10 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools In 2021

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If you’re spending your day on LinkedIn for prospecting, there are automation tools that can be your new best friend! A well-vetted and properly used software for LinkedIn automation can benefit you and your team, especially over time. There are many tools that can help you determine who, when, how, and where to reach out to the people you truly want to speak with.

Save yourself time and energy with one of  these LinkedIn automation software platforms. You’ll find the pros, cons, and each software’s ratings based on our system found below.

Why should you use LinkedIn automation tools in 2021? 

When it comes to being in sales (and especially as a sales manager), there are a great deal of things you’re now expected to do. It’s not just making some calls throughout the day and building relationships. It’s recording all of your notes on every prospect, following up with those who are interested, reaching out to those you’d like to contact, and more.

If your or your team’s day is filled with interactions, wouldn’t your life be made easier by having some things automatically sent for you?

Fortunately, there are a few tools available to you that allow you to do just that. They all work differently of course, so you’ll want to be sure to choose what works best for you and your team. We’ve put together a comparison – with ratings – on what tools are your best options for LinkedIn automation.

Comparative of the best LinkedIn Automation Tools for 2021

When evaluating tools you want to use to boost your LinkedIn presence, you’ll want to first determine exactly what it is you want to achieve. This will aid your decision on which is best for you and your team. You’ll want to decide what is most important and what the goals are before committing to setting one of them up.

When it comes to features and functions, there are A LOT to consider. We’ve created this schema to help determine which is best overall for your LinkedIn needs!

For each of the software tools below, we’ll be giving the features ratings as points. Each feature they have based upon the above schema, they get a point. 

We hope you find this evaluation and comparison useful in your LinkedIn automation tool search!


If you’re looking to develop a multitude of ways to reach new contacts, LaGrowthMachine will provide you with a ready-to-use template or a customized setup! You’ll find pathways that allow you to reach your LinkedIn prospects and contacts with different touch points you can create, edit, or use as provided. Each touch point will allow you to customize who, when, where, and how you’ll reach out based upon their response (or non-response).

The clear and easy workflow creation will allow you to build a cross-channel engagement plan that will build your prospect list quickly via email, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The personalization options within each module is guaranteed to WOW your contacts.


  • Set up workflows between channels
  • Templates for workflows but customizable
  • Great for sales managers to manage teams


  • You need to install a widget on your computer (not just a chrome extension)

Overall Score = 19/23


If you’re looking to set up LinkedIn automations that are simple like following a list of your defined contacts or viewing profiles, ProspectIn will be great for you. Especially if you’re looking for something simple that can be used just as a plugin for Chrome.

Even though it only has less than 20 reviews so far on the Chrome Web Store, it gets a 4.7/5. Its automation capabilities to sync with your CRM, connection request, and bulk messaging give people the control over their data they need to reach out effectively.


  • API connection to different tools and CRMs
  • Followup automation via simple Chrome plugin
  • Export of LinkedIn profiles


  • Only for LinkedIn – no emails, twitter, etc.
  • High risk of being banned or suspended by LinkedIn

Overall Score = 13/23

Captain Data 

This cloud-based software’s capacity for lead scoring in its automation would be very useful to sales teams. Captain Data has some integrations as well that should help it work together with your other systems. 

This tool’s main use is to extract and enrich your CRM’s data with information found on multiple channels like LinkedIn and other websites. If you currently have a system that already does emailing and social media engagement, this might be a great tool for you. 


  • Integrates with Lemlist and Salesforce
  • Perfect for scraping numerous websites for your searches


  • Does not do any engagement like posting or messaging
  • High cost for few features
  • Compatibility with other tools if you are a bit tech-y

Overall Score = 10/23


PhantomBuster is a software built with individual tasks you can add to your platform called “Phantoms” which create your workflow. If you’ve ever used or are familiar with Zapier, it feels similar to their Zaps. 

You can set up automations to help you enrich your data, extract posts, auto follow and much more. There are some base templates you can also use to get you started with your phantom setup. 


  • It has integrations for phantoms on a lot of the top platforms including Slack, Reddit, and the ‘big 4’ (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). 
  • Lots of features with multiple scenarios and sequences to set up


  • If you miss a phantom in your workflow, it may make the whole thing nonsense
  • Not easily scalable

Overall Score = 16/23

Lemlist (Version 3)

Newest on this list to the tech world, Lemlist has made a splash already. While it does not have a focus on engagement, it can be a very handy lead generation tool. They also help with cold email templates for you to email when you do reach out.

This system is built for a great email cold outreach tool. It also integrates with a great deal of other tools to help with building up your database. While it uses LinkedIn search automation to create your list, its focus is lead generation via email. 

Even though Lemlist can let you contact people on multiple channels, you cannot create “multi-channel” campaigns per se: if you have a workflow that starts on Linkedin for example by sending a contact request and your prospect don’t accept you, your sequence will stop and you will not send them an email.


  • Reasonably easy to setup and use
  • A/B testing and great personalization for emails
  • Ability to set up your own web page


  • Not really useful for multi-channel campaigns as it doesn’t support conditions (ex. if not accepted, send an email)
  • More of an email management system than customized for LinkedIn outreach

Overall Score = 11/23


Zopto’s cloud-based tool is made for LinkedIn to help you reach out to your prospects. There are some helpful integration capabilities with this software as well as actionable insights they provide from your data. 

Use their email templates to send automated messages to your prospects and the A/B testing to determine what works best. These helpful lead generating and nurturing features should definitely help you build your network faster.


  • Internal CRM to manage your contacts
  • Lead nurturing using auto messaging with workflows
  • Overall stable and comprehensive


  • No enrichment feature to fill in your contact’s information
  • High cost

Overall Score = 15/23

Octopus CRM

This Chrome extension is available for LinkedIn automation to request connections, mass message, visit profiles, and auto endorse. Octopus is easy to set up and use for your LinkedIn account as well. 

Building your sales funnel will work on this tool by creating workflows that can also integrate with Zapier. Conscious of the daily LinkedIn limits, it will automate some tasks via your search criteria to save you lots of time. 


  • Easy to use tool that can get you a lot of traction very quickly
  • Great for a quick burst of interactions for the short term


  • Dangerous for your account; risks suspension with use
  • Features are fairly basic

Overall Score =  12/23

Meet Alfred (previously Leonard)

An installed tool onto your desktop, Meet Alfred was designed for multi-channel access. Its main feature is a combined sequence setup for LinkedIn, emails, and twitter for you to engage prospects. It also includes a LinkedIn search tool.

The focus with this tool is to personalize your messages which is vital to engagement. They’ll also provide you data insights to help you see what’s working best.


  • Free trial and free version for one campaign
  • Works with LinkedIn Groups


  • Fairly high potential risk of LinkedIn account suspension or banning
  • Only a few basic features

Overall Score = 15/23


Also a chrome extension plugin, you can use Dux-soup to set up basic LinkedIn automations. Similar to Octopus, the setup is reasonably simple and has some helpful integrations in the highest tier. 

There is a handy tag management system you can use in this tool as well. It will help you sort and manage your outreach in LinkedIn more simply and clearly. There is also a team functionality to share notes and tags.


  • Easy setup and free version
  • Search and CSV download of emails using credits
  • Ultra complete functionalities with purchased tiers


  • Very risky to use on your LinkedIn account per their Terms of Service and has been blocked before

Overall Score =  13/23

Linked Helper “2”

Another Chrome Extension comparable to Dux-soup, Linked Helper 2 is an option for you to launch simple actions from your LinkedIn account. This tool will help you build a workflow for message chains with an auto responder. It will detect when someone replied to your message and respond according to your setup.  

It also integrates well with a few other systems like Hunter.io and CRMs. You can use these aspects to find and build your social network and lead generation. Create strategies for LinkedIn with their built-in actions and targeted list outreach.


  • One of the most complete tools for LinkedIn Automations 
  • Freshly updated coding and features


  • Very risky to your LinkedIn account and has also been blocked by LinkedIn before

Overall Score = 15/23

The Final Word

Ultimately, it fully depends upon what it is you’re looking to accomplish with your tool. Determine that up front and you’ll be able to choose which will have what you need. 

Be sure to evaluate them against things like the risk and security factor as well as if it will work with the systems you currently use. Make your lead generation life easier with the right tool and have fun prospecting again!

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