing Our Groundbreaking New Product Line🚀

Subject: 🌟The Future of {{industry}} Is in Your Hands, {{firstname}}💡

Subject: ⚡New and Improved Solution Just for You {{firstname}}🛠

Exclusive Offer subject lines:

Subject: 🎉Exclusive deal only for {{companyName}} clients!🔥

Subject: 💰Special offer for [Company Name] clients only!🛍

Customer Appreciation subject lines:

Subject: 🎉Congratulations on Your Recent Success with {{companyName}}!🏆

Subject: 📰Want to be Featured in Our Case Study about {{industry}}?📚

Subject: 🌟{{firstname}}, Be the First Experience the Benefits of Our Service💼

Subject: 🛍Get {{companyName}} to Join Our Exclusive Loyalty Program Now!🚤

Subject: 💬Get a Complimentary Consultation, {{firstname}}📞

Subject: 🚀Upgrade {{companyName}}‘s Service Today, {{firstname}}💻

Key Takeaways

If you want your sales emails to get opened and clicked, following our best practices is essential.

  • Keep your email subject lines short, clear, and under 50 characters if possible.
  • Use humor when appropriate, but don’t force it.
  • Be personal by using the recipient’s name or another personalized element like their company name and/or size.
  • We haven’t really gone into it in the article, but learn the best time to send your emails for your industry and field!
  • And finally, be creative- try new things and see what works best for you and your audience.

Sales email subject lines can be daunting to write, but with a little creativity and personalization, you can craft effective ones that will captivate your leads and boost engagement. Good luck!

Happy emailing! 💌