Effective lead activation is a critical component of any successful prospecting strategy.

We’ve all gone through the trouble of finding leads with surgical scraping and hyper-precise segmentation. The challenge now is to engage with these leads.

What sets La Growth Machine apart is the possibility to engage with them without needing the usual traditional contact information such as their Emails or LinkedIn accounts. If you have just a lead’s name and their company, for instance, LGM enables you to reach out effectively.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s first dive into what makes web scraping such a hot topic in the first place and what you can do with the scraped data once you get it.

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What Data do I need to launch an LGM campaign?

As I said earlier, LGM is more flexible compared to other tools when it comes to needed information.

Essentially, unlike any other prospecting tool that allows email outreach, LGM offers a more accommodating approach and allow you to prospect using:

  • A combination of: Lead’s Name + Last Name + Company
  • Or: Lead’s Name + Last Name + Website.

The user-friendly nature of LGM truly shines when comparing it to when you scrape data from annuaries. In many of these instances, you find yourself with just a person’s name and company:

So you have to manually Google the person, make sure they’re the right one you want to target, etc:

In this case, I got lucky! I even got her website. 🥳

This is exactly what LGM does for you, only automatically!

Once LGM has the LinkedIn profile, it’s smooth sailing. The tool diligently finds your leads’ email addresses and verifies them for you.

Data Enrichment with La Growth Machine:

With LGM, the lead enrichment part is actually quite simple. It’s literally one click away.

As mentioned earlier, you just plug in the basic details and let the platform do its magic. Using this information, it’ll track down the lead’s LinkedIn profile and, from there, fetch additional details about the person’s company, such as their personal email address or even Twitter profile!

So, when you’re crafting your campaign messages, you can choose to send them to either business or personal emails. Just remember, reaching out to personal emails is typically a GDPR grey area unless you’ve got that prior connection that lets you have access to the information in the first place.

Lead Import on La Growth Machine:

Finally, importing leads into LGM!

This should be a breeze. You have a couple of ways you can import new leads in LGM:

  • When you’re setting up a campaign:
  • From the Leads tab:

All you need to do is look for these 3 awesome options!

Let’s say you chose to import a CSV file, the same one you’ve prepared— a product of your scraping maybe?

You’ll then be presented with the various fields that you’ve scraped, and you will need to match them to the LGM fields:


Here’s the full picture: you scrape the data, clean it up, import it as a neat CSV file, then complete the leads’ details—or let LGM auto-enrich.

In essence, once your data is scraped, particularly from LinkedIn, you can let LGM take over the entire process.

If your data is scraped from somewhere else, like a directory, you might handle the initial scraping and some manual cleaning, but LGM steps in for further cleaning and the enrichment process.

Create hyper-personalized outreach sequences
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