If you’re a CXO, Recruiter, President, or hold any managerial role within a company, you’ve likely received a prospecting email at one point in your career. And like most folks, you likely don’t bother responding to them because they often feel generic, like they were sent out en masse.

To improve your reply rate, it’s essential to craft messages that truly resonate with your lead, addressing their unique needs and reaching them at the right moment.

This is where the concept of personalization comes into play, and La Growth Machine offers a toolkit to take your personalization game to the next level, whereby it makes it possible for you to personalize:

  • Messages
  • Segmentation
  • Campaigns and Sequence Conditions.

I — Personalization of Copywriting:

Let’s start with personalizing your sales copywriting!

LGM enables you to automate the creation of your messages through our Magic Messages.

Of course, you can still choose to write your messages using your own text.

Regardless of your choice, what really sets LGM apart from other tools is its vast array of variables!

You have access to 24 variables related to your lead, ranging from their Name, Company URL, Phone Number, Gender, right up to Custom Attributes. As a matter of fact, you got ten of these custom variables that you can use for any situation to better personalize your messages.

When it comes to copywriting, these variables are here for you to achieve greater personalization and deliver messages that are more personable and relevant to your leads.

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II — Segmentation Personalization:

Moving on to segmentation, LGM allows you to import leads from various sources.

On the one hand, you can upload a CSV File, in this case, the segmentation is probably done on your Google Sheet or Excel file. This doesn’t interest us much, plus, it’s so time-consuming. 🥱

On the other hand, you can import your leads directly from LinkedIn on our interface. This is where LGM shines!

In this case, you’ll be using the existing “simple” filters such as “Job title”, “Current Company”, etc.

Not only that, you can even upload Sales Navigator lists as well!

You can import them directly from the LGM interface:

So we’ll be able to conduct the traditional import from LinkedIn’s search engine but also do it in a highly precise -almost surgical, way thanks to the import of Sales Nav lists.

What can’t we do? 😎

We’ll also be able to improve segmentation further thanks to the “Lead” view, which enables us to filter very precisely those we’ve already interacted with, and those we haven’t, and to exclude a proportion of leads we shouldn’t talk to.

For example, let’s:

  • Take an audience of my choosing.
  • For this given audience, see which campaign they’re on.
  • Filter it to look for the leads I already contacted, but they never replied and are still subscribed.

Since LGM provides a directory of all your leads, it offers a global view rather than a campaign-specific one. As a result, with this segmentation, you can selectively target individuals who have reached specific steps in your campaign.

This allows you to follow up with them in a much more precise manner that’s tailored to their particular journey.

III — Personalization of Campaigns:

The third point is that, through LGM sequences themselves, you can create highly precise and personalized campaigns based on how the lead behaves.

Let me illustrate this with an example:

In this campaign, you’ll notice different branches. These branches are precisely what allow us to personalize our approach.

For instance, I’ll have the campaign perform different actions based on whether a lead is a LinkedIn contact of mine or not, this is what the “Is A Contact” block is for.

You can play with this as much as you want! I even urge you to do so. Another example is the “Add relation” block.

Condition Branches LGM

A lead who accepts my connection request will receive a different message than one who doesn’t:

  • Upper branch: If they don’t accept my LinkedIn connection request after a number of days, I’ll check if they have an address and send them an email.
  • Lower branch: If they do, I’ll just wait and send them a LinkedIn message instead.

Alternatively, if neither works and they reply nowhere, I could even decide to Favorite their latest tweet:

We have various types of conditions, which are all listed here:

Here’s one more example:

We could take ‘CustomAttribute1’ which indicates whether the person speaks English or French:

  • If it’s marked as English (Yes), I’ll send them a message in English
  • Otherwise (No), I’ll send a message in French.

It really is as simple as that!

By adding these negative branches to your sequences, you end up adapting to what the lead has or hasn’t done previously.

Because you’re tailoring your approach to their behavior, you become less generic, allowing you to optimize your interactions and increasing the chances of getting more replies.

IV — Personalization of leads:

Yes, you read that right!

What I mean by this has to do with LGM’s newest feature: Importing leads who’ve shown interest in your brand directly from LinkedIn!

So, now with 1 click on LGM, you can retrieve anyone who’s:

  • Liked or Commented A LinkedIn Post:
  • Attended A Live Event:

All these lists are generated at the click of a button – Who can beat that? 🔥

Bonus — Voice Messages:

Because we appreciate our readers very much, we’ve decided to add a little extra tip on how to take your personalization to the next level!

Generally, if you want to personalize your approach, it’s to increase your reply rate and not be caught red-handed, using automation.

With that in mind, we highly recommend using voice messages. It’s super easy; just click on any message in your LinkedIn sequence, and it magically turns into a voice message block:

The great thing is, with voice messages, you can record a personal message that really stands out. You’ll be surprised how uncommon it is for salespeople to use voice messages in their prospecting efforts. People won’t immediately think it’s automated, and they’ll appreciate the personal touch.

Plus, we’ve seen that using voice messages can boost your reply rates by about twice as much!

Final Thoughts

There’s no debating that personalization is key to your success as a salesperson, a startup CEO, a growth marketer, or what have you. And it doesn’t have to be boring, or ordinary like adding a lead’s first name.

The good news is; La Growth Machine is a personalization powerhouse that can help you take your outreach to the next level.

With its wide range of features and variables, you can create messages that are truly relevant to your leads and increase your chances of getting a reply.

Stop sending boring sales emails! Start personalizing your outreach with La Growth Machine. 🤑
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