Loyal Guru is the smart loyalty management and personalization platform that powers the loyalty and personalization initiatives of leading enterprise retailers such as DIA, SPAR, Desigual, MANGO, and DECATHLON.

With our ideal clients being Tier 1 Enterprise Retailers, reaching executive-level decision-makers and setting up one-on-one meetings is a challenge.

Do you know why? We’ll get to that in a minute.

On the flip side, every new opportunity is of high value to our company, so Loyal Guru’s marketing and sales teams are highly motivated to crack the code of ABM.

In this article, we’ll talk about the challenges, solutions, and insights we’ve had in the process of developing successful outreach campaigns – and how La Growth Machine has been a valuable multichannel outreach software to power our strategy.

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First, let’s understand the challenges of Enterprise Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a highly targeted marketing strategy that focuses on individually engaging specific accounts or companies, as opposed to a broader audience.

It involves tailoring marketing efforts and content to address the unique needs and challenges of each target account, aiming to establish personalized and meaningful relationships that drive higher-value conversions.

In our experience, these are 3 main challenges of our go-to-market:

Challenge 1 – Super niche target audience

As our platform specializes in retail-specific use cases, one of the main challenges is the smaller number of potential customers within our niche. Unlike broader markets, where software companies have a wide pool of potential clients, targeting a niche audience means we have a smaller pool to work with. This requires a more precise and strategic approach to prospecting.

Challenge 2 – Complex buying decisions

Large companies typically have multiple stakeholders involved in buying decisions, each with their own priorities and concerns. Our ABM strategy had to take this complexity into account, identify the right individuals, and engage them in the best way.

Challenge 3 – Extended sales cycles

Deals are long, mostly extending months or quarters, which means it’s necessary to be patient and persistent in nurturing relationships and maintaining engagement throughout the process.

How did we approach decision-makers?

Given the challenges above, we knew our ABM strategy had to be highly targeted and personalized. Here’s what we did to reach out to decision-makers in Enterprise Retailers:

Step 1: We segmented accounts, and gathered contact details

We start by segmenting our target accounts based on various criteria such as geography, industry sub-sector, company size, and pain points. This segmentation would allow us to tailor our messaging and approach for each group.

Step 2: We wrote our prospecting messages

Decision-makers in large enterprises are more likely to respond to personalized copywriting that directly addresses their challenges.

At Loyal Guru, we regularly create content that speaks to the specific pain points of Enterprise Retail companies and offers solutions that align with their business objectives. In addition to educational ebooks, practical cheat sheets, product-centered data sheets, and case studies, we regularly publish articles about loyalty management and offer personalization and retail analytics on our blog.

The challenge in our ABM strategy was creating short and hyper-personalized messages, tailored to the unique circumstances of our target accounts and with a clear value proposition.

We’ve found it’s super important to explain clearly what is the reason for us reaching out, referring to a specific problem and teasing a solution.

Step 3 : We chose a solid multichannel outreach tool

Multichannel outreach means using multiple channels to reach out to your target accounts. This may include email marketing, social media outreach, personalized direct mail, sales calls, and even account-based advertising.

Email is the most common prospecting channel, it’s easy to set up and easy to scale. However, email outreach requires having the right email addresses, has deliverability issues, and competes with dozens (or hundreds) of other emails in our prospect’s inbox.

LinkedIn is the second most popular B2B prospecting channel. It’s free, gets high reply rates, and has no deliverability issues. However, LinkedIn outreach is hard to automate and scale – without a tool like La Growth Machine. We’ll get back to that in a second.

What we love about La Growth Machine

Among the myriad of benefits offered by La Growth Machine, a few stand out:

Visual sequence builder

La Growth Machine campaign builder simplifies the process of creating workflows, making it intuitive and saving us time in set-up. It also provides a high degree of customization, so we could tailor not only the content but also the triggers, number of touch points, and time in between.

Audience management

The software’s compatibility with LinkedIn Sales Navigator facilitates importing lists and creating well-defined audiences within La Growth Machine.

Lists are easily organized with tags and based on either company info or engagement data.

In addition to that, La Growth Machine enriches contact information for us to increase our chances of reaching target accounts.

Clear reporting

Data and feedback loops played an important role in our event campaign’s success. We learned what worked and what didn’t by looking at data on prospect behavior, such as email opens and reply rates. By tracking these metrics, we could adjust our outreach strategy doubling down on the touch points that were most effective and optimizing accordingly. This approach significantly improved our conversion rates.

Multiple identity login

La Growth Machine offers the flexibility of logging in from different identities, allowing Loyal Guru to tailor our approach to different segments or campaigns.

What we’ve learned using LGM for our outreach campaigns

By leveraging the power of account-based marketing, we were able to successfully target our ABM campaigns. We increased our success rate with personalized messaging and higher response rates.

Here’s what we learned:

Lesson 1: Multichannel approach

One of the key takeaways from our experience using a multichannel outreach tool for our ABM campaign is the importance of diversifying communication channels. We found that relying solely on one channel limited our reach and engagement. By incorporating email, social media, personalized direct mail, and phone calls, we definitely increase our chances of getting noticed and receiving responses.

Lesson 2: Personalization is non-negotiable

Decision-makers in our niche industry responded significantly better to personalized and timely messages that addressed their specific pain points and challenges. It reinforced the notion that one-size-fits-all approaches are ineffective when dealing with a niche audience.

Lesson 3: Synchronize sales and marketing efforts

Coordination between our sales and marketing teams was key. Sales and marketing teams collaborated closely to make the most out of our event strategy.

Lesson 4: Timing Matters

Attending retail-specific professional events is one of the main activities that contribute to our pipeline, and the timing of our outreach campaigns around those events was highly effective.

Loyal Guru leverages La Growth Machine to launch pre-event campaigns, with the goal of setting up meetings for attending team members. By delivering tailored messages to a selection of prospects from the attendee list, we introduce ourselves, create anticipation, and lay the groundwork for meaningful conversations.

Once the event has started, we still use La Growth Machine to facilitate real-time engagement, ensuring Loyal Guru remains at the forefront of attendees’ minds. The timely delivery of LinkedIn messages or emails helps us generate more meetings on the spot.

Lesson 5: Continuous optimization

Lastly, we realized that ABM campaigns are not static; they require ongoing iteration and optimization over time.


La Growth Machine emerged as a valuable ally in Loyal Guru’s goals of reaching out to prospects with value and generating meetings and opportunities. The software’s ability to automate outreach, enrich contacts, and connect on multiple channels made a difference in our event strategy and ROI. In a world where personalized communication is the currency of success, La Growth Machine is a powerful asset for businesses seeking to build deeper connections.

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