Are you still doing email-only outreach? If your answer is yes, it might be time to rethink!

Prospecting has never been easy; you have to know who to talk to, when to reach them, and how to contact them! And to truly excel at generating leads and driving growth, a multichannel approach is not only beneficial, it is essential.

But don’t panic! La Growth Machine has you covered! 🙂

Over the course of this article, allow me to convince you not only of the promise of multichannel (3.5x response rate), but also that La Growth Machine is the best tool for you to adopt this approach.

Ready? Let’s go 👇

Which channel to start with?

A recurring question that gets asked a lot when it comes to multi-channel prospecting is ‘Do I start by email or LinkedIn?

It’s a perfectly reasonable question! And the answer is… 🥁🥁🥁

You guessed it, it depends! 🤦

So what should you consider before making your choice? Mainly three things:

  • What is your primary source of leads?
  • Where is your lead most active/likely to respond?
  • What’s your channel enrichment rate?

LGM’s multi-channel prospecting campaign:

Consider this:

  • You’ve already done your segmentation, you know who you’re targeting, who your persona is, their pain points, and how they value your product. (If not, I highly suggest you follow our ultimate guide on segmentation – 👈 Follow the link)
  • You’re applying an account-based marketing campaign using Sales Navigator
  • So, leads are now coming in from LinkedIn search results.
  • Enrichment rate comes in at a good 60%
  • Leads are active and likely to respond on LinkedIn

All right, now that you have all that in mind, here’s a campaign you can easily duplicate:

Why it works:

For one, the campaign works so well thanks to the copywriting.

It may seem quite standard to you, but don’t worry, it remains super effective because it is personalized, straightforward, and establishes immediate relevance.

In my experience, these are the 3 traits of copywriting that gets the best results in the end!

Each message offers a clear value proposition, showcases real-world examples of how the company has benefited similar clients, and incorporates social proof to establish credibility.

The campaign also uses our patented multi-channel approach that we all love and cherish and for which I explained the benefits above 👆. With an additional Call action button that enables you to directly call your leads from within LGM using Aircall or Ringover!

The flow from email to call is logical, it offers an opportunity for engagement at each stage.

When to use it:

It is perfect for B2B prospecting and overall lead generation, especially when dealing with high-value clients or complex sales cycles.

It’s not made for closing or feedback collection. With this campaign, I’m handing you a way to grab those pesky leads stuck in the middle of your funnel (MOFU).

It’s particularly useful for engaging decision-makers who need a strong value proposition backed by real-world examples to make informed decisions.

My personalized approach is there to build credibility and open up a conversation at each stage, with a logical flow from email to call.

As you’ll see it, at no point do I make a full sales pitch or force my way in. I’m just asking if the person I’m talking to has the problem that I’m offering a solution for.

This makes it ideal for different stages of the early sales cycle, ensuring continuous engagement.

Who can use it:

This campaign is aimed at :

  • Sales of all types :
    • – Business Development Representative
    • – Sales Representatives
  • Founders of startups / SMEs who act as sales representatives for their own companies.

⚠️ These targets should be working in a company offering a digital solution (SaaS)

La Growth Machine uses a multi-channel approach. Logically, we consider multi-channel automation on active leads on LinkedIn and/or email.

Happy selling! 🙂