Thinking about using Twitter in your prospection? If your audience is active there, you definitely should! Reply rate there through the roof. But there are a few requirements to know before adding Twitter to your marketing & sales mix.

Want to master Twitter as an outbound channel? Read-on

When and why should I use Twitter in my prospection?

Twitter in business is an underappreciated channel for outbound:

  • Reply rates are great: Leads are saturated with prospecting messages via Emails or LinkedIn, while Twitter remains a channel where people are available
  • Leads are available: with the right approach, you can build great rapport with your leads.
  • Your competitors probably aren’t outreaching using Twitter: you’ll have a head start

Of course, this only applies if you have an audience that is fairly present on Twitter, such as Tech people and/or people in the United States.

Fortunately, LaGrowthMachine will automatically find your lead’s Twitter account. No need for additional work on your side.

If you have more than a 20% enrichment rate, you should definitely consider adding Twitter to your strategy when using our multichannel tool.

What can I do on Twitter?

There are two different approaches on Twitter :

  • Soft approach: using actions that will generate a notification. This includes the following, liking, and retweeting content from your leads.
  • Direct approach: using actions to interact directly with the lead. This includes tweeting at the lead and sending direct messages to them.

Do note that to be able to send DM, the recipient needs to either opt in to receive DM for anybody or needs to follow you for you to be able to send a DM.

It’s recommended to follow the lead a few days before trying to send a DM, so that they may follow you back and allow you to send a DM if they haven’t allowed for opened DM

You’ll want to use each approach depending on whether you’re using your personal Twitter or a branded Twitter account

What’s the difference between a person and a branded account?

A branded account is basically your company Twitter account. It’s great for awareness, but terrible for outbound.

If you’re looking to warm up leads by printing out your brand and build awareness around it, then you should use your branded account.

If you’re looking to use Twitter as an outreach channel, using Direct Message or Tweets, you should use your personal account. People like talking to people, not faceless brands.

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How to optimize my Twitter account for better conversion?

Before deep-diving into the different strategies, you should make sure that your account is optimized for building trust :

  • Is your profile picture right?
  • Is your banner right?
  • What should you put as a bio?
  • Did you remember to set a pinned tweet?

If you’re unsure, you should probably read our guidelines on how to optimize your Twitter account.

What are the strategies if I’m using my personal account?

The main goal of using your personal Twitter account instead of a branded account is to :

  • Use soft actions to warm up the lead and/or as a reminder
  • Use direct actions to build a relationship with them

This will drive three specific key actions :

  • At the beginning of your sequence, you should use the following as a warming-up strategy. Following your lead 2-5 days before doing your first outreach via Email or LinkedIn is a great way to slowly enter their circle of trust.
  • Use soft notifications as reminders. Just like using LinkedIn profile visits as a reminder, rather than following up by email, liking a tweet is a great follow-up in and of itself!. You’ll appear again in their world and serves as a reminder of the ongoing conversation.
  • Send DMs of course. You should only send DMs while using your personal account, as branded accounts are too impersonal for them to generate replies.

    Sending DM on Twitter is a very personal approach. You shouldn’t be pitching the company but trying to build a relationship with the lead on Twitter.

This will only work if you’ve made sure to optimize your profile to build trust!

What are the strategies if I’m using a branded Twitter account?

The main goal of using your branded Twitter account is to build awareness about your brand before pitching using soft notifications. The best approach is to follow the lead’s accounts, but also make sure to regularly unfollow them. Otherwise, you’ll end up accumulating followings, which will betray your lead generation automation...

We don’t recommend attempting to send DM with a branded account, as this feels very impersonal and barely yields any reply.

Before implementing this strategy, don’t forget to optimize your profile to showcase your brand perfectly, working on :

  • Picture and banners
  • Bio
  • Pinned tweets

For more recommendations, make sure to optimize your Twitter profile to build awareness!