Outreach software are proposing more and more features to help you with your lead generation or prospecting efforts.

Multi-channel sales sequences, warm-up emails, or live reporting are just a few examples of the features that have become available. These tools have one objective: facilitate reaching out to leads and improve your conversion rate by automating sales reps or growth hackers’ repetitive tasks.

Sales Inbox is an excellent example of a feature-rich outreach tool. Sadly, a tiny fraction of the available solutions on the market offers this feature. But guess what? LaGrowthMachine does!

What is a sales inbox? What does it look like? What are the main benefits of a sales inbox? How to get the most out of it?

In this post, we will be delving deep into this brand-new feature.

What is Sales Inbox?

Sales inbox is a feature that allows you to combine all of your messages from multiple channels into one, single interface.

It’s a very convenient feature, especially if you’re doing B2B prospecting using multichannel selling.

As it becomes increasingly intricate, more accurate strategies are needed to yield successful outcomes, including the tools you use for B2B lead generation.

Social media and communication platforms have changed the way we communicate, work, and stay informed. Therefore, sales and growth people need to be much more flexible with their toolbox to get good results when prospecting. We’re talking about multiple touchpoints.

Multi-channel selling is the way to go nowadays.

In B2B, these touchpoints could be:

  • Emails;
  • Twitter;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Phone;
  • Google;
  • etc…

If you want to get the job done, you need to be active on all the channels used by your personas and ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). You’ll have to send messages through these platforms, make some posts, manage a community, etc… Depending on the number of leads you want to reach out to, it can be very time-consuming, especially if you’re disorganized – no offense here, even the greatest geniuses of this world are.

With our sales inbox feature, you can synchronize your different accounts (Email, Twitter, LinkedIn) to send and receive your messages into one single interface, in LaGrowthMachine.

What does a sales inbox look like?

Our sales inbox feature has been created with two goals:

  • Offer a clearer experience to our users, so they don’t miss any business opportunities when following up on their campaigns;
  • Offer a faster way to respond to the leads you’ve been activating on your different channels.

Instead of going on LinkedIn to answer and then going to your email inbox to answer, you have access to all your lead’s follow-ups directly in LaGrowthMachine. Then, you just have to switch between the different channels to answer by email, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

In consequence, LaGrowthMachine’s sales inbox aims to be very clear, simple, and easy to use. Here’s a mock-up below so you can check out what it looks like:

What can you do with your sales inbox?

The main benefit of LaGrowthMachine’s multi-channel inbox is to receive and answer your leads directly into our one single interface. As we said, this is the best and fastest way to follow up on your leads.

To do so, we’ve been creating several features inside our main inbox feature you can play with.


LaGrowthMachine inbox is proposing 4 different filters:

  • Status filter: to look for a conversation you marked as favorite, archived, snoozed, or that you have to reply to.
  • Read / Unread filter: to filter your sales inbox to see only the messages you didn’t open yet.
  • All campaigns: to filter conversations with your leads from a specific targeted audience only.
  • Search bar: to find a specific message or conversation very fast.

Message templates

With this feature, you can create message templates and answer your lead with a premade answer, in no more than a click.

For example, if you have a multi-channel sequence running and your first message is:

Hey, I’m looking for the person who write this post at {{company}}?

They’ll probably answer something like:

Hey, yes it’s me, why?


Hey, my colleague did it, why?

In both cases, the “why” part is the most important. You can create a custom message template saying “Just wanted to say it’s great, congrats! In another hand, …”.

Remember that LaGrowthMachine is a way to create conversation. After your lead replies, it’s your job to convert them into clients!

Channel easy-switch

With this inbox feature, you can select to answer your lead by Email or a LinkedIn message. You can do whatever you want, but we strongly recommend that you keep answering using the same channel as your lead answered, as it’s probably his favorite or most-used one.

Identity easy-switch

The feature is particularly efficient if you want to elaborate multi-identity prospecting strategies. This means you can have access to another identity inbox from the campaign you’re running and answer the leads as if you were your colleague!

Let’s take an example: you’re working in a sales team using LaGrowthMachine. One of your colleagues has a very large real estate network.

Firstly, you’ll use his identity sending messages from his LinkedIn account to reach out to his network.

Secondly, you can set up LaGrowthMachine for creating a new audience with your lead inside and program another sales sequence from this introduction message. As the conversation was introduced by someone they know, your conversion rate will get much higher than cold messaging.

Using the multi-identity inbox feature makes it very, very easy!

Voice message

LaGrowthMachine is the first tool that created a voice message feature through LaGrowthMachine. We’re observing good conversion rates from LinkedIn voice messages.

With the voice message feature, you can send a LinkedIn voice message to your lead anytime, even if you started your sequence with 3 emails!

What are the main benefits of a sales inbox?

As written above, we created our online sales inbox feature aiming to improve our customer experience on two things:

  • product vision;
  • time-saving.

Not only that, Sales Inbox offers other advantages to help you reach your business goals.

  • Making your life easier: as mentioned, LaGrowthMachine Sales Inbox offers an easy-to-use interface to quickly connect with leads, create message templates, and filter conversations.
  • Improving conversion rate: The multi-channel inbox feature helps you with your sales targeting and to get the right audience at the right time, improving your conversion rate.
  • Increasing efficiency: With LaGrowthMachine you’ll be able to answer your leads faster, with well-crafted messages.
  • Enhancing team collaboration: Sales Inbox allows teams to work together on the same campaigns and collaborate remotely.

For business units, the combination of skilled and well-paid salespeople with a feature like LaGrowthMachine sales inbox is just awesome.

Below is a campaign we’ve led using a multi-identity strategy. More than 50% of the leads we’ve contacted converted!



LaGrowthMachine Sales Inbox is definitely the best solution to help you reach greater heights with your business and sales operations. The combination of fast response times, advanced features, and an easy-to-use interface make this product a great choice for any team that needs to quickly reach out to their leads in an efficient way.

This powerful feature will help you manage conversations with your leads more efficiently, increase your conversion rate, enhance collaboration among teams, and make your life easier.

Try LaGrowthMachine today and enjoy all these benefits!