Enrich your contacts.
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Find missing information automatically. Effortlessly. Tailor your strategy to each prospect based on their data.

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Relevant data = Successful strategy

Fill in a contact with as much information as possible and adapt the prospect’s journey based on whether or not their data is available.

Find the missing information you need from a single piece of data to create the best strategies and close more.

Not all contact information is available.


Don’t panic, your automated prospecting sequence will adjust to the data collected from your contact when the campaign is launched.


Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out on a deal because of missing data?


Learn more about prospecting automation.

Data quality is a priority when it comes to intelligent and efficient prospecting.


With La Growth Machine, contact information is automatically updated and enriched when your campaign is launched.

No more sending emails to unverified addresses that tarnish the deliverability of your messages.


We verify email addresses so you don’t have to.

La Growth Machine’s advantage

Dropcontact: Free of charge.

No need to pay for an enrichment tool. La Growth Machine does it for you.

*DROPCONTACT is available for free to all our users.

Phone numbers, email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, etc. We will enrich your contacts’ data by combining DropContact, Google, LinkedIn and other data sources.
The enrichment is unlimited, whether you have 5 contacts or 5000.
You want to enrich with your own tools? It’s possible too, find out how.

Enrichment is (truly) magic.

Segmenting your audience is up to you. Enriching it is done directly from La Growth Machine.

Import your audience

From LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, HubSpot, Pipedrive or from a CSV file. The choice is yours.   

Enrich leads

Enable data enrichment

A single click for instant time efficiency.

Launch your campaign and let the magic happen.

We find email addresses, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter accounts, etc. like magic.

Use your favorite tools (too)

Would you rather use other data enrichment tools like Lusha, Kaspr or CaptainData?

La Growth Machine interfaces with your favorite software thanks to its numerous integrations.

Find out about our integrations

Efficient software + Expertise:
Your winning formula!

We’ve assisted over 10,000 professionals in launching more than 70,000 multichannel campaigns. While our core expertise lies in automation, our team of experts is always close by to lend a hand!

They share the best practices for campaigns, offer writing advice, insights on strategy, and even guidance on segmentation.

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