Sick of having to go back and forth between Gmail, LinkedIn, and whatever other tool you use to reply to your leads?

I get it! It’s bad enough you have to keep track of which leads replied, which you have to follow up with, etc. What a hassle!

We, at La Growth Machine, strictly believe in not wasting time and everything in our tool revolves around this notion, including -but not limited to- our own multi-channel inbox!

Indeed, the LGM Inbox is here solely to save you loads of time and improve your team coordination and performance.

Let’s check out how to become an LGM Inbox Pro! Read on 👇

Too lazy to read? 😏 I got you:

What is the LGM Inbox?

As its namesake suggests, the La Growth Machine Inbox is a centralized inbox where you can organize all your conversations, be it on email or LinkedIn, allowing you to manage your conversations better and save a ton of time.

What information is available?

For a given lead, you will have a complete overview of what’s been happening with them:

  • Lead information: Full Name, Company, LinkedIn URL, etc.
  • History of the lead: Previous messages, channels used, etc.
  • Emails/ LinkedIn DMs that have been sent as part of a campaign: Including their stats (opening rate, clicks)
  • Emails and LinkedIn DMs received as part of a campaign

New message notifications

As soon as one of your leads replies to your LinkedIn messages or emails, you’ll get a notification. All you have to do is click on it to open the conversations:

Next to your identity, you will find red dots: they represent the number of unread conversations per identity.

When you read a mail or DM in your LGM Inbox, it won’t be marked as read in your email application or LinkedIn.

Replying to leads

You can reply on LinkedIn and email directly from the LGM Inbox. Replying on Twitter is not yet available.

You can reply in the same thread as the last email or write a new email by clicking the arrow next to the reply button (see below).

To send an email to a lead, it is absolutely necessary that they have a professional or personal email (depending on your settings and usecase). To send a DM to a lead, logically, the identity must be connected to them on LinkedIn.

Inbox and Team Management

Everyone in your organization can have access to the same inbox. To make it easier to find your leads, don’t hesitate to filter the list by identity as shown below. This will show only the leads that have been enabled by a specific LGM Identity.

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