I’d love to tell you that broad targeting works, that creating lead lists of hundreds (maybe even thousands? 😱) of leads will get you a higher conversion rate. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be more wrong.

The fact of the matter is very different; prospecting is, believe it or not, hard! And without proper segmentation, forget about making a meaningful impact on your bottom line!

But it’s Christmas season at the time of writing this article, and LGM would never leave you hanging at a time like this!

Just like Santa’s, your lead lists need to be nice; each name has to stem from your Ideal Customer Profile.

With LGM, you’re sure to reach the right chimneys!

Let’s dive in!

Why LGM should be your go-to for ICP targeting?

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, let’s get one thing straight: LGM is the one tool you absolutely need in your arsenal to ensure your ICP targeting is on point. Here’s why 👉

ICP discovery and engagement:

When it comes to understanding your ICPs, LGM is like your personal detective, uncovering clues and connecting you with leads that genuinely fit the profile.


LGM’s automation isn’t just about doing things faster—it’s about doing things smarter.

Automation using LGM doesn’t mean losing the human touch. We instead focus on saving you from all the time-wasting hassle of prospecting.

With automated sequences, you’re not just reaching out; you’re following up, engaging, and nurturing leads all while you focus on closing deals.

A multi-channel approach

There’s no more denying it: multi-channel is the way to go! 💘

It just makes sense when your leads are active on LinkedIn and email because you cover off your bases.

That said, we do always recommend that you start with LinkedIn and fall back on email. 😉

Data-Driven Refinement:

With every campaign, LGM gives you insights that are worth their weight in gold.

Learn what works, tweak what doesn’t, and watch your ICP targeting get sharper with every iteration.

How to Leverage LGM for Your ICP Outreach?

Now, for the part you’ve been waiting for; putting LGM to work for your ICP outreach. Here’s how we do it, step by step: