Using Twitter for marketing purposes is becoming increasingly complex with new features and products being added continuously. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of room for growth and success on Twitter.

A Statista report says that Twitter has earned over $5 Billions in revenue, meaning that it’s one of the most popular platforms among online marketers.

Since this is the case, we will discuss how to design your Twitter marketing strategy, how to set up goals, Twitter advertisement, create a content strategy, and more in this article.

Before going deeper into this subject, we want to make sure to clarify the basics of Twitter marketing.

So whether you’re just starting or you need a little refresher course, read on for the best ways to use Twitter to market your business.

What is Twitter marketing?

Twitter marketing is a way for businesses to connect with their customers and prospects in the most up-to-date way. It’s an excellent tool for direct communication, customer service, and sales.

Twitter marketing also refers to using Twitter for marketing purposes including product or service promotion, increasing brand awareness, generating traffic to a website, etc.

Almost 67% of all B2B businesses are active on Twitter, according to another  Statista report.

Businesses all over the world use Twitter to promote themselves as they do with other platforms, but there’s a reason why Twitter marketing might be better than others.

Why do you need Twitter marketing for your business?

Although there are many reasons why you need Twitter to market your business, there are three key metrics that we think make Twitter a good marketing platform. The first one is their daily active users.

Twitter has one of the highest daily active users.

If you’re a business owner who wants to reach your target audience with advertisements, the first thing to check is how many people are seeing your ad campaigns when they’re launched.

According to another Statista report, there are currently 179 million people who use Twitter daily. This means that it is easier to reach out to your customers through Twitter than on any other platform.

Twitter offers high engagement rates.

The engagement rate is a very important metric for advertisers. It measures the number of active users, who have interacted with the ads by clicking on or viewing them for a couple of seconds.

Twitter claims that its users spend 26% more time looking at advertisements than any other platform.

Twitter Ads are cost-effective.

A key metric for any social media advertising is the cost per engagement. We define Engagement as user actions such as likes, clicks, shares, comments, retweets, etc. The lower the cost per engagement, the more efficient your advertisements are.

A good ad platform is a platform that doesn’t hurt your marketing budget, and Twitter is one of them, if not the best one. Statista’s report on Twitter’s CPC and CPM suggests that it is one of the most cost-efficient platforms for online marketers.

Now that we looked at why Twitter is so important for your business, let’s understand how to market your business on Twitter effectively!

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How to use Twitter marketing effectively?

When people talk about Twitter marketing, they often refer to banner ads. But Twitter marketing is so much more than that. Many factors impact your Twitter marketing campaign. Here are a few key steps that you need to take:

Optimize your brand

Your Twitter profile is a vital part of your business’s presence on the network. It’s one of the first things people will check when they hear about you, so it must reflect your brand values and personality.

According to a Twitter report, people aged 18 to 35 who use the platform, are more likely to be passionate about a brand aligning with their culture than any other platform.

And with a proper business marketing strategy, you can effectively establish your brand on Twitter. Here are a few tips for optimizing your profile to make sure it stands out from the crowd:

Audit your account:

A Twitter audit is a way to see how well your tweets align with your social media goals, whether your account is gaining real followers or just bots, and benchmarks for content performance and key metrics such as interactions, traffic generated, and responses.

You can see which tweets are getting the most engagement and what kind of content your audience wants to see by checking your Twitter Analytics. Utilize this information to create a plan that drives the most engagement and reach for your profile!

Use a good profile picture:

Profile pictures are the first thing that people see when they visit your Twitter profile. And a good profile picture image helps you be easily recognizable, establishes your identity, and gives the first impression of yourself, so a good Twitter profile picture consists of the following:

  • Make sure your profile picture is memorable: Most brands use their company logo as their profile picture because it helps cement their identity as a brand with every tweet they post.
  • Use a clear high definition image, and avoid blurry images.
  • Use a plain background. A loud background can overshadow what you want to represent in your profile picture.
  • The aspect ratio of your image at 400×400 pixels and in JPG, GIF, or PNG format.

Write a good bio:

Your Twitter bio is not only a great place to showcase your brand, but it can also be used to help your account get found more easily. A good Twitter bio consists of the following:

  • A clear introduction of who you are and what your brand represents.
  • What have you achieved so far?
  • What awards have you received?
  • Keywords that describe your products and services
  • Hashtags related to your industry
  • A link to your website.

Don’t be afraid to let your and your brand’s personality shine through. This is your space after all, and people love to see something they can relate to and connect with.

Stay true to your brand’s values and voice:

Your every tweet should represent your brand’s values and voice. The way you choose words in your tweets is as important as the content you share. The words you use can make a lot of difference in representing your brand.

Brands that are mindful of what they’re tweeting, retweeting, or sharing have a very strong following on Twitter. Starbucks is a great example of this. While they’re promoting their new products, they still maintain a tone of voice and value that resonates with their brand.

Set S.M.A.R.T goals

Setting SMART goals means being Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

As you begin to develop your Twitter marketing strategy, you’ll want to define each of these parameters that pertain to the objectives you want to achieve. So let’s understand these parameters one by one.

Specific: Setting a specific goal is one of the most important steps you can take on your journey toward success.

This involves knowing what needs to be accomplished and how it will be done. If the goal is to increase your followers, you need to know how to promote and advertise on Twitter.

Measurable: You can measure most things when it comes to using Twitter when marketing your company.

But if you want to keep things simple, use clear and limited metrics to decide whether you are successful. For example, just focus on one or two metrics that you think work best for your brand.

Achievable: Setting a goal that is too high or too low is not going to help you out in any way! If your goal is too high, then there’s no way that you’ll be able to reach it within the time frame. If your goal is too low, then it won’t motivate you enough to get started.

Keep your target achievable and realistic by observing studies like the Locowise Twitter Study. These will help you determine how much you are likely to grow in the foreseeable future.

Relevant: Make sure that your goals are relevant to your business. If you want to build a strong brand, it’s important to know what you want your brand to stand for.

If you don’t know what you want your brand to stand for, then ask yourself these two questions; (1) What do you want your business to be known for? and (2) What qualities do you value most in your products and services?

Time-Bound: Make sure that you set a time limit for each goal and that you stick with it throughout the campaign. This time limit could be daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. This will help you achieve your objectives successfully.

Advertise on Twitter

According to Hootsuite, many brands are now running Twitter ads, which has resulted in Twitter earning over $1.4 billion in revenue and the number of advertisers is expected to grow in coming years.

So let’s understand Twitter advertisements, and how you can implement them in your marketing plan:

Twitter ads – The reason why many companies choose to advertise on Twitter is that Twitter allows you to run highly targeted ads to your audience based on whom they follow, things they’re interested in, their demographics, location, and more.

This means that you can reach more relevant users with your advertising campaigns and build a strong relationship with your customers and create awareness of your brand.

There are several ways that you can advertise on Twitter, but ‘Promoted Tweets’ is the best method for you. Let me explain why.

Promoted Tweets – Promoted Tweets allow your tweet to reach more people who might be interested in what you have to say. Your tweet will appear at the top of search results for relevant keywords, making it easier for people to find.

Create a content publishing strategy

It’s important to remember that Twitter is not like other social media platforms. Its users are highly active and expect their tweets to show up instantly. For example, users will expect a new year post on the night of 31st December at 00:00 am.

Tweeting can become a 24/7 task, so it is important that you have an effective content publishing strategy. This means having a schedule for your tweets in advance so that they go out at the times you choose. You can easily schedule a tweet by following these steps:

  1. Go to your profile page and click Compose Tweet.
  2. Click on the button below the text that looks like a calendar ne
  3. Select the date and time and decide when your tweet will be published.

You can schedule tweets using tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and CoSchedule.

Promote your assets

You can use Twitter to promote your assets, and the best way to promote your assets is by using them in your tweet. So if you’re a photographer, use your photos in your tweets. If you have a blog or newsletter, add links and tell readers where they can be read or purchased.

Keep in mind that it’s important to provide value to readers, otherwise, they won’t see the point in spending reading your tweets.

Now that you know everything about building an effective marketing strategy on Twitter, you might be wondering how to get even more out of your Twitter marketing efforts. Right?

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How to use Twitter marketing effectively?

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Wrapping it up!

From the basics of building a strong Twitter profile to the intricacies of how to promote your content, we have covered everything that will help you with your Twitter marketing strategy.

Make sure you have a goal in mind before you start implementing these strategies. Write down all the tips you liked from this article because sometimes it’s easy to get lost when you’re in the weeds of Twitter.

Let me know if this guide was helpful! Please also feel free to leave any questions in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them. All the best!