Are you using links in your LinkedIn outreach to build awareness and drive traffic? Did you know that you could set the preview of how your link will be displayed? It only takes 20min and can triple your click-through rate

As a company looking to develop its business through the LinkedIn channel, we set up a publishing strategy with LaGrowthMachine.

However, be aware that this is not the only strategy to prospect on LinkedIn! Here we advise you to combine inbound strategies such as regular posts with LinkedIn cold outreach strategies such as:

Our tool allows you to do just that and takes the process a step further with LinkedIn Automation, which involves scheduling all of these tasks in advance.

This allows you to do mass outreach while tailoring your messages and follow-ups every time, for a very natural – and devilishly effective – result!

Given the recent changes to its algorithm, it can be difficult to get your content seen by your target audience.

Want more clicks on LinkedIn? Read-on

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What happens when I send a link on LinkedIn?

Whenever a link is sent, LinkedIn will generate a preview of that link, based on the metadata of the link.

Here’s an example of a link that is not optimized

  • No image
  • The title doesn’t explain anything
  • The description is too long

Nobody would be inclined to click.

Here’s an example of well-optimized links :

  • The topic of the link is precise: it’s a webinar with the topic clearly disclosed, date, speakers, and brand
  • No need for a description when the image does the work
  • Image explaining what we do, and providing an intriguing builder
  • A title that is clear: BRAND – WHAT WE DO

You can even input GIF :

How to optimize the links on Linkedin?

To optimize the links you’re sending on Linkedin, you must focus on the following :

  • pictures
  • titles
  • description

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Pictures are worth a thousand words

The image is 90% of what will drive conversion. Depending on the goal of the link, make sure it’s easier :

  • Intriguing enough to drive clicks out of curiosity – LaGrowthMachine’s example to our website
  • Clear enough to drive clicks out of interest – Memo bank’s example to their Webinar

The title is important too

The title should underline the message of the image :

  • Remind the brand
  • Remind what to expect on the link


If you need a description, then your image isn’t good enough. A good link shouldn’t need a description, the image should be self-explanatory.

How to reset the link?

LinkedIn stores link data in cache for 7 days. If you want to reset your links’ image, title, and description, you need to request it on LinkedIn’s Post Inspector page. It’s instantaneous.

To edit the link’s data using Webflow, head to the page’s setting > Open Graph settings

If you’re using WordPress, you can edit it using the Open Graph plugin

Advanced: how to personalized personalize each link?

If you want to take this trick a step feather, you can use Uclic and LaGrowthMachine’s customVariables to create an individualized link

What is Uclic?

Uclic is a SaaS solution that allows you to create custom links and preview landing pages at scale to send via LinkedIn or Email.

How to integrate Uclic with LaGrowthMachine?

Uclic work by generating a URL with parameters to pass through that are used for personalization.

Setup a custom link on Uclic and use LaGrowthMachine’s customVariables to pass the information to do personalization.

It’s that easy!

LinkedIn is a powerful business tool that should not be ignored.