You can draft the best recruiting message there is on the face of the planet. However, if the candidate feels happy in their current role and/or isn’t currently looking for a new one, well you’re kind of toast…

Lucky for you, with La Growth Machine, you can easily target and outreach people who have shown interest in your brand.

And that’s why I’m here! In this article, I’ll show you exactly how LGM is the best tool for you to reach out to candidates you know will be interested! 😉

Wanna see how the magic happens? Read on 👉

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What are interest signals?

Interest signals are exactly what their name entails: actions that showcase an interest in a brand and/or in this case, a job position.

These actions are typically performed by the candidate inadvertently, all you have to do is look for them! They can range from looking up the career section on your website to
engaging with your content on social media.

Grabbing these candidates’ attention and implementing this approach in your recruiting strategy is extremely important! Why?

  • It’s a smaller audience, so it’s better segmented: In fact, the smaller the audience, the better the campaign performance.
  • Reach the right person, at the right time: A good recruiting -or any outreach campaign is all about targeting the right people, with the right message, at the right time. Here, there’s no doubt that the person is genuinely interested.
  • Use the right copy: You’re contacting the candidate for a specific reason, so your copywriting is better suited to the situation and can give way to a natural conversation.

A recruiting campaign example based on intent signals

I’ve talked at length about how you can easily automate the import of audiences based on their interactions with your brand on LinkedIn, follow the 👈 article linked just here to find out how.

For this article, I wanted to give you something more actionable that you can utilize right away -An LGM campaign!

Here’s the sequence:

It’s a fairly simple sequence:

  • We start on LinkedIn since we don’t (yet) have access to their Email
  • Then we fall back on Email just to utilize the full multi-channel power of LGM 😏
  • Lastly, we end up with a call. Nothing beats reaching a candidate on their phone. It’s our last resort, so we go all out!

Let’s dive into the steps in detail 👉

Automate your LinkedIn outreach with La Growth Machine
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LinkedIn outreach

Here’s the workflow:

  • Is a contact? I start off my sequence by checking if the candidate is already in my network or not. This is a good reflex to have for any recruiter since you probably talked to people whose profiles would match the job before. Do not hesitate to dig into your own network before starting off fresh!
  • Add relation: I add the person if I’m not already connected to them. I’m a proponent of adding a note with my LinkedIn connection request (we all are at LGM) because it simply acts as a ‘pre-filter’ since people you’re reaching out to know why you’re contacting them.

Hey {{firstname}}, I’m looking for a new Client Partner to join La Growth Machine, and your profile matches those who’ve performed brilliantly in this position. Are you actively looking or keeping an eye on the market?

205 characters

  • Send Voice: This is an LGM special! As far as I know, this is an Exclusive feature that we have: the ability to automate voice notes on LinkedIn! No one ever expects to receive a voice note on LinkedIn, let alone suspects that it’s automated.. 😉And lucky for you, you can even customize your introduction so that each message is tailored to the person receiving it! Check it out right here

Fallback on Email & Call

If the candidate didn’t reply to our (awesome) first part, that’s okay!

Maybe they’re busy, maybe they’re on vacation, who knows… 🤷‍♂️

No matter, the campaign goes on:

  • Visit Profile & Wait: Literally what it implies. The profile visit acts as a soft reminder/ follow-up to check my previous messages since the person gets a notification. I leave them a day to check it, if they don’t reply… 👉
  • Send Email OR LinkedIn Message: If, for some reason, I still wasn’t able to reach the candidate, I send them one last written follow-up either by email or on LinkedIn (if I couldn’t enrich their personal email) that goes somewhere along the lines of:

Hey {{firstname}} what do you say? Does {{jobTitle}} seem like a good match for you?

Let me tell you a bit more about {{identity.companyName}}! It’ll give you more of a reason to think about it!


  • Call: Lastly, I finish by calling them on their phone because there’s just no better way to communicate than in person. You get so much more through, and they don’t have to read hundreds of words to understand what the job entails! There’s no standard script I can put here, so instead I’ll just give you some tips on how to handle it:

Final Thoughts

That’s it! That was one of our (many) recruiting campaigns that I ran thanks to LGM!

The idea is to humanize the approach as much as possible! That’s why I added voice notes, a Call button, etc.

Automate your LinkedIn outreach with La Growth Machine
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If you don’t want to interact with the candidate by voice from the get-go, what makes them trust you? Don’t forget, these people don’t know you and you’re asking them to potentially leave their job for a new one.

You have to build trust and automate only the initial outreach! You automate enough so that you get ahold of them as efficiently as possible. But once they reply, it’s on you to convince them to listen to what you have to say!

Happy recruiting! 🤝