Thinking about using Twitter in your prospecting? If your audience is active there, you definitely should Reply rate there through the roof.

But let’s make sure you’ve built a Twitter profile that will build trust.

Want to master Twitter as an outbound channel ? Read-on !

Step by step breakdown of how your profile will be read

To understand which part of your profile you must work on, let’s take a step back and see how your profile will be discovered.

More than 80% of Twitter usage comes from mobile. Let’s analyse mobile discovery first

Your profile on mobile

Whenever you load your profile, here’s the common order discovery :

  • Bio: This is centered and probably the first thing they’ll read about you
  • Link: discreet but still in the middle, this will attract traffic
  • Following/Followers count: a minimum of both is important t
  • Your picture: of course it’s important to look welcoming
  • Your pinned tweet: an opportunity to pitch
  • Then two things might happen: they might scroll and almost not see the banner, or notice it. But the banner is a discreet argument

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Since more than 80% of Twitter’s usage happens on mobile, you should focus your optimization efforts given this information.

Let’s have a quick look too at how it looks like on desktop

Your profile on a desktop

Whenever you load your profile, here’s the common order discovery :

  • Profile picture
  • Banner: much more predominant on desktop, a good banner will stand out and can be used to communicate info
  • Bio
  • Follower count
  • Link
  • Pinned tweet: only if they might scroll

It makes sense not to forget to optimize your banner.

Let’s now deep-dive into each optimization

Optimizing your bio

Your bio should be clear and concise. Focus on using keywords your audience will understand/relate to, and don’t forget to link your experiences using @XXX mentions or links.

Think about your goal :

  • If you want to build trust, show expertise
  • If you want to show expertise, mention experiences, and specialization
  • If you want to pitch your product, pitch your company
  • Etc…

Optimizing your profile picture

The next most important thing. You want to look like a nice guy. Someone you’d think after looking at the picture “Yeah, I’d love to connect with him”.

Key features to build trust :

  • Show your face and not a picture of you taken while having a beer during your last holidays!
  • Background: plain and neutral, in a professional environment or matching your professional activities
  • Smile and be friendly: professional does not mean so serious, be friendly so people will want to chat with you!

Optimizing your followers/following count

This is easy :

  • No followers: suspicious
  • Many followers: damn that guy is an expert/influencer
  • Low followings: ok
  • Too many followings: damn that guy is a robot

It’s all about balance!

Optimizing your banner

The banner is an opportunity to pitch your product visually. Don’t put a landscape, seize the opportunity to showcase what you do!

Here are great examples of banner :

  • @AdMoCam – it’s me :). Our main asset is our visual builder. We’ve focused on that! It’s intriguing, and if you look at it, can be understood!

You get the idea :)

Optimizing your pinned tweet

If your visitor scrolls into your profile, the pinned tweet will be the next to see they see. It’s a perfect opportunity to pitch. Three key components :

  • Text: to pitch obviously
  • Link: work on the previous link to drive curiosity and traffic
  • Social proof: if you can, have likes and reshare on that pinned tweet to build social proof

It’s up to you now!

If you’ve followed our recommendations, you should be set for prospecting great on Twitter. Want to go further? Read our guide on how to use Twitter for your marketing!?