LinkedIn provides golden opportunities for recruiters looking to find rare gems. However, it’s an extremely competitive playground.

Why and how to make your message stand out?

This article presents you with 10 innovative and impactful recruitment messages, specially designed to energize your candidate hunting on LinkedIn.

What is a recruiting message?

A recruitment message is a direct communication issued by a recruiter or a company to a potential candidate with the aim of interesting them in a job opportunity.

This type of message is crucial in the recruitment process, especially in a competitive context where attracting and retaining top talent is essential for the success of an organization.

Today, recruiters have several major channels for their communication with candidates: email, phone, and LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn, communication most often occurs through messages. This is why it is important to pay careful attention to the strategy you will implement.

Why you need to use targeted recruiting messages

The use of targeted recruitment messages is a key strategy on LinkedIn.

It not only allows for capturing the attention of potential candidates more effectively, but also increases the chances of success in attracting talents suited to your specific needs.

Here are several key reasons why you should prioritize this approach:

  • It’s more relevant: Targeted messages enable you to directly address the specific needs, skills, and interests of the candidates. This increases the relevance of your proposal, making candidates feel specially chosen and valued.
  • Better response rate: A personalized and well-targeted message is more likely to receive a response. Candidates are more inclined to start a conversation when they see that an effort has been made to understand their background and aspirations.
  • Improves your employer brand: The use of targeted messages reflects a positive image of your company. It demonstrates that you are attentive, meticulous, and that you value candidates as individuals. This can significantly improve the perception of your employer brand.

Now, I’m going to tell you a bit about the best practices to implement for recruitment messages on LinkedIn!

Recruiting messages best practices

Before we move on to the actual templates, part of the reason why these recruiting messages work so well is that they follow a very specific set of best practices:

Recruiting messages best practices
  • Segmentation and personalization are key

Forget mass outbound and sending out hundreds -if not thousands 😱- of messages. It does not work! Even in recruiting, where people tend to be more forgiving of automation.

Plus, segmenting your audience properly will allow you to personalize your messages, make them more human, more personable, and in turn, get better performance! 😉

  • Be transparent

No one likes an inbox clogger. Keep your messages straightforward, transparent, and personable.

The more conversational you are, the better chances you’ll get of getting a reply.

  • Don’t immediately start pitching

Your aim with any campaign is to strike a conversation, not to sell the {position | company | manager} to the candidate.

Most people prefer talking and exchanging before immediately starting to talk shop.

  • Follow-up

Don’t be scared to follow up! And give the candidates some time before bombarding them with messages. Keep a delay or a couple of days before sending your follow-up.

  • Use voice messages

Voice notes are actually ridiculously effective! People don’t even think of LinkedIn having them yet.. let alone think of someone automating them!

They’re here for you to stand out from the crowd and create the element of SURPRISE.

Good thing that with La Growth Machine, you can easily automate voice messages!

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10 Recruiting message templates that actually work

Now that you have an idea of what makes a great recruiting message, it’s time for you to start creating your copy!

Got no inspiration? Don’t know what to say? I got you!

Here are 10 templates from the top-performing messages on our tool! (I got you every recruiting message with a 30% reply rate).

Hello {{firstname}}, I’ve recently raised some funds for {{identity.companyName}} and am looking to surround myself with {{jobTitle}}s to {{explanation of main role mission}}.

Are you open to a potential collaboration?

64.3% reply rate

Hello {{firstname}}, I’m looking for a {{jobTitle}} to join my {{department}} team at {{identity.companyName}}
How about I send you the job description?


52.1% reply rate

Dear {{firstname}},

I saw your Linkedin profile and it sounds like there is room to cooperate.
We are looking for {{jobTitle}} willing to provide their services to our clients and partners.
Does it make sense to connect ?


43.8% reply rate

Hello {{firstname}}, I noticed you studied {{field}}. I’m a talent recruiter for {{identity.specialization}}.

I’d be delighted to have you join my network.


43.5% reply rate

Hi {{firstname}}!

I’m writing you because I’m looking to talk to {{jobTitle}} to get some input so I can understand how to recruit for this position: previous experiences, seniority, soft skills… etc.


42.9% reply rate

Dear {{firstname}}

A colleague of mine tried to reach out to present you an international Hedge Fund based in Paris that is looking for a new {{jobTitle}}.
What do you think ?

Kind regards

38.2% reply rate

Hey {{firstname}}

I’m writing to you because we’re looking for our next {{jobTitle}} at {{companyName}}.

I’m interested in your career path, and if you’re interested in the prospect of joining a growing start-up that’s just raised over {{amount}}, I’d love to talk to you about it!

38.1% reply rate

Hello {{firstname}}

I am recruiting a {{jobTitle}} for {{identity.companyName}}.
We enable over 8,500 points of sale of various brands to (re)give local products a place in the multi-channel purchasing process.

31.4% reply rate

Dear {{firstname}},

I am currently hiring {{jobTitle}} for several tech firms in {{location}}, where {{skill}} is not mandatory.

No remote jobs, by the way.

I know it’s a long shot, but would you like to discuss a career relocation?

Best regards,


31.2% reply rate

Hello {{firstname}},

I have a {{jobTitle}} position to lead and support the operational implementation of projects in a {{describe company}} company.

💰 Salary €55-66K

Are you free for a 5-minute chat about this?

30.8% reply rate

Final Thoughts

Now that you looked at these messages, a couple of things remain true throughout all of them:

  • They’re straightforward, there’s no beating around the bush.
  • They make no sales, no pitch about how great the company is, or anything like that.

So make sure, no matter what you write to your potential candidates, that it follows at least these two rules.

That’s what makes these messages have such high reply rates!

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